There Is No Loss

B. M.

BM has been Adi Da's devotee since the 1970's.

Editor's note: For the first three days after Bhagavan Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi, His Body was preserved (packed in dry ice), draped in orange cloth and positioned upright in a lotus position on His bed in His Bedroom (in accord with instructions He had given) so that until the interment, devotees could receive final Darshan of His Bodily Human Form.

When I heard of Beloved Adi Da's Passing, I immediately arranged to come to Naitauba. When I arrived at Adi Da's House (about thirty hours after His Passing), I felt such an incredible sense of personal loss of my dearest, dearest Loved One, that I burst into tears. I wept inconsolably on the veranda of His bedroom as I sat there for a few minutes. I rarely cry, and don't cry much even when I do, but this time, the tears flowed in a torrent of grief. I held my head in my hands and rocked back and forth in anguish. Final Darshans had ceased by the time I had arrived, but someone seemed to take pity on me and invited me to come into the Bedroom to see Beloved Adi Da. On the way in the door, I encountered Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur and we embraced, again weeping and weeping, both of us. She told me it was okay for me to see Him, and I should just go inside. When I did, I offered my gift at the foot of His Bed. His daughters were there, along with a small number of intimates.

In His Company, I gradually stopped crying, and began to feel Adi Da Present in the most extraordinary manner. No Movement. Neither Ascending or Descending. Simply Present and Radiant Before me. Very quickly, I stopped feeling the loss of His Beautiful Bodily Human Form and I began to feel His Divine Transcendental Spiritual State. Again no Movement, but He Suffused my entire body, every cell, so I became attuned to Him without content. He Took me over, and I felt relieved of all pain, and simply beheld Him. I was filled with Joy as I experienced Him after His Passing. There was no diminishment whatsoever in His Divine Fullness and Love. There was no loss. He was Simply Present, and I realized that this will always be the case — He will always be Simply Present for the sake of all.

As I was traveling to the Island, I had been feeling some regret that I that I had missed the Silver Hall Sittings [Transcendental Spiritually initiatory occasions] with Beloved Bhagavan earlier in the year. I felt I had missed something essential in my relationship to Beloved Adi Da, but now He was gone. But I found out that is not true. I felt in those brief twenty minutes or so in His Bedroom that He "Caught me up" with Everything He had Revealed in the Silver Hall and showed me that His Divine Transcendental Spiritual Transmission is a Gift that all of His devotees will continue to receive in perpetuity. It Is His Divine Person. It has nothing to do with us. But it is a Gift in which we can all participate. And so, it is true, just like He Always Said, in Truth and Spiritually, there is no loss with the passing of His Beautiful Body.



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