Always Already Free

Natalja T.

The author is a devotee who was serving the creation of Adi Da's Image-Art on Adi Da Samrajashram, Fiji, at the time of Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi.

It has been a little over two weeks since the passing beyond the body of the Great Realizer and Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj.

It is an incredibly significant event for a Realizer of any 'degree' to take Mahasamadhi, so Bhagavan's would be no less than Miraculous and Bright.

There were a number of signs in His Image-Art, as well as spoken verbals, leading up to the moment in which He passed out of the body, which in hindsight appear rather mysteriously perfect and obvious now.

I remember the day, 27 November 2008, with great clarity.

Around 3 in the afternoon a silent thickness befell the air; the strong feeling of an invisible 'wave' sifting through space, like a massive hand pouring forth water, drowning every particle in a sea of Stillness. At 5:05pm when Adi Da dropped the body, there was no struggle. It was so fast and spontaneous — no different from the manner in which He had moved and worked throughout His human lifetime... Very straightforward, no hesitation, no attachment and with an Intention that can only stem from the Source. One moment He was sitting in His chair in Picture Perfect, and the next . . . gone beyond. His body fell over gently and silently, followed by the faint sound of the body's last breath. No attachment, no resistance, no loss. "Always Already Free" — to use His language.

Bhagavan had prepared us for this Moment in more ways than one, from the very beginning of His gathering with devotees. Yet it was incredibly surreal... The way in which Nature and the elements responded, for example, and the immensity, profundity of human emotion unleashed through the heart.

The Force of His dropping of the body literally opened a hole through time and space . . . The air became so incredibly still it felt as if the atomic structure of things could break by a single breath. For at least the first two hours after His leaving the body, there were tremendous dome-like clouds that seemed to encircle the Island with brilliant lightning, yet no thunder was heard. There was no wind. The sensation of being lifted and held by one long extended exhalation. To those of us who were here, this was incredibly intense and significant. Silence, stillness, peace.

There was a mourning for the absence of the animated body, yet it is so incredibly mind-blowing and heart-breaking to feel no difference in the Relationship. His Divine Presence feels magnified, even set free of the limitation of mortal flesh. Instead of receiving His human glances, hand gestures and spoken sounds . . . the wind, rain, sunlight, insects, birds — everything — became the outward form of Divine Expression. Even devotees who become immersed in profoundest Contemplation are the Sign of It. A Brightness swooned over the entire Hermitage Ashram island, and Swoons.

Still, there would be a natural flux of human emotion flowing for days after the moment of Mahasamadhi . . . especially as devotees, friends and people moved by the Great Sage continue to arrive from around the world to pay respect to the Beloved Master — each with a unique story of the spiritually-liberating wealth Parama Sapta Na unconditionally and ceaselessly Grants to all.

In the days of the Vigil and in the days following the interment of His body, my heart would be overcome with deepest gratitude for having been brought to serve my Beloved Bhagavan. Even if it was a relatively brief moment of time, it was lifetimes of sadhana and an eternal yoking to the Heart. When memories of this life's journey of coming to His Feet began to flood to the surface of mind, I would collapse in that deep feeling of gratitude. Now there is just resting in gratitude.There is no sorrow by the standard definitions. It is the strongest feeling of indebtedness to Love Itself.... a completely inconsolable Love Wound. And Paradoxically Happy.

As days pass, the process of Understanding deepens and widens. The constant profundity of grace, of clearly seeing with the whole being what actually happens here — that nothing survives, that everything is washed and set free — that only Consciousness, the Divine Reality, Truth, the Prior Place of the Heart, The, That, It, the Source, the Nameless One, Love — Only That Is Indestructible.

Everything else is just part of the cosmic theatre of conditional domains . . . perpetually looping in pleasurizing vs suffering cycles, entirely meaningless although beautiful and seemingly real . . . and in the midst of this dying realm there is Only Life . . . despite apparent want and searching for it, there is Only Love Divine . . .

True and Always Already Free.



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