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Humor, Creativity, and God-Realizationvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 11:50
date added: July 15, 2014
event date: July 1973
language: English
views: 2151; views this month: 27; views this week: 15
Adi Da gives this talk on the first "Guru Day" (Da Purnima), in July, 1973.

"True inner happiness is free, perfectly free, radically free and so has the capacity for life. Action is where we are suffering. The core of difficulties is an action that we are performing. It is a process, not a thing. So the fundamental transformation is apparent, obvious at the level of activity.

We think because all of these traditional ideas about spiritual life that spirituality has got something to do within. The book that I’m working on now, I’ve thought of calling it, 'The Myth of Within'. . . because the only reason we go about this trying to free 'the one within' is based on this dilemma. There is no such one! So to generate spiritual life for the purpose of inwardness effecting upon one’s inner life is a false principle, one that we easily tend to because of our traditional notions of spiritual life."

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The Glasses of Consciousnessvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 07:43
date added: July 15, 2013
event date: August 30, 2004
language: English
views: 1618; views this month: 23; views this week: 5
At Adi Da Samrajashram, Adi Da gives an Avataric Discourse.

He speaks about the illusion of the separate self and the true position in which everything is arising - your own position determines the nature of reality.
Avataric Discourse  

Slideshow 2008video
poster: frank marrero
length: 05:34
date added: June 7, 2013
language: English
views: 2445; views this month: 40; views this week: 12
Images of Adi Da Samraj from 2008.

Accompanied by Adi Da's daughter Naamleela's music (from her album, Eyes In Other Worlds) of Adi Da's poem, "What Will You Do If You Love Me?", from Crazy Da Must Sing.

The Separate Self is an Illusionvideo
part 1 of Avataric Discourse: July 7, 2005

poster: frank marrero
length: 06:38
date added: May 26, 2013
event date: July 7, 2005
language: English
views: 2610; views this month: 39; views this week: 12
Video excerpt from an Avataric Discourse given by Adi Da Samraj on July 7, 2005, in Land Bridge Pavilion at The Mountain Of Attention.

Adi Da Samraj speaks about the action of self-contraction, which creates the sense of being a "separate self" - whereas, in Reality, no matter what arises, you are only and merely the Witness Consciousness.

This talk is from the first occasion in many years in which Avatar Adi Da spoke directly to a gathering of His devotees in California. Questions from devotees about intimate, familial, and social issues are met with Avatar Adi Da's Compassion and Humor, as well as His Liberating Wisdom.

The complete Avataric Discourse is available on the DVD, Relinquish the Mummery of This World.
Avataric Discourse  

Perfect Attractionvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 04:38
date added: April 14, 2013
event date: April 26, 1983
language: English
views: 1656; views this month: 25; views this week: 9
Adi Da Samraj talks about the unique significance of the appearance of the Adept and the purpose of His Divine Incarnation as the Perfect Adept who draws beings into relationship with Him, via the process of enchantment.

Audio is from the talk, Enchantment, April 26, 1983.

Accompanied by a slideshow of pictures of Adi Da.

There Is Only Godvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 04:54
date added: January 21, 2013
language: English
views: 1691; views this month: 10; views this week: 4
Adi Da Samraj draws the listener into consideration of the mystery of life leading to contemplation of the Only True Condition which is the Reality of Consciousness Itself.

I Am As One Who Left His Home To Do A Thing For Manvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 03:49
date added: January 15, 2013
language: English
views: 4013; views this month: 61; views this week: 24
Adi Da Samraj giving Darshan.

Darshan   CD   poem  

poster: frank marrero
length: 12:39
date added: November 30, 2012
language: English
views: 1918; views this month: 22; views this week: 8
Devotee Frank Marrero shares a leela of his time in Adi Da's Company. Many years later, he has come to see that Adi Da was teaching him about self-understanding and samadarshan: "The vision of sameness - a vision that penetrates beyond the apparent differences between beings to their transcendental nature."
Frank Marrero   leela  
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Love is Deathvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 03:21
date added: October 31, 2012
language: English
views: 1746; views this month: 13; views this week: 5
The end of the talk, "Religion of the Whole Body" set to images of the Divine God-Man, Adi Da Samraj, Who is the Radiant Life that Pervades the World in Person.

