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The Master's Eyesvideo
poster: SpiritLight Videos
length: 04:34
date added: January 28, 2016
language: English
views: 1010; views this month: 51; views this week: 13
"The Master's Eyes" is from Van Morrison's 1985 album, A Sense of Wonder.

How the light shone from the master
How the light shone from the master
How the light shone from the master's eyes.

Oh how the truth shone, from the master
How the truth shone, from the master
How the truth shone, from the master's eyes.

Why didn't they leave us to wander through buttercup summers?
Why didn't they leave us to wander when there was no other?

And my questions all were answered
When the light shone from the master
When the light shone, from the master's eyes.

From the master's eyes.
Oh how the light shone from the master
How the light shone from the master
How the light shone from the master's eyes.

video editor: Brad Reynolds

comments: 1

Adi Da's Teaching as Transmissionvideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 17:55
date added: January 25, 2016
event date: January 2016
language: English
event speaker: Jonathan Condit
views: 1757; views this month: 123; views this week: 33
This video clip includes:

  • Commentary from Jonathan Condit (at 0:00)Jonathan Condit was Adi Da's senior editorial assistant, and is Senior Editor for the Adidam Editorial Department. Jonathan talks about "The Function of the Spiritual Literature of Adi Da Samraj", and how Adi Da's Teaching works as Transmission of His Transcendental Spiritual State, and serves the Spiritual Realization of the reader.

  • Excerpt from an Avataric Discourse by Adi Da (at 5:35) — The Discourse is "My Teaching is a Direct Transmission of Me", from October 28, 2005. Adi Da talks about how His Teaching Word is a form of Spiritual Transmission, that enables Divine Communion with Him (if the devotee is in the right devotional disposition), in the same way that a Murti photograph does, or any of the other forms of Agency that Adi Da has created for this purpose.

  • Commentary from Megan Anderson (at 12:44)Megan Anderson is an editor in the Adidam Editorial Department. Megan talks about Adi Da's great, final masterpiece, The Aletheon as the purest communication and Transmission of Adi Da Himself (among all His many, extraordinary books), and describes receiving the Revelation of Adi Da as she was proofreading The Aletheon before its publication.

Adi Da: "My Reality-Teaching is unparalleled Spiritual Transmission, occurring under the most extraordinary circumstances. It is not the product of an ordinary mind or a kind of scholarly commentary. It is a direct expression of Spiritual Transformation, of Spiritual Power, of Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and (necessarily) Divine Being, Consciousness, and Love-Bliss. It does not arise in Me or through Me in any ordinary fashion. It is an utterly spontaneous and Transcendental Spiritual Event."

For more on how to best make use of Adi Da's Teaching, read the article, The Gift of Study. For more on the Transmission associated with the Teaching, visit our section, The Mantric Force of Adi Da's Word and read our section on Adi Da as Spiritual Transmission Master. For more on Adi Da's unique use of the English language, read our article, Transcendental Orthography as a Teaching Device.
Avataric Discourse  
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Hymns To Meaudio
poster: PaulineChew
length: 10:01
date added: December 5, 2015
language: English
listens: 1025; listens this month: 76; listens this week: 26
Track 2 from Pauline Chew's album, Shapeless as the Water.

Words are from poem 13 ("Hymns To Me") in Adi Da's book of poetry, Crazy Da Must Sing.

Hymns to me,
am I the song,
the untouched glamour of the poem,
the word and rhythm of the Real.
Then sing.
And sing of me,
am not the soul.
The type whose singing sings the Heart,
the vowel and consonants am I.
Then sing.
And say of me,
he is the sound,
the syllable who is my form,
and hymns me, is me, song to song.

And I will sing you all the more.
Then sing.
poem   music  
comments: 2

The Ascent of Orpheus: Final Walk Throughvideo
poster: Matt Braithwaite
length: 04:17
date added: December 1, 2015
event date: October 11, 2015
language: English
views: 900; views this month: 64; views this week: 14
“The Ascent of Orpheus” exhibition of Adi Da's art ran from July 9 - October 11, 2015, at the Bargello National Museum, Florence.

This video clip is a final walk through of the exhibition, on October 11, 2015.

