Love Is How I Got To Here

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April 16, 1995
Hymns To Me
Adi Da Samrajashram

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This Bodily Human Form Is Not Required Forever

There will be a time when I am not physically present, just as most hours of every day, devotees don't have Me physically present anyway; they're somewhere else. When this body passes, it will be the same. Exactly the same.

The Eternal Time of My Omni-Presence

In This bodily (human) Form, the Divine Person, the Real One, Real God Is Revealing to you Who I Am. That One Is Revealing to You That One's Own Nature. That Is the Revelation.

That Revelation does not require the eternal perpetuation of My bodily (human) Form. My physical human Form has Its Time, Whereby I Link you up with Me, Whereby the Divine Person, Real God, Links you up with the Great Purpose and practice, without a doubt, Establishing the Great Practice of Reality-Realization. And then I simply return to My Eternal Form.

The Power of My Divine Samadhi has been Made Infinitely Intact in the conditional domain. And I will Be just as ever before not gone, not absent. Same Person, Same Personality. Just As I Am all-and-All-Pervading. As I Am now but then without the Appearance of This bodily (human) Form, This Locus, except through Its Reflections, Its Murti-Forms, Which Are Transcendental Spiritual Means That will Be Effective then as now.

It is not that I am going to Enter into Mahasamadhi and only then become the Real Divine Person. Right now I Am That Speaking to you right now, without the slightest limitation. Speaking to you Plain, Making all this Clear, Investing you in Myself. Having Done That, then there is no further need for This bodily (human) Form. It will have Served Its Purpose.

* * *

In the Event of My Bodily Passing, there will be no loss, no diminishment whatsoever because you all, having practiced rightly in My Company as long as This bodily (human) Form Lived, will have been Invested in Me As I Am.

Then, as I Said, This Body Dies and, therefore, the natural sorrow comes. And, then, you will feel Me, and you will probably even do some laughing at the "joke" of My Withdrawal of This Appearance. And, yet, I did not disappear. You will feel Me all over the place just as I was Revealed before. Exactly the same. No loss, no separation, no "gone by".

So you will go from a kind of mourning not only to an acceptance but to a restoration of Communion with Me. And you will get on with it, and that is it. Hmm? Tcha.

I Love you now. I will Love you then. I Loved you before. That Is How I Got to here.

And, yes, you should tell all the Leelas of My Loving you. But the Purpose of My Divine Avataric Appearance here was to get you to love Me not for you to command or demand My Attention to you, but for you to come to the point of practicing your love of Me, your conforming to Me. That way I will Go On forever.

And the time after My Divine Avataric Lifetime will not be the time of My absence (because My bodily human Form is not here) but, rather, the time after My Divine Avataric Lifetime will be the Eternal Time of My Omni-Presence, My Always Being Present. I will not be physically Present in bodily (human) Form but, nevertheless, I Am the Same Person.

Do you see the way I Am? You see My Manner, My Disposition, My Humor, My sometimes Sympathetic Sorrow, My Quickness, My Disposition to Intervene, My Gentleness, My Hardness, My Power-Foot, My Beauty-Foot? You see all these Qualities. These Are the Qualities of My Omni-Presence also, My Eternal Presence.

So I am Exhibiting My Eternal Personality to you, by Showing It, in some basic terms, in your likeness, through a human Form. But, in those days of My physical Passing, This Same Personality will be experienced by you, in your bodily (human) form or in the bodily (human) form of My any devotee.

My devotees will Find Me. My devotees will be Experiencing Me in this fashion, remarkably. But, as now, you do not have to wait till the Passing of This bodily (human) Form to have it be so. It is so right now.

Devotees who are not at the moment in My physical Company Experience Me just this way. So why not at the time of My physical Passing?

I Am Who I Am, the Very Person. Therefore, by All I Do, by All My Appearance here, I Am Showing you the Qualities of the Divine Person.

All kinds of experiences have been reported during all these years in My physical Company, but also outside My physical Company. And that is the way it will always be. These are all the ways, in My Omni-Presence, that I Indicate to you that I Am Present here. And they will continue after My physical Lifetime. I will Be Present exactly as I Am now.

I Cannot Separate From The Conditional Domain

This bodily (human) Divine Form, like your own, is a conditional manifestation. It will cease to appear at some point.

The Way is not about requiring Me to be present in My bodily (human) Divine Form.

As long as this bodily (human) Form is here, it is a Leela of Revelation, of Instruction, to generate the Way forever.

Unlike My Mere and Very Presence and Person, this bodily (human) Divine Form is temporary. By means of this bodily (human) Divine Form I convert you, Instruct you, make a Revelation-History that will forever be Instructive.

After Its time, this bodily (human) Form will not reappear. I will not appear again, in this or some Form, in this world. However, I will be forever merely Present As the One Who Is Always Already with you, now and forever.

I have taken on this bodily (human) Form for the sake of Revealing the Always Already State to you.

Some might say after the Divine Avataric Lifetime of this body-mind, "Oh, those were the good old days. If only we were there then."