The Unique Signs of the Seventh Stage Realizationvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 19:38
date added: October 31, 2012
language: English
views: 3547; views this month: 54; views this week: 13
Adi Da Samraj responds to a question from devotee Ruchiradama Nadikanta while she speaks about the Ashtavakra Gita, a text within the sixth stage tradition of Advaita Vedanta.

Adi Da (at 2:30) clarifies the distinctions between the first six stages of life and the seventh stage Realization. He focuses on the distinction between the most advanced Realization of the sixth stage of life, sixth stage Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, and the seventh stage Realization. Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi is demonstrated by Ramana Maharshi, for example, and suggested by texts such as the Ashtavakra Gita, the Ribhu Gita, and the Tripura Rahasya (all mentioned by Adi Da in this clip) which Adi Da calls "premonitory" relative to the seventh stage of life. Sahaj Nirvikalpa Samadhi differs from the less advanced trance samadhis of the sixth stage in that one recognizes conditional existence as arising in the Self, and one can function in the world open-eyed. Even so, there is still a separation between Self and world. The seventh stage Realization is signalled by the regeneration of Amrita Nadi, and the complete dissolution of any difference between Consciousness and Its Radiance. Consequently, the lifetime of the seventh stage Realizer is signed by a progressive Outshining of conditional existence that goes through four stages: Divine Transfiguration, Divine Transformation, Divine Indifference, and Divine Translation.

For more about samadhis like sixth stage Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, click here and here.
Avataric Discourse   stages of life   sixth stage traditions  

After Death, Mind Makes Youvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 15:26
date added: October 19, 2012
event date: December 12, 1988
language: English
views: 1889; views this month: 17; views this week: 5
Adi Da speaks of the condition after death in which mind determines one's circumstance, without the limitations of the body, brain and unconsciousness. He recommends that devotees direct their attention to sadhana so that the purification process gives one wisdom that frees one from karmic limitations.

This talk is published as "After Death, Mind Makes You", in the book, Easy Death.

Death, Fear, and Realizationvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 26:49
date added: October 11, 2012
event date: September 18, 2004
language: English
views: 1924; views this month: 21; views this week: 10
Adi Da Samraj takes a devotee through a consideration about death. He points out that ultimately all fear is a form of the fear of death, a condition which is inherently associated with identification with the body-mind. He then speaks of the transcendence of the body-mind and the fear-free State in which He abides and Which He offers to all.
Avataric Discourse   death  

Life with the Spiritual Master Adi Davideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 06:37
date added: October 11, 2012
event date: September 18, 2004
language: English
event speaker: Frank Marrero
views: 2064; views this month: 18; views this week: 5
Devotee Frank Marrero speaks about his experiences in which Adi Da takes him to a deeper level of understanding about what Frank was doing to prevent the Master's State of Love-Bliss in his sadhana.
Frank Marrero   sadhana  

Devotion to the Guru Is Sufficient for Understandingvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 10:19
date added: September 5, 2012
event date: May 1973
language: English
views: 1946; views this month: 17; views this week: 6
Satsang, or the Company of the Awakened One, is the Way, the Truth, and Reality Itself. Adi Da not only communicates this truth verbally; He sits in silence communicating His Divine State, illustrating what He is talking about.

The occasion was a Prasad Day in May, 1973, in the backyard of a devotee's residence in Los Angeles.

Adi Da's Final Darshanvideo
poster: frank marrero
length: 09:04
date added: August 19, 2012
event date: November 26, 2008
language: English
views: 2091; views this month: 21; views this week: 7
The final Darshan given by Adi Da Samraj (on November 26, 2008) before His Divine Mahasamadhi the following day. Accompanied by an excerpt from the talk, Love Is How I Got To Here, from April 16, 1995.
Mahasamadhi   Darshan  
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