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The 2018 Image-Art Calendarvideo
poster: The Art of Adi Da Samraj
length: 03:45
date added: December 9, 2017 New
language: English
views: 102; views this month: 102; views this week: 102
2018 marks the tenth consecutive year Da Plastique has produced an Image-Art calendar. We are thrilled to announce that the 2018 Transcendental Realism calendar is now back from the printer and available for purchase!

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Bhagavan Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi, the 2018 Image-Art calendar features Transcendental Drawings that Adi Da created between 1967 and 1982. All quotations in this calendar are drawn from Adi Da's previously unpublished early journal writings from 1970-1971.

For more information, or to purchase, click here.

L'Arte di Adi Da Samrajvideo
poster: Video di Adi Da, Canale italiano
length: 14:22
date added: November 19, 2017 New
language: Italian
views: 152; views this month: 152; views this week: 15
[Contains Italian subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check Italian.]

L'Arte di Adi Da Samraj ("The Art of Adi Da Samraj") is a retrospective of Adi Da's monumental size image-art. It includes clips of Him talking about His work. It also includes slides from various exhibitions and some quotes about Adi Da's art from an art critic, an art historian, and a museum curator.

* Adi Da speaking about "point of view" and "no point of view".
* a piece by Tamarind Free Jones (composer, singer).
* Ray Lynch, Celestial Soda Pop, from Deep Breakfast.
* a piece from the album, Baba Da's Great Tradition Improvisation Fusion Orchestra
* Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
Image-Art   Italian  

Sztuka Adi Da Samraj, Wystawy Sztuki we Włoszechvideo
poster: Adi Da Video Polska
speakers: Stuart Gibson, Achille Bonito Oliva, Teresa Romero, Cristina Acidini, Monica Bietti, Paula Crema, Gary Coates
length: 12:23
date added: September 21, 2017
language: Polish
views: 268; views this month: 59; views this week: 18
[Contains Polish subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check Polish.]

Ten film dokumentuje dwie ważne wystawy sztuki, w których pokazano dzieła Adi Da: Biennale Weneckie i Cenacolo Di Ognissanti we Florencji.

Więcej informacji na temat sztuki Adi Da Samraj można znaleźć pod adresem

Two important art exhibitions in which Adi Da was invited to participate were the Venice Biennale (2007) and the Cenacolo di Ognissanti in Florence (2008), where His Art was exhibited in the same room as the famous large fresco by Domenico Ghirlandaio of "The Last Supper".

Narrated by Stuart Gibson. Additional comments from Achille Bonito Oliva (translated into English by Teresa Romero), Cristina Acidini (Superintendent of Museums, Florence, Italy), Monica Bietti (Assistant Superintendent of Museums, Florence, Italy), Paula Crema (artist), and Gary Coates (Professor of Architecture).

Sztuka Adi Da Samraj, wspomnienia ucznia Bena Grissovideo
poster: Adi Da Video Polska
speaker: Ben Grisso
length: 08:30
date added: September 20, 2017
event date: October 29, 2009
language: Polish
views: 269; views this month: 66; views this week: 26
[Contains Polish subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check Polish.]

Ben Grisso, uczeń Adi Da, który bezpośrednio uczestniczył i służył Adi Da Samraj podczas tworzenia Jego Sztuki Transcendentalnego Realizmu wspomina kilka humorystycznych zdarzeń z tego okresu.

Więcej informacji na temat Sztuki Adi Da nzajdziesz na angielskich stronach pod adresem:

Devotee Ben Grisso, who grew up in the Adidam community, and who worked with Adi Da on His Divine Image-Art, offers this testimonial to Adi Da's life and work.

Excerpt from Second Evening: Track 11 on the DVD, A Tribute to the Life and Work of His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj. More than 7 hours long, this Tribute DVD was filmed on the occasion of the first Anniversary of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi, when devotees, family, and friends of Adi Da Samraj gathered at Adi Da Samrajashram, Fiji (Adi Da's principal Hermitage), to acknowledge Adi Da as the Divine in human form, to praise His Greatness, and to express their heart-felt gratitude for the Blessings they have received from Him.