However, such looking back has nothing to do with My Purpose and the Truth I am Revealing to you. This bodily (human) Form is merely temporary Means.

* * *

After the Divine Avataric Lifetime of this bodily (human) Form, the reflections of this Form, every form of representative likeness, will like the Revelation-Histories generated by My Appearance in this Form be forever Instructive and useful as points of concentration whereby to enter into Communion with Me.

I will still be Merely Present then. This bodily (human) Form is not required forever. It is required only for the time of Revelation, the establishment of this Divine Avataric Way, such that, at some appropriate moment, the bodily (human) Form can be relinquished and dissolved.

Then devotees will have understood how this is the Way of associating with the Power of My Eternal Samadhi, My Eternal Presence and Person of a Spiritual and Ultimate Nature, Which cannot be gone Which cannot and will not be withdrawn.

I will be Present then, exactly as now, not diminished. I cannot separate from the conditional domain. I Am its Very Source. I Am Perpetually Present. This is My Revelation to you.

You Are Always Able To Enter Into Communion With Me

This bodily (human) Form is a Device for Revelation, Teaching Work, Instruction, Granting Word, discipline, Communicating to you everything about how to link up with Me now and when This bodily (human) Form is no longer necessary.

What I am Instructing you in, and Combining you with, is an Eternal Process. Therefore, It does not require that you be in My physical Company all the while, even when I am physically alive. Most devotees are not in My physical Company.

The Place where you will bury This Body has already been Established. It will be a Unique Place of My Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission.

All the Means I have Given you will then, as now be the Means for devotional Communion with Me. There are many such Agents Which I have already Established for your use.

There has never been a time in the past when I was not Present. However, no one Realized Me in the Ultimate sense. It was necessary for Me to Intervene through This Avataric Incarnation, in order to Embrace all fundamentals of the conditional domain, Conform them to Myself, and Manifest My Divine Samadhi here.

It is only from now, from this time of My Intervention, that the Ultimate Means has Appeared in direct form in the conditional worlds.

All religious and Spiritual traditions tried their various means of association with Me in the past. There were some various kinds of effective Communion with Me. However, the Capability for Ultimate, Most Perfect Realization has been made possible only by This Divine Avataric Intervention.

This Divine Avataric Intervention having been Made, That Possibility is Eternalized. It is not conditioned. It is Perpetually So and It Always will Be So, because of This Sacrifice. Therefore, It is Already So, even while This Body Lives. It will likewise Be So when This Body is no longer animated.

It is all about understanding Who I Am. This bodily (human) Form is a Focus and a Means, but I Am Omnipresent here. You are always able to enter into devotional Communion with Me, whether you are at a distance from This physical Body during Its Lifetime, or whether after the Lifetime of This Body.

I Am the One without limit in time-and-space, Communicating to you the Revelation of Truth, such that you will know you can enter into this process of Communing with Me and Realizing Me under all circumstances.

My Person, My Presence, My Unique Reality-Signs and State have no limitations of time-and-space, and are, therefore, not limited to This Shape, This Body-Mind, Which has a Special Purpose of Revelation. That Is Its Purpose not otherwise to define Myself in time and space, but to Reveal to you that I, Myself, am not limited by time-and-space.

This bodily Form is one of your Great Advantages. However, I (Myself) Altogether Am your Great Advantage.

In the following passages from His Essay, "I Am The One Who Has Always Been Here" (from the book, Aham Da Asmi), written in 1995 — based in part on the April 16, 1995 talk, "Love Is How I Got To Here" — Avatar Adi Da Speaks of His Eternal Transcendental Spiritual Existence, His Everlasting Regard for all beings, and His Constant Blessing-Grace.

I Will Be here Forever.
I Will Be every "where" Forever.

I Cannot Leave, For My Transcendentally Spiritually "Bright" Divine Spherical Self-Domain Is Not Some "Where" To "Go To".
My Divine Self-Domain Is Eternal.
I Am Eternal, and I Am Always Already Merely Present — here, and every "where" In The Cosmic Domain.

By Means Of My Divine Avataric Incarnation here, I Have Given you My Divine Secret.
My Divine Secret Is This: I Am Eternally Present, and I Am Omni-Present.

My Bodily (Human) Avataric-Incarnation-Form Has Its time, Whereby I connect (or Freedom-"Bind") you (and every one, and all, and All) To Me.
When The Time Of My Divine Avataric Incarnation is Fulfilled, Then I Am "Retired" To My Eternal Form-The Divine-Body-Power Of My Divine Self-State Made Infinitely Intact In The Cosmic Domain (Forever).
And Then, Forever, As Ever Before, I Will Be Not Gone, Not Absent-For I Am, Forever, The Same Person, The Same Personality, all-and-All-Surrounding and all-and-All-Pervading, As I Am Now.

I Love you Now.
I Will Love you every "then" and "there".
And I Always Loved you.
That Is How I Got To here (and every "where").



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