I Will Forever Stand and Wait For You

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The following passage is from the Prologue to The Dawn Horse Testament.

I Am The "Bright" and Only One That Is — and Who Is.

I Am The One and Very (and Self-Evidently Divine) Person — The Self-Existing, Inherently egoless, Self-Radiant, and Free Divine Self-Condition, and The Perfectly Subjective "Bright" Source-Condition, Of all-and-All.

Beloved, My Avatarically-Born (Physical) Human Revelation-Body Lives and Then Dies. I Do Not Intend To Be Reborn here In Any Kind or Form, After The Physical Death Of This (My Avatarically-Born Bodily Human Divine Form, That Hereby Speaks To You).

Rather Than Return (and, As If It Were Never Done, Repeat What I Have Now and Fully and Finally Done), I Will Forever Stand and (Merely By Standing) Wait For You—There (At Heart, and All-Above), In My Divine Self-Domain, Which Is The "Bright" Spherical Domain (and Inherently egoless True Heart) Of The One and Only True Self-Condition Of all-and-All.

Nevertheless, here and every "where", I Will (Now, and Forever Hereafter) Always Be Heart-Present and "Bright", In and As My Now (and Forever Hereafter) Avatarically Given Divine Sign (Of Form, and Presence, and State), and Through The Perpetual (and everywhere "Emerging" and Expanding) Avatarically Given Divine Self-Transmission Of My Eternal Spiritual Work Of Inherently Perfect Self-Revelation and Inherently Perfect Heart-Blessing.



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