An Unknowable Spirit in the Year 2300

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
November 30, 1985

Adi Da Samraj

How can the physical presence of the Master be imagined?" they will ask, in the year 2300. They will not only have to read The Dawn Horse Testament, they will enjoy the Presence of My living devotees, linked in Revelation with the devotees who survived in My Company while this Body Lived.

When I Say My Work is Done, I mean the Work is done now. The Work does not rest on Me anymore. It rests on you. When I say "you", I mean all those who are listening to this Talk. I mean elsewhere and everywhere. That is where It rests.

Without your Realization, I am poor-born and this Revelation is an illusion! You must Realize It! The poor few who closet themselves with Me on this island [Adi Da Samrajashram], who visit here, who have known Me before, who have sat with Me it all depends on you. You must Realize, as I have since birth, the profound weight of obligation that rests on you because of what is Given to you. You must Realize It. Otherwise these gestures are ghosts. I am an unknowable Spirit for My devotees in the year 2300 unless My devotees in flesh and blood sit there, sublimed by this Realization, which they will not get unless you get it! You must realize the significance of the Yoga of Agency, and stop oppressing Me with parent-like obligations. Do not throw it back at Me. I throw it back at you! You are obliged. You have a terrible demand pressed on your heart. You do! You must Realize It. You must extend this Blessing in your natural manner, by fulfilling the Way of Adidam. You must! You must!


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