A list of all the tracks on this DVD can be found here.
tribute   Ben Grisso   DVD   Image-Art  

Sztuka Adi Da Samraj, Retrospekcjavideo
poster: Adi Da Video Polska
length: 14:22
date added: September 20, 2017
language: Polish
views: 224; views this month: 48; views this week: 17
[Contains Polish subtitles. If you don't see them, press the Settings icon (the gear), select Subtitles, and then check Polish.]

Ten film prezentuje retrospektywne spojrzenie na monumentalną sztukę Adi Da Samraj, zawiera nagrania rozmów z Adi Da mówiącego o jego sztuce i procesie twórczym, krótkie migawki z różnych wystaw, oraz komentarze krytyków i historyków sztuki.

Więcej informacji na temat sztuki Adi Da Samraj w języku angielskim można znaleźć pod adresem

A retrospective of Adi Da's monumental size art. Includes clips of Him talking about His work. Also includes slides from various exhibitions and some quotes about Adi Da's art from an art critic, art historian, and museum curator.

Spectra Suitevideo
poster: Francesco Rampichini
length: 10:36
date added: August 2, 2017
event date: 2008
language: English
views: 506; views this month: 83; views this week: 23
As part of the 2008 Inverno a Firenze (Winter in Florence), Adi Da's Image-Art was featured in the medieval church, the Cenacolo di Ognissanti, strikingly juxtaposed with Domenico Ghirlandaio's Last Supper (1480). More about this art exhibition here.

This video was a part of that exhibition. It is an animated work that combines art drawn from Adi Da's The Spectra Suites with new electronic music by Francesco Rampichini. It was conceived and directed by Valeria Patera, and edited by Valeria Spera.

The Spectra Suites. Between 1998 and 2006, Adi Da focused on camera-based imagery, creating a highly complex body of work (in both black-and-white and color) that now exceeds 60,000 images and a great many hours of videotape. The Spectra Suites is a consequence of His work from that great library. In these suites, Adi Da combines digitally generated imagery with images He created using still and video cameras. To achieve each finished work, He then meticulously crafted every detail by digital means. Each of the ten Spectra Suites is based on one or more of His fundamental images — many of which are a powerful visual and philosophical complexity.

Francesco Rampichini. Through his music, master guitarist and composer, Francesco Rampichini, has created a wide range of sound and image interconnections, composing for theater, dance, digital art and collaborating on important exhibitions and museum installations. He taught at the Civic Music Schools in Milan, Opera, Locate Triulzi and at the Ateneo della chitarra and the European Music Institute in Milan. He teaches at CPSM at the Conservatory of Milan (of which he has been vice president) and at the Civica Music School of Locate Triulzi (guitar, ensemble music, computer music). He is President of the Jury of Guitar Competition Rocco Peruggini, artistic director of the Lyric Competition Principessa Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojoso, and was the first Italian President of the Jury of the Django d'Or International Award under the High Patronage of the Embassy of France in Rome (1999). More about Francesco at his website.

Valeria Patera Valeria Patera studied philosophy of science at Universitŕ degli Studi di Milano, and graduated in dramaturgy from the Civic School of Art.e Dramatic Paolo Grassi. She is a playwright, director, actress and scholar of the relationship between art, science, and philosophy. She collaborates with prestigious universities, research centers and European foundations including University of Sheffield, State University of Milan, ROME THREE, La Sapienza, La Sorbonne, University of Leeds and Portland, Gulbenkian Foundation, Sigma Tau Foundation. Since 2002, she has written, published and staged live work shows and life stories that have radically altered our way of seeing the world, including "Alan's Apple" about Alan Turing, the inventor of the computer; and "I, Charles Darwin: Traces and voices of my life", on the father of the theory of evolution.

