I Taught You How To Notice Me

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da Samraj speaking to devotees at Adi Da Samrajashram on December 7, 1994.

But you see it is a Play, a Leela of Divine Manifestations. . . . How can you account for it? . . . I am trying to help you understand the way it is and how it keeps moving and never taking it for granted, never become conventional or static, you see. . . .

My Play is with All. There always will be a Play. I am teaching you about it in My physical lifetime so that after My physical lifetime you will have this learning, the cultural supposition, this understanding, this Yoga to do, and I won't have to be physically present. But you will know that I will be Present. I will be with you, you see, not gone forever. I have helped you by My physical Incarnation to identify or locate Me as I've always been, which you never noticed before. And I will have taught you about how to notice Me, having physically incarnated.

Thereafter, you will be able to associate with Me as I was before, but now that you have noticed it you will be able to locate Me forever. I will never leave you or ever be dissociated from you or ever be separate from you. . . And after my My physical lifetime I will be in the same Play with you, exactly as present with you. By concentrating on Me, you will have My Murtis and My Holy locations and so on. It will not end. It will always be fulfilled and always will be Mysterious and never to be taken for granted, you see.

And your Leela from here on should be that He spoke, and He talked, and He explained, and He did everything, and He did it for so many years . . . and one day . . . [Adi Da makes gasping noises] . . . and the Body got inert, so we put it up at the "Brightness". And He's always with us, and it is the same now as it was then.

It goes on and on and on.



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