At Last This Community Must "Be Me"
and Assume All My Life-Functions

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samraj

This is an excerpt from a talk, "During My Life and After My Death", given by Adi Da in the early 1970's. It is one of the earliest descriptions Adi Da provided for how His "Immense Mandala of Spiritual Transmission" would function after His human lifetime. It is remarkably similar, in many details, to His final vision.

Note: This historically significant talk yields further valuable insights about Adi Da's Vision of what altogether will functionally replace His bodily human form after His human lifetime. While reading, however, keep in mind that both the ways in which Adi Da refers to Himself and His description of the practice of Adidam have changed dramatically since the time this talk was given:

  • His references to Himself and His Function shifted in the late 1980's, because the existence of a body of devotees (who could confirm to the public what He was confessing based on what He had revealed directly and Spiritually to them) allowed Him to speak more openly and directly of the true nature of His Divine Incarnation. Thus, more cautious self-references like "one with the Divine Guru" were replaced by more direct references to Himself as the Divine Person.

  • His seventh-stage process continually unfolded in dramatic ways after His Re-Awakening in 1970 (and after this talk was given). The milestones of that process (including the Divine Emergence event in 1986 and the Ruchira Dham event in 2000) transformed the way He (the Divine Person) was integrated with His human bodily form, and therefore changed the nature of devotees' practice accordingly.

After my death my devotees should gather together in groups and, as much as is practically possible, maintain constant contact with one another until they feel the Siddhi of the Divine Presence communicated to them and felt by them all. During this period they should gather in any of the principal Satsang Halls I have set aside, and at the site of my burial, as well as in the places of my former residence. During a brief period shortly after my death all that I have always shown to them will be newly confirmed, independent of my bodily and personal presence.

Thereafter, the Community as a whole should accept responsibility for this work. The Satsang Halls, my former places of residence, and my burial place should be kept as special places of contact for all who enter and live in this Community. But my devotees themselves will be the special instruments of this work beyond my lifetime. It is my expectation that I will not leave behind me a special individual who can assume conscious responsibility for my work as a whole. Rather, the total Community will share my complex functions at the level of life, and the spiritual functions will be performed through the Community as a whole by the action of the Divine Siddhi which I have regenerated here. Thus, the practical work should be shared by many, and organized much as it will have been during my lifetime. The sources of the Teaching should remain in the form of my books, other collected writings, and recordings of my talks. Devotees who have the responsibility for instruction should make use of these sources and keep them always available in published forms.

My biography, recorded Teachings, photographs, and the like will remain a source of contact with the function of Teacher after my death. And the persons and places I knew in life will also remain as agents of this contact. But I will not remain personally in contact with the Community or any devotee after my death. Even in death I will yield utterly to the condition of the Siddhi and Person of God, and, therefore, I will remain only Perfectly Present. This Siddhi and Person is the same I have always shown, through and independent of my personal form. Therefore, what will remain behind me will be a Community, not a cult. The Divine will remain immediately and directly Present through the agency of my total Community of devotees.

Among all future devotees I may be acknowledged as Teacher, one with the Divine Guru, and recollected along with the body of Teaching. But no cultic relationship to my possibly continued personal presence after death will be necessary or appropriate in order for devotees to enjoy the Siddhi and Person of the Divine which will always remain in the Satsang of this Community. (They should meditate on me outwardly as Teacher, and inwardly, when appropriate, as identical to Amrita Nadi.)

Instead, after my death, all should acknowledge me and enjoy the maturing of the Teaching as I have described it. But in order to enjoy the Siddhi and Person of the Divine which I have always shown you while alive, simply gather in groups and sit in Satsang. The Siddhi and Person of the Divine will at first be felt with special potency in the Satsang Halls I created, at my burial site, and in my former places of residence. And at first these gatherings should include as many of my long-time devotees as possible.

But, gradually, many new devotees will be created by the Siddhi and Person of God. And the Community will create new centers and places for Satsang that will become potent through proper use. In these Satsang Halls, as well as in your private and household places for Satsang-meditation, do not turn to any individual or group among you as the Source of this Divine Siddhi and Person. Rather, all should turn to Satsang itself, as I have always taught, and the Divine will, as always, do the work.

Keep my photograph and a chair or couch in the front of the Hall, and all sit before me thus, as during my lifetime. But, as during my lifetime, always remember that you are always only turning to God through me, in me, and as me. And after my death there will be nothing left of my personal influence in the present, but only God. My personal influence will remain only a recollected one, in the form of what I have written and spoken and done. The memory of my visual appearance will only serve as an agent for Divine Communion. Even the evidence of Power that will remain in my Satsang Halls, my burial place, and the places of my former residence, will not be personal, for even while alive I have only been an empty agent of the Lord.

I am always working to yield all responsibilities to devotees and to make all my devotees perfectly available to the Divine Work. Therefore, know that your responsibility must at last be perfect. At last this Community must "be me" and assume all my life-functions. For this reason I have asked for your lives in total, so that you may be assumed by me totally and live only in God to one another. If you accept my demands truly and with humor, then the Siddhi and Person of the very Divine will remain Active and Present in and through this Community throughout the coming age and more.


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