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Nach dem Tod bestimmt euer Geist euchvideo
poster: Adi Da Videos Deutschland
length: 15:45
date added: January 2, 2017
event date: December 12, 1988
language: German
[Contains German subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check German.]

In a sobering discourse, Adi Da speaks of the condition after death in which mind determines one's circumstance, without the limitations of the body, brain and unconsciousness. He addresses the fact that where one's attention is fixed during life affects attention and destiny after life. He recommends that devotees direct their attention to sadhana so that the purification process gives one wisdom that frees one from karmic limitations.

This talk is published as "After Death, Mind Makes You", in the book, Easy Death.
death   German  

Das getrennte Selbst Ich ist eine Illusionvideo
poster: Adi Da Videos Deutschland
length: 06:46
date added: January 2, 2017
event date: July 7, 2005
language: German
[Contains German subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check German.]

"Das getrennte Selbst Ich ist eine Illusion" ("The Separate Self Is An Illusion") is a video excerpt from an Avataric Discourse given by Adi Da on July 7, 2005 in Land Bridge Pavilion at The Mountain Of Attention.

Adi Da Samraj speaks about the action of self-contraction, which creates the sense of being a "separate self" - whereas, in Reality, no matter what arises, you are only and merely the Witness Consciousness.

This talk is from the first occasion in many years in which Avatar Adi Da spoke directly to a gathering of His devotees in California. Questions from devotees about intimate, familial, and social issues are met with Avatar Adi Da's Compassion and Humor, as well as His Liberating Wisdom.

The complete Avataric Discourse is available on the DVD, Relinquish the Mummery of This World.
German   Deutsch   Avataric Discourse   DVD  

Death, Meditation, and Spiritual Lifevideo
track 4 of Death and the Purpose of Existence

poster: CDBaby
length: 10:08
date added: December 31, 2016
language: English
Adi Da talks to a devotee whose mother is dying, and who wants to know how best to serve her mother's transition.

This excerpt is track 4 of the CD, Death and the Purpose of Existence, a collection of talks and recitations that exemplify Avatar Adi Da's essential Wisdom-Teaching on death and dying.

The album is available through iTunes, Microsoft, and The Dawn Horse Press.

Note: This video may not be playable in every country.
CD   death  

The Heart of Understandingvideo
track 1 of Death and the Purpose of Existence

poster: CDBaby
length: 02:25
date added: December 30, 2016
language: English
Adi Da recites "The Heart Of Understanding", the prologue to His autobiography, The Knee Of Listening.

This excerpt is track 1 of the CD, Death and the Purpose of Existence, a collection of talks and recitations that exemplify Avatar Adi Da’s essential Wisdom-Teaching on death and dying.

The album is available through iTunes, Microsoft, and The Dawn Horse Press.

Note: This video may not be playable in every country.
poem   death   CD  

Danavira Mela in New Jersey, 2016video
poster: adidam77
length: 02:33
date added: December 21, 2016
event date: December 18, 2016
language: English
The public celebration of Danavira Mela in the Adidam Ashram house in Saddle River, New Jersey, December 18, 2016.

Featured: The Danavira Mela tree, with ornaments depicting scenes from Adi Da's life.

Slideshow editor: Steven Shapiro
Danavira Mela  
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The Work of Adi Da Samraj: A One-Minute Summaryvideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 01:22
date added: December 14, 2016
language: English
Longtime devotee and Adidam educator, Anthony Costabile, summarizes the purpose of Adi Da's lifetime succinctly, and describes how the practice given by Adi Da authenticates itself.

For more about Adi Da's Teaching, click here.

For more about Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission of Divine Enlightenment, click here.

For more about Adi Da's Work with human beings after His lifetime, click here.

For more about how Adi Da made the Offering of Adidam available for all beings for all time, click here.

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Naituaba: Three Months After Cyclone Winstonvideo
poster: AdiDaUpClose
length: 41:48
date added: December 10, 2016
event date: February 20, 2016
language: English
A report in June, 2016 on the state of Naitauba, three months after the devastating destruction wrought by Cyclone Winston on February 20, 2016.

Interviews with Michiel Vos (Samrajya Administrator), Grace Evans (retreatant from California), Carol Smith (resident), Susie Bagshaw (Taveuni Support and Fijian Advocacy), Naamleela Free Jones (daughter of Adi Da Samraj), Joy Harland (resident), Andrew Savio (retreatant from Melbourne, Australia), Nicholas Wagner (public guest from Cape Town, South Africa), Da-vid Forsythe (resident), Ruchiradama Nadikanta (Ruchira Sannyasin Order), Jeff Hughes (retreatant from Taveuni, Fiji), and Ryan Bass (retreatant from Cape Town, South Africa).

While much has been done to restore Naitauba since the damage of Cyclone Winston (some of it reported in this video), much more recovery and restoration work and work aimed at minimizing the damage from future cyclones is still needed. You can find out more here.
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Da Purnima at the European Danda, 2016video
poster: Matt Braithwaite
length: 42:03
date added: December 5, 2016
event date: July 2016
language: English
The Celebration of Da Purnima at the European Danda in the Netherlands, July, 2016.

videographer: Matt Braithwaite
Da Purnima   Guru Purnima   European Danda  
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Adi Guruvideo
poster: CDBaby
length: 08:02
date added: December 3, 2016
language: English
Track 5 from Sally Jamila's CD of devotional music, Invocation.

Intended to create a rich soundscape through meditative invocation, Invocation weaves together eclectic world music with the tradition of a spiritual practice. The result is an album that creates contemplative calm and an invitation to feel That Which Is All-Pervading. Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj asked that this album be placed on the "Favorites" list of His personal iPods.