For more information about the exhibition, click here.

videographer: Matt Braithwaite

The Killersaudio
poster: The Adi Da Foundation
length: 03:01
date added: November 27, 2015
event date: 2006
language: English
listens: 1076; listens this month: 58; listens this week: 15
Adi Da reads an excerpt from His short story, "The Killers", in 2006. "The Killers" is a chapter in Adi Da's The Happenine Book (Book Three of The Orpheum Trilogy), and was also the first literary work ever written by Adi Da.

For more on "The Killers", click here.

comments: 1

The Fire Must Have Its Wayaudio
poster: DawnHorsePress
length: 04:46
date added: November 27, 2015
event date: July 17, 1978
language: English
listens: 1247; listens this month: 58; listens this week: 18
This clip is an excerpt from Adi Da's talk, "The Fire Must Have Its Way", which was given on July 17, 1978. In this talk, Adi Da clarifies that real Spiritual practice is not about "feeling good", but an intense purification of all limits on feeling. This fire of purification occurs by coming into contact with the Pure Radiance of the Spiritual Master. By persistently granting feeling-attention to Avatar Adi Da’s Living Divine Presence, all ego-patterns are "burned up" by His Grace—ultimately enabling egoless participation in the Perfect Ecstasy of Real God.

An additional (videoed) excerpt from this talk is available here.

The full talk is available on the CD, The Fire Must Have Its Way.

The talk also appears in written form in the book, My "Bright" Sight.
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The Grace of Sufferingaudio
poster: DawnHorsePress
length: 03:48
date added: November 26, 2015
event date: January 18, 1976
language: English
listens: 1018; listens this month: 62; listens this week: 18
This clip is an excerpt from Adi Da's talk, "The Grace of Suffering", which was given on January 18, 1976. In this talk, Adi Da describes how sensitivity to one's own suffering is the beginning of real ego-transcending practice. Such sensitivity moves an individual out of the usual life of effort and search, into inspection of the nature of existence and availability to Him as Divine Guru. Adi Da reveals the real nature of suffering—the action of ego—and draws the individual beyond egoic suffering into the True Source-Condition.

Additional (videoed) excerpts from this talk are available here and here.

The full talk is available on the CD, The Grace of Suffering, and on DVD as Volume 2 of the 25th Anniversary DVD Series.

My Teaching Word is a Transmission of Mevideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 07:24
date added: November 26, 2015
event date: October 28, 2015
language: English
views: 1192; views this month: 74; views this week: 21
Adi Da talks about how His Teaching Word is a form of Spiritual Transmission, that enables Divine Communion with Him (if the devotee is in the right devotional disposition), in the same way that a Murti photograph does, or any of the other forms of Agency that Adi Da has created for this purpose.

For more on this subject, read our section, The Mantric Force of Adi Da's Word.
Avataric Discourse  
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Ruchiradama Nadikanta on The Ascent of Orpheusvideo
poster: Matt Braithwaite
length: 20:01
date added: November 18, 2015
event date: July 7, 2015
language: English
event speaker: Ruchiradama Nadikanta
views: 1424; views this month: 80; views this week: 25
Ruchiradama Nadikanta is a senior devotee of Avatar Adi Da and a member of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order. She served as Adi Da's spiritual ambassador at the groundbreaking exhibition of Adi Da's Image-Art, The Ascent Of Orpheus, in the renowned Bargello Museum in Florence, which ran from July 7 - October 11, 2015. In this unique presentation (filmed on July 7, 2015), Ruchiradama Nadikanta takes us on a guided tour of the exhibition, describing the extraordinary nature of Adi Da's art, and providing us with an esoteric understanding of "The Ascent of Orpheus", and how it reflects Adi Da's incarnation and liberating work.

videographer: Matt Braithwaite
Image-Art   Ruchiradama Nadikanta  
comments: 4

Hear My Breathing Heart: Songs Of Invocationaudio
poster: Michael LaTorra
length: 56:30
date added: November 17, 2015
language: English
views: 1786; views this month: 126; views this week: 35
This album of Adidam devotional music from The First Amendment Choir was originally released on audiocassette tape in 1981. (The name, "First Amendment Choir", was chosen for the choir by Adi Da, which performed for Him on several occasions.)

The album begins and ends with "The Divine Invocation":

Radiant Da,
All-Pervading Current of Life,
Consciousness where I appear and disappear,
Hear My Breathing Heart.

Awaken me
To feel the Heart of Light and Love,
Where this life and mind and body may dissolve.
I hold up my hands.

