The Original Adidam Website

Adidam's original, official website went online in 1994 — the very first year the Web became available for public use. (Its developer, Chris Tong, happened to be in the right place at the right time, as a professor of computer science, to take advantage of the new medium.) By 1996, the site had evolved and expanded to the point where it was earning recognition out on the Web for its comprehensive presentation of Adidam — including the two awards below — which greatly pleased Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Top 5% of All Web Sites
1994. Awarded by Point (Lycos). "TOP 5% of all Web Sites" was a web directory run by Lycos that aimed to review, categorize and award the top websites. TOP 5% was started in 1994 by Point Communications and was a pioneer in the field. In terms of actual percentage, "TOP 5%" was an entirely arbitrary designation with the editors simply picking excellent websites from the few available in the early days of the Internet.
Magellan 3 Star Site1996. "This site has been selected by The McKinley Group's professional editorial team as a 3-Star site. This rating is a special mark of achievement in Magellan, McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory of over 1.5 million sites and 40,000 reviews. Here at The McKinley Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognize the best resources on the Net. Your site has been recognized as part of our rigorous review process, in which we consider three primary factors: depth of content (Is it comprehensive?), ease of exploration (Is it well organised and easy to navigate?), and Net appeal (Is it innovative? Is it thought-provoking? Does it appeal to the eye?)."

Quotations from and/or photographs of Avatar Adi Da Samraj used by permission of the copyright owner:
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