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Managing Editors

Terry Henry


Terry Henry — Terry is the CEO of the Adidam Institution. He has served as the manager of the Adidam Publications Mission Division and in the Adidam Advocacy and Public Relations Departments. Before becoming a devotee, he was an Episcopalian minister and a Resource Development Coordinator for the Rural and Migrant Ministry.

Leroy Stilwell

Leroy Stilwell Leroy is the author of the book, Love's Sacrifice and the Ordeal to Become Human: 30 Years with my Spiritual Master Adi Da. He has served as communications manager, ashram manager, and personal assistant to the Ruchira Sannyasin Order, as Correspondence Department manager, and as production editor at the Dawn Horse Press.    


Chris Tong

  Chris Tong Chris is the founder of The Practical Spirituality Press and the director of The Institute for Real God. He has served as co-director of the Adidam Word and Mission Division, production manager of the Dawn Horse Press, and head of the Lay Renunciate Order. Before becoming a devotee, he was a professor of Computer Science and a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence.

Editorial Staff

Lynne Thompson


Lynne Thompson Lynne does most of the data entry and editorial work for our Audio/Video Library, as well as the bulk of the work in entering quotes for Today's Quote from Adi Da.

Lynne is a devotee of Adi Da and a resident of New Zealand. She teaches Nia Dance, and works for the local Arts Council organizing events and promoting artists. Lynne writes, "I am a student of the great Adept, Adi Da Samraj, Who offers profound Wisdom Teachings for life and beyond It. The life is demanding yet correspondingly happy. . . I would not trade it for anything."


Trish Mitchell


Trish Mitchell Trish manages our Adi Da Up Close Twitter feed.

Trish has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1991. She has been a radio producer, editor, and newsreader for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and a producer, presenter, and acting Executive Producer for SBS Australia. Trish lives in Australia. You can read the story of how Trish miraculously found Adi Da here.

Other Contributors



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