Everything That I Am Purposed
To Bring To Here

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
February 26, 2008

Adi Da Samraj

The Source must be extended[1] by Agency and Instrumentality beyond My physical Lifetime. That is, all of My Gifts My Teaching, My Image-Art, all of the Empowered Sanctuaries, and the renunciate orders. It must include there being fully seventh-stage-functioning devotees sannyasins, and, optimally, lay renunciates similarly, coordinated with the sannyasins. And then everything that I am purposed to bring to here will have its vehicle. Then, this physical Body is no longer necessary not in any absolute sense necessary because what It had to transfer into this world will have been done.[2]


Adi Da on the Future of Adidam and the Great Calling of His Devotees:
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For more about this, see My Devotees Must Do the Instrumental Work While I Do the Source-Work.


For a very similar list given by Adi Da in 1982, read Then the Necessity for the Physical Presence of the Spiritual Master has Become Obsolete.

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