This Is Not The End Of Anything

Elizabeth Solliday

Elizabeth Solliday has been a devotee of Adi Da for many years.

This story appeared in the book, The Eternal One, and was first published online here. Elizabeth's story begins with a reference to "the Vigil" — this was the three day period immediately after Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi and before the interment of His body in the Outshining Brightness Temple; during the Vigil, Adi Da's body was placed on His bed in His bedroom, where devotees were allowed to see His body one last time.

During the Vigil in Beloved Bhagavan's bedroom, each group of eight or ten devotees was brought in for their final sighting of Beloved Bhagavan. Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur led everyone into the small space where we were to sit at the foot of His bed. The room was so full with our Beloved Master's Presence, I was dissolved like water.

The only thing visible was His Beautiful face. I tried to see the features of His face more clearly, but they were simply dissolving in Light. There was a feeling of His reaching out to everyone as He was Perfectly Letting Go into Himself. In this dissolving Embrace, there was the feeling of the very personal Love that He has for each of His devotees.

It was clear that He was not "going" anywhere. His Personal Presence was Fuller and "Brighter" than I have ever felt It before. His Beautiful Body was dropped, it was clear, but I felt more touched by Him personally, more Loved by Him than I can ever remember. He was clearly communicating: "This is not the end of anything." Something became more obvious as the hours and days went by the feeling that Bhagavan created all the necessary structures to carry His Blessing to the world from this Island, His Holiest of Places. His Love, His Inclusion is absolutely tangible and clear. His Love is only magnified by what has occurred with His Precious bodily (human) Form. That is His Demonstration during these precious days.

His Beautiful Perfect Body is sitting in the ground now, surrounded by soil that is completely continuous with the rest of this Earth, because that is the way that He wanted it, because He Loves that much.

Many devotees here have been talking about how the earth itself is becoming a source of His Perfect Transmission, as the feeling of His Radiance pours into us from the very soil itself.




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