Valeria Spera. Valeria Spera has a degree in "Communication Sciences and Technologies" and a specialized degree in "Television, Cinema, and Multimedia Production" from the University of Milan. She currently works with the Feltrinelli Group's La Effe TV in creating new formats for their autumn television season.
Image-Art   music  

Adi Da Creating the Orpheus One and Linead One Suitesvideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 06:47
date added: July 2, 2017
language: English
views: 315; views this month: 48; views this week: 15
Adi Da Samraj creating the Orpheus One and Linead One suites. Accompanied by Adi Da talking about His Image-Art. Edited by Carmen Morrow.

[This version of the video has Italian subtitles.]

Prelude to Wintervideo
poster: Numinous Involvements Production
length: 02:49
date added: February 25, 2017
event date: 2016
language: English
views: 880; views this month: 69; views this week: 16
In 2016, on a summer night in the beautiful city of Florence, the Florence Dance Company performed the multimedia dance event, Quattro Maggiore ("Four Seasons") — set to the music of Vivaldi (his most well-known work, "Quattro Maggiore", performed live) and the art of Adi Da Samraj as the backdrop. Vivaldi's masterpiece has four parts, corresponding to the four seasons. In this newly expanded performance, musical preludes have been added before each season, featuring the musical composition and performance of hang drummer extraordinaire Paolo Borghi of Rome. In this excerpt, we hear Borghi's "Prelude" to Vivaldi's "Winter".

The performance took place on the Ponte Vecchio, a medieval multi-arch bridge over the Arno River in Florence, Italy. The Ponte Vecchio is one of the most historic bridges in the world, and the earliest bridge at this spot is believed to have been built in Roman times.

This performance is in preparation for a planned, fuller performance in 2017.
Florence Dance Company   Image-Art  

poster: Numinous Involvements Production
length: 01:53
date added: February 4, 2017
event date: 2015
language: English
views: 1136; views this month: 111; views this week: 30
An excerpt from the Florence Dance Company's 2015 performance of in Florence, Italy.

The dance is based on Dante Alighieri's 700 year-old epic literary masterpiece, "La Divina Commedia" (The Divine Comedy). Like Dante's work, the dance performance has three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. This video excerpt is from Inferno.

The dance performances were choreographed and directed by Keith Ferrone and Marga Nativo. The dance takes place in front of a monumental multimedia display of the breakthrough (and sometimes animated) digital art of Adi Da Samraj. All of this is accompanied by live musical performances from master Florentine pianist, Stefano Maurizi, and the electronic musical mastery of Maurizio Fasolo, and Enzo Regi (who lead the European underground electronic group, Pankow). Piano preludes performed and composed by Naamleela Free Jones.

Dancers are Vanessa Bambi, Daniele del Bandecca, Serena Ferrone, Silvia Bertoluzza, Elisa Capecchi, Egle Pranzini, Rachel Stewart, and Tsubasa Tagoku.
Florence Dance Company   image-art  

Divine Distraction with James Steinbergaudio
poster: AdiDaUpClose
speaker: James Steinberg
length: 50:54
date added: February 1, 2016
language: English
listens: 2504; listens this month: 103; listens this week: 22
James Steinberg is interviewed on the podcast, Vajra Body Vajra Mind. Vajra Body Vajra Mind is a provocative podcast that explores the outer limits of spiritual practice and human development. James Steinberg is a longtime devotee of Adi Da, and the author of Divine Distraction and Love of the God-Man.

In this episode of Vajra Body Vajra Mind, we discuss James' life with Adi Da. We talk about the practice of Guru Yoga, challenges in reading Adi Da's Teaching, anti-Guru sentiment in contemporary culture, sexuality in spirituality, the importance of discipline in the Way of Adidam, the unique Transmission of Adi Da's Revelation and Presence (through photographs, videos, Image-Art, etc), resistance to the Guru by the ego, positive disillusionment (aka "the Lesson of Life"), and more.