Also available as downloadable MP3s from iTunes.

Note: This video may not play in certain countries.

Sally Jamila: Vocals, Keyboards
Robert Mignault: Bass, Voice, Harmonies
Basant Madhur: Tabla
John Wubbenhorst: Bansuri Flute
Jamie Gabriel: Guitar
Gerry Howe: Flute
Janusz: Yidaki
Sharon Lye: Harmonies
Philip Saffery: Harmonies, Voice
music   CD  
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Children's Retreat: Naitauba - 2009video
poster: Matt Braithwaite
length: 29:22
date added: November 24, 2016
event date: July 2009
language: English
Young people growing up in the Adidam community go on retreat to Adi Da Samrajashram, the sacred island of Naitauba, in Fiji, during July, 2009.

Opening music: Frou Frou, Let Go.
Videographer: Matt Braithwaite.
comments: 3

What is Fear of Death?video
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 14:09
date added: November 22, 2016
event date: September 18, 2004
language: English
Throughout the years of His Divine Avataric Teaching-Revelation, Avatar Adi Da spoke at length in response to devotees' questions on all subjects relative to the human circumstance — including death, and all the sorrow and fear inherent in the circumstance of human mortality.

This video excerpt is from an Avataric Discourse given by Adi Da on September 18, 2004. In this Discourse, Adi Da points out that all fear is fear of death or fear of extinction. This fear is like a constant background noise, from which we constantly try to distract ourselves with the games of life. Adi Da describes the choice we face: to live in fear, the "native mood of the ego" — or to realize the profundity of the inherently fearless Condition.

Avatar Adi Da calls us to a surrendered life that is about Realization and all that is relevant to Realization, including compassionate service. Such a surrendered life is the key to an "easy" death.

This excerpt is from track 6 ("Enter the Inherently Fearless Condition") of the two-and-a-half-hour DVD, Easy Death — Discourses on the Ultimate Transcending of Death and Everything Else. Subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, and Hebrew.

This DVD compilation of ten talks spans thirty-four years of Avatar Adi Da's Work. It includes His compassionate Instruction about:
- the sorrow of loss
- the fear of death
- serving the dying person
- how to practice during and beyond the death process
- the Ultimate Demonstration of Divine Translation (or Most Perfect Realization of the deathless Condition).

From His Perfect Disposition of Absolute Freedom, Avatar Adi Da Samraj reveals the greater process within which death occurs, and the Ultimate Demonstration of What Is, Prior to life and death.
death   DVD   Avataric Discourse  

Conversion To The Guruaudio
poster: DawnHorsePress
length: 05:45
date added: November 7, 2016
event date: June 28, 1973
language: English
An audio excerpt from the CD, Conversion to the Guru.

On this CD, Avatar Adi Da Samraj masterfully explores the relationship between experience, understanding, and Truth: Experience cannot ever lead to Truth -- but, in the context of the devotional relationship to Avatar Adi Da, experience can serve the crisis of understanding that makes a person available to His Transmission of Truth.

The CD includes Avatar Adi Da's lively recountings of two genuine conversion stories -- one from a modern Christian minister and the other His amusing free-rendering of the story of Ribhu and his disciple Nidhaga (from the Ribhu Gita, an epitome of traditional Non-dualist teachings).

How I Found My Teachervideo
part 1 of At the Feet of the Spiritual Master

poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 10:53
date added: October 23, 2016
event date: 2016
language: English
event speaker: Gerald Sheinfeld
Gerald Sheinfeld, a devotee of Avatar Adi Da since the early 1970's, tells a wonderful story about how he found his Guru, Adi Da Samraj and his immediate recognition of Adi Da's unique state of Freedom, Happiness, and Liberation. Gerald speaks about how that recognition of Adi Da has the capacity to awaken others to that state of Prior Unity.

Gerald tells many more stories of his life of more than 45 years with Adi Da on his downloadable album, At the Feet of the Spiritual Master and in his upcoming book of the same name.

Here is a link to Gerald's Facebook page, which he mentions in the video clip.

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You Do Not Thinkvideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 06:53
date added: October 1, 2016
event date: October 10, 2004
language: English
This is an excerpt from the DVD, Locate What Is Real, an Avataric Discourse given by Adi Da on October 10, 2004.

In this excerpt, Adi Da explains how all the beings and things we tend to presume have an independent existence are in fact only apparitions arising in a single, universal Consciousness and are modifications of a single, underlying Divine Reality. Adi Da notes that the presumption that we are generating our actual thinking process is a part of this apparition. He says that even thoughts themselves are only an activity arising in Consciousness, and, if we truly examined this activity, we would notice that we are not generating the thinking process.

On the full DVD:
* Adi Da describes how Reality is the true “first experience” for everyone — more fundamental to existence than identification with the apparently “born” being.
* He speaks about how music and other arts can function as extensions of Spirituality.
* He talks about Ramana Maharshi and the sixth stage orientation, in contrast to His seventh stage Reality-Way.
* He addresses a devotee’s experience of emotional trauma, and how such events can affect one’s life.
* He describes His own Submission, in His early life, to the process of Christian mystical experience.
Avataric Discourse   DVD   sixth stage traditions  

The Trap of Experiencevideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 04:35
date added: September 14, 2016
event date: September 1, 2004
language: English
In this excerpt from an Avataric Discourse given on September 1, 2004, Adi Da addresses the fact that people tend to value good experiences and shun the bad ones. Adi Da reveals that all experience — positive or negative — is inherently binding (which may come as a surprise to many).

This video clip is an excerpt from the DVD, Beyond The Trap of Experience.
Avataric Discourse   DVD  
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