"The Divine Invocation" was an early version of what we now call The First Great Invocation. Now we would begin with the First Great Invocation and end with the Second Great Invocation — but Adi Da had not yet created the Second Great Invocation at the time this album was created.

Many of the songs on this album were composed by Billboard Award-winning composer Ray Lynch or by JoAnne Sunshine. Ray Lynch is also the guitar player. Eric Leber is the choir director. Besides Ray Lynch and JoAnne Sunshine, vocalists include Brad Crawford, Robin Richardson, Barbara Theriaux, Kathleen Ewart, Sylvia Hayden, and Carol Mabin (among others). The album was recorded at Prune Production Studio, in Mill Valley, California, and was released by the Laughing Man Institute.

The volume is low, so you may need to turn it up. The sound quality of this digital version is not up to contemporary standards, but many listeners — old and new — may find it just as heart-moving now as so many found it when it was originally released.
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poster: PaulineChew
length: 08:03
date added: November 8, 2015
language: English
listens: 1445; listens this month: 79; listens this week: 26
Track 5 from Pauline Chew's album, Songs for Baba Da. . . and the World.

Words are from poem 43 in Adi Da's book of poetry, Crazy Da Must Sing.

My loved one sits upon my knee.
My left hand is on her head.
My right hand guides
her listening to my Heart.
My touching awakens her need,
her love for me,
and makes her know me while I speak.

My loved one lies with me.
Our loving appears as every form
of all the worlds.
Our sounds together
make all sounds.
We are the thing that is seen and heard.
We are the rhythmed mind of everything.

Troubles arise for one
who does not know the act
in which he lives.
Therefore, I display the image
of my loved one and me.
One who does not understand
gains power for his lust in holy places.
But one who understands
becomes the lovers’ act that is.
music   poem  
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The Tip of the Icebergvideo
poster: CDBaby
length: 10:42
date added: November 7, 2015
language: English
views: 893; views this month: 50; views this week: 12
This talk excerpt is track 1 of the CD, Reality Is Beyond "Point Of View", a selection of talks by Adi Da (from the 30 years of His formal Teaching-Work) on the true nature of Reality. Brings together samples from His vast Divine Instruction relative to the true nature of Reality — as the unknowable Condition that is Always Already the Case, prior to the presumption of a separate “point of view”.

The album is available through iTunes, Spotify, Microsoft, and The Dawn Horse Press.

Note: This video may not be available in every country.

Arrival of Adi Da at Da Love-Ananda Mahal: July, 2002video
poster: JensenBellin
length: 13:43
date added: November 7, 2015
event date: July 30, 2002
language: English
event speaker: William Tsiknas
views: 1213; views this month: 79; views this week: 27
Video documenting Adi Da's arrival at the Da Love-Ananda Mahal Sanctuary in Kauai, Hawaii, on July 30, 2002.

Note: The narrator often refers to Adi Da as "Beloved", a term of endearment sometimes used by Adi Da's devotees, that reflects their love for their Divine Guru.

Narrator: William Tsiknas
Music: devotee and Billboard Award-winning composer, Ray Lynch — "The Vanished Gardens of Cordoba" is from Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening, and "Celestial Soda Pop Remix" is from Ray Lynch Best Of.
Da Love-Ananda Mahal   Ray Lynch  

The Cosmic Mandalavideo
poster: CDBaby
length: 09:20
date added: October 31, 2015
event date: July 11, 1982
language: English
views: 814; views this month: 47; views this week: 16
"The Cosmic Mandala" is a talk from 1982 in which Adi Da describes the Cosmic Mandala and how it is experienced and "seen" in the death process.

This excerpt from the talk is track 4 of the CD, The Cosmic Mandala, which is available through The Dawn Horse Press.

The transcript of this talk appears in the book, Easy Death.

Adi Da's Instruction is a means to understand the phenomena in the death process and to, by His Grace, transcend the mechanism of attention by which we remain bound to the limitation of experience.

Note: This video may not be available in every country.
CD   death  

Sacred Sighting: March 11, 2008video
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 07:43
date added: October 26, 2015
event date: March 11, 2008
language: English
views: 1001; views this month: 45; views this week: 17
At Adi Da Samrajashram, a Sacred Sighting of Adi Da at Picture Perfect, on March 11, 2008.
Darshan   Adi Da Samrajashram  
comments: 1
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