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Daji Megan Fear-No-More

Anthony Costabile

Anthony CostabileAnthony Costabile has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj since the mid-1970s. With an M.A. in Education, he has been a professional school teacher and administrator. Anthony's principal services within the community of devotees have included spokesman for Adi Da, writer, educator, and missionary. Presently Anthony is one of the principal missionaries and communicators for Adidam.

Honored Friend and Companion

Until the early 1980's, a German Shepherd named Megan lived with Bhagavan Adi Da at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary. He had been left behind by the previous owners when the Sanctuary property was acquired in 1973. Bhagavan Adi Da loved him dearly, and it soon became obvious that Megan wished only to serve his Spiritual Master as devoted friend and protector. He did so for nearly eight years.

Megan frequently sought out the Master for a loving exchange of energy. With wagging tail, he would enthusiastically present Adi Da with his latest prize — a large branch from the nearby woods — hoping to inspire a game of fetch. Bhagavan Adi Da always greeted him enthusiastically, with kind words, powerful pats on the head, and resounding laughter, as Megan tussled with the branches, dragging them along with his mouth and shaking them vigorously, even though most were too large for him to manage.

Daji Megan

A very sensitive dog, Megan would often approach people who were feeling sad or dejected, immediately cheering their spirits by gently nudging them, or offering a look of uncanny compassion and understanding.

Daji Megan

Daji Megan, with Rani Druda
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He would also lie at his Master's Feet while Bhagavan Adi Da gently stroked him with deep affection and blessing, relaxing him into deep contemplation and surrender.

Adi Da with Daji Megan
Adi Da and Daji Megan
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Death, Ceremony, and Burial

Gradually, the aging Megan grew weaker, until, on a peaceful morning early in the Spring of 1982 (April 27), he passed away. Upon hearing of his death, Bhagavan went to Megan's side to attend and serve him in the death process. Bhagavan Adi Da quietly viewed Megan's body with tears and love in his eyes, and barely perceptible sounds of Blessing issuing from his lips. The moment was full of Spiritual Potency. Then Adi Da gave instructions on how to treat Megan's body.

A casket was built by a devotee-craftsman, while Megan's body lay quiet and undisturbed in an enclosed viewing area. A three-day vigil was commenced to honor Megan's death transition. All who knew and loved him came to pay their respects and quietly offer prayers and blessings. Then Megan's body was carried with ceremony to all the Holy Sites on The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary. Finally, the body was gently placed in a burial site at the entrance to Fear-No-More Zoo, a tangible sign of Megan's guardianship, and a blessing for the Zoo and all its inhabitants.

In acknowledgement of Megan's devoted service, Bhagavan Adi Da bestowed on him the honorific name, "Daji Megan Fear-No-More".

Daji Megan's burial site
Daji Megan's burial site at Fear-No-More Zoo
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Adi Da visiting Daji Megan's burial site
Adi Da visiting Daji Megan's burial site
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