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Numbers and Value

Questions about whether the number of devotees, the number of advanced or Enlightened practitioners, or the degree to which Adi Da and Adidam have been recognized by the world at large, reflect on the "value" of Adidam.


Number of Seventh Stage Realizers in Adidam — How is it that after so many years of Adi Da's Teaching and work with His devotees, there aren't any seventh stage realizers among Adi Da's devotees? Weren't other teachers such as the Buddha, Nisargadatta, or Ramana Maharshi much more successful in bringing their disciples to their level of Spiritual Realization?


Number of Advanced Practitioners in Adidam — Are there any devotees who are never less than perfectly happy? I have been seriously considering the argument of the Spiritual Master for decades. My interest is not academic. The whole argument presupposes the ability of the Spiritual Master to transmit happiness.


Number of Devotees — How is it that after so many years, Adi Da has only a few thousand devotees and is basically unheard of in many parts of the world?


Success of the Adidam Mission — What about this quote (published on another website)?:

You have not done anything in all these thirty years, and here I Am, almost sixty-one years of age, and I have seen that My Work has failed...I have been rejected. You have not accepted Me. This entire gathering has never come to a point of accepting Me. There is no response or recognition...You have wasted My Life My actual human Life. You have made Me into a cult figure...You have made Adidam into a non-event with your reactivity. [September 30, 2000]

Is it false? If not, how is it that Adi Da's mission, apparently by His own admission, failed?


Predictions — Hasn't Adi Da said a few times that by the year 2000, He will be recognized by the world as the messiah (or something to that affect)? If so, why has this not happened?


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