Touched By Him

M. M.

MM has been Adi Da's devotee since 1998.

On December 1st (2008), the day after the interment of our Beloved Master's physical remains, I went up back to the "Brightness" Temple in the early afternoon. A simple tent structure had been erected outside the Temple, on its west side. A group of devotees was sitting there already, chanting in front of His Photographs. The entire area seemed to vibrate with a tangible Presence that was very familiar to me as Bhagavan's Spiritual Form. As I sat down on the ground, I became conscious of the fact that this was only about thirty feet away from the chamber in which Bhagavan's physical form was buried.

Soon the feeling of intimacy with my Master started increasing significantly. There was a quickly growing feeling of very tangible Love-Bliss energy in the body. I noticed this energy entering my hands — which were placed on the ground in front — moving up and filling the entire body with the most blissful Love-Touch. The feeling of the intimacy of touch was the most outstanding part of the experience.

There were frequent incidents in my life as devotee in the past of feeling Bhagavan's Love touch, very typically in the heart region. I never had the opportunity though to be physically touched by Bhagavan Adi Da, but what was happening now was new, it was . . . both. There was this most blissful Love sense not just at the heart but in the entire body, inside and outside. The intimacy seemed "perfect" and I simply knew that this is what it feels like being physically touched by my Guru. Even without having had this experience before, I simply and undeniably felt being touched by Him physically — miraculously now that His physical form was "gone".

Weeping with tears of joy, I fell into a swoon that lasted for hours. My body seemed to have become a "loop" within the energy field of the Earth, one with it. The energy was first circulating in the body through the bodily base, but later it didn't feel like "flowing" anymore — it was simply present everywhere at once. I felt my Guru's Presence everywhere at once, like a pillar. I also felt the entire Planet was radiating with this Love-Bliss energy, as if Bhagavan had injected Himself all the way into the Earth's core; now touching not just my body but all beings on Earth. This felt like His last Gift to humankind, to the world — by placing the "ash" of His physical form into the Earth's ground.



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