I Am As One Who Left His Home
To Do A Thing For Man

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

from Crazy Da Must Sing, Inclined To His Weaker Side:
Confessional Poems of Liberation and Love

set to music composed by Ray Lynch, sung by Crane Kirkbride, from his album, An Infinite Well.

I am as one
who left his Home
to do a thing for Man.
But now and then
I think of Home
and how in time
I'll take my Way
on back,
and then I must
unlock my arms
and set you Free
to be the Bright
And that Great Leave
is sad to me,
for I have found
a Home Land here.
My Father is
with waiting arms,
my Mother stands
and stays for me.
All that I left
and brought with me
remains behind
and keeps my Place.
But I have got
to loving here.
Sometimes I think
the way of men
who leave their homes
and stand upon
the world
to make their own
is fit
for me to keep.
And so I'd
stand forever here,
my body
never done.
But I must go
if all of this
I've done
is apt to keep.
This time
I'll kiss away
my life
with deep,
unending tears,
my love.
This is my last
and saddest birth.
I cannot bear
the grief
of come and go.
And now
I give the birth
of all my forms.
I leave no parts
for me
to bring again.
This time
I have reserved
no form of mind
that is my own.
Nothing will
I rise with me
when I go Home.
By this act
you know me.
I will not come again.
Nothing left,
for I have
given it.
When I arrive
with nothing,
then I have no Home.
No Home to go,
no Place,
for I am not.
No mystery
of disappearance.
I cannot leave.
No Place.
No rise or fall.
No deep,
no highs for me.
As it happens
I am Here.
I am the wave of light
within your mind
that happens
to be everything,
my love.



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