The Ascent of Orpheus: Final Walk Throughvideo
poster: Matt Braithwaite
length: 04:17
date added: December 1, 2015
event date: October 11, 2015
language: English
views: 1173; views this month: 42; views this week: 7
“The Ascent of Orpheus” exhibition of Adi Da's art ran from July 9 - October 11, 2015, at the Bargello National Museum, Florence.

This video clip is a final walk through of the exhibition, on October 11, 2015.

For more information about the exhibition, click here.

videographer: Matt Braithwaite

Ruchiradama Nadikanta on The Ascent of Orpheusvideo
poster: Matt Braithwaite
speaker: Ruchiradama Nadikanta
length: 20:01
date added: November 18, 2015
event date: July 7, 2015
language: English
views: 1860; views this month: 76; views this week: 19
Ruchiradama Nadikanta is a senior devotee of Avatar Adi Da and a member of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order. She served as Adi Da's spiritual ambassador at the groundbreaking exhibition of Adi Da's Image-Art, The Ascent Of Orpheus, in the renowned Bargello Museum in Florence, which ran from July 7 - October 11, 2015. In this unique presentation (filmed on July 7, 2015), Ruchiradama Nadikanta takes us on a guided tour of the exhibition, describing the extraordinary nature of Adi Da's art, and providing us with an esoteric understanding of "The Ascent of Orpheus", and how it reflects Adi Da's incarnation and liberating work.

videographer: Matt Braithwaite
Image-Art   Ruchiradama Nadikanta  

Orpheus Ascendingvideo
poster: AdiDaUpClose
length: 05:03
date added: October 13, 2015
event date: October 8, 2015
language: English
views: 2107; views this month: 75; views this week: 22
Excerpt from the Florence Dance Company's performance of the multimedia dance event, Orpheus Ascending, with Adi Da's Image-Art in the background. The music is Ray Lynch's "Passion Song", from his album, Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening.

Orpheus Ascending was a highlight of the October 8, 2015 Finissage Event for The Ascent of Orpheus, the exhibition of Adi Da's art at the Bargello Museum in Florence that ran from July 9 to October 11, 2015.

Choreography: Keith Ferrone
Artistic direction: Marga Nativo
Featured dancers:
Daniel Sandwiches (Orpheus)
Ylenia Mendolicchio (Eurydice)
Emilia Giubasso (chorus)
Virginia Montel Brains (chorus)
Jane Llaha (chorus)
Elisa Torrigiani (chorus)

The video clip is from a longer Toscana TV News clip with noted journalist Fabrizio Borghini reporting on the Finissage Event.
Florence Dance Company   Image-Art Dante/Adi Da/Florencevideo
poster: Daplastique
length: 05:05
date added: August 6, 2015
event date: July 9, 2015
language: English
views: 2003; views this month: 69; views this week: 17
The Florence Dance Company’s performance of Divina(dot)com (on July 9 – 11, 2015) in celebration of the 750th anniversary of Dante’s birth, in the Bargello National Museum courtyard, featuring Adi Da Samraj’s art, and performed in association with The Ascent of Orpheus exhibition at the Bargello Museum.
Image-Art   Florence Dance Company  

Il Mito Di Orfeo Al Bargellovideo
poster: redazione italiasette
length: 02:24
date added: July 31, 2015
event date: July 9, 2015
language: English
views: 1428; views this month: 40; views this week: 7
Italian television news channel TGT 24 (Florence) interviews Marchelle Deranleau (Curatorial Director, Da Plastique) about Adi Da Samraj’s art and “Il Mito Di Orfeo” (“The Myth of Orpheus”) in The Ascent of Orpheus exhibition, at the Bargello Museum.

[Note: This news clip is in Italian.]
Image-Art   Ascent of Orpheus  
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