Right sexual self-Discipline
Is Yogic, ego-Transcending, and Happy

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This essay appears in Adi Da's annotated bibliographical work, The Basket Of Tolerance.

Avatar Adi Da SamrajIf mere sexual abstinence (or the mere avoidance of sexual activity, or the mere non-performance of sexual activity) were (in itself) sufficient for (or, at least, a dramatic contributor toward) the Realization of Real (Acausal) God, or Truth, or Reality, then infants, young children, impotent (and otherwise sexless) adults, and the aged infirm would all be Real-God-Realized (or, at least, significantly advanced in the Spiritual process) and the principal Yogic sexual technique would (therefore) be the technique of intentional impotence and frigidity, achieved either by surgical, chemical, and dietary means or by other suppressive physical and cultural means!

Unfortunately, "sex-problem"-based, unhappy, and merely life-suppressive motives do, in fact, govern the sexual practice of many (if not most) otherwise religious and Spiritually-inclined individuals and cultures. However, true and effective religious and Spiritual practice is not associated with the "sex problem", or with anti-sexual or merely sex-suppressive (rather than sex-converting and truly sex-transcending) motives and techniques.

The sexual process must be rightly disciplined, and directly and thoroughly observed, until it is truly (and most fundamentally) understood (and, ultimately, until all sexually related ego-bondage is transcended). Therefore, until all sexually related ego-bondage is truly transcended, the ego-based and Spirit-suppressive (or Spirit-exhausting) tendencies commonly associated with the sexual (and emotional-sexual) process must be (progressively) transcended but such progressive transcending is not a matter of the mere suppression of sex (or of the mind or the emotion or the energy of sex). Rather, the progressive transcending of sexually related ego-bondage is a matter of self-understanding (and intelligent, voluntary relinquishment of the ego-based sex-mind), and also of self-disciplining control and conservation of sexual energy, and consistent, intentional conversion (or re-direction, or inward and upward reversal) of the (otherwise downward and outward) flow of sexual energy. This process of self-understanding, relinquishment, control, conservation, and conversion requires (and, more and more, magnifies) a profound and positive (and, altogether, right) change in one's participation in (or relationship to) the sexual (and emotional-sexual) process.

Unless there is no longer any specifically sexual motivation, right participation in (or right relationship to) the sexual process necessarily requires disciplines of body, the sexual organs and functions, breath (and natural life-energy), emotion, mind, attention, and (in due course) the Spiritual Life-Current. And there is a range of possible options relative to the application of such sex-specific disciplines in the case of non-celibate "beginner" practitioners in any and all possible exoteric and esoteric traditions. . . .

Right intentional celibacy must, if it is to effectively serve the Spiritual process, be understood and practiced in ego-transcending and happy terms. Likewise, non-celibate sexual practices must . . . be developed in Yogic, as well as ego-transcending and happy, terms. Indeed, the process of happy sexual self-transcendence and (eventual) effective Yogic conversion of the sex-function is, for most individuals, the most difficult and profound practical obligation of the Wisdom Way but this obligation must be fulfilled, or else the Great Process cannot truly develop (or fulfill itself) beyond the context of the first three stages of life, and, in due course, entirely beyond the mere "beginner's" context of life and practice.

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