My Heart Turned Into a Vast Sky


The author is a teacher from Santa Cruz, California.

I used to be in close contact with the Adidam Community and was a student from time to time. Even though I have not been involved for years, the night I found out [about Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi, the night after He passed], I had a physical sensation of my chest simply opening. Not a slushy love rush or grief or sorrow or remorse. But it felt as if my heart/lungs had turned into a vast SKY. A vast open feeling. I went in to tell my husband [about Adi Da's Passing] and he said "No way!" and his response was a flushing all over his body and an electric current up his spine.

We are processing now. We watched video footage I have of some bootleg tape of the Master from '70s and '80s; a few hours' worth. I am so glad I still have that tape!

People I've not heard from in years are contacting me. Something momentous has occurred.

A dear friend, the fellow who turned me on to Adi Da, is back in touch with me after nine and a half years. We had lost track of each other but now are back on track with each other and it is so very sweet. He lives up at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, about a mile away. I am hoping to attend Danavira Mela if I can this year, either in Marin or up at the Mountain Of Attention; whichever. My friend wrote to me after I used my powers of sleuthing to find him, "As HE would have it; it took a moment such as this?" I wrote back saying "Of COURSE it took a moment such as this!" He and I were thinking of each other immediately after we'd heard the news. I have many leelas of my original approach to the Guru via my friend's intense interest in "Understanding"; and they are all flooding back now.



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