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The Twenty-Three Courses

This article is organized as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. The First Course
  3. The Heart of the Adidam Revelation: Five Courses
    1. Divine Self-Confession
    2. Guru-Devotee Relationship
    3. Recognition-Responsive Turning
    4. Up-Turned Transcendental Spiritual Process
    5. "Perfect Practice"
  4. The Companions of the True Dawn Horse: Seventeen Courses
    1. Science, Religion, and Real God
    2. Paradigms for a New World-Culture
    3. Overview of the Reality-Way of Adidam
    4. The Divine Avataric Incarnation
    5. Divine Avataric Discourses
    6. Transcendental Realist Literature and Art
    7. The Indivisibility of Consciousness and Light
    8. Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Teachings
    9. Whole-Bodily Health and Enlightenment
    10. The Stages of Life
    11. The Seventh Stage Yoga
    12. Simple Explanation of Adidam (for Children and Everyone Else)
    13. Searchless Beholding as the Primary Practice
    14. Essential Summary of Adidam
    15. "Perfect Knowledge" Reality-Teachings
    16. Ecstatic "My House" Revelations
    17. Commentary on the Great Tradition

1. Introduction

On May 6, 2005, at Adi Da Samrajashram, Adi Da created the twenty-three "Courses" of His Divine Avataric Revelation-Word.

Altogether, the twenty-three "Courses" structure serves as the primary "conceptual coathanger" for organizing the entirety of Adi Da's Wisdom-Teaching. The number 23 is esoterically auspicious. The word, "Course", is (of course) a double entendre:

  • "Course" as "Educational Unit" — Everyone is familiar with this sense of the word.

  • "Course" as "Stream" — This is a less familiar use, as in "the course of a river". Adi Da describes His "Source-Texts" as "True-Water-Bearers", or "Bearers of the 'True Water' of the 'Bright' Divine Reality Itself". He indicated that all of His designated "Source-Texts" are contained in a structure of twenty-three "Streams", or "Courses".

Each of the twenty-three "Courses" conveys a particular aspect of Adi Da's Divine Avataric Teaching. Originally, Adi Da had designated twenty-three "Source-Texts". Now that His Wisdom-Teaching includes many more than twenty-three "Source-Texts", each "Course" includes as many "Source-Texts" as appropriate for that "Course".

The first Course is comprised entirely of Adi Da's two principal Summary "Source-Texts": The Aletheon and The Dawn Horse Testament.

The remaining twenty-two Courses are divided into two groups:

  1. The Heart of The Adidam Revelation — consisting of five Courses, which, together, present a comprehensive overview of the entire process of the Reality-Way of Adidam.

  2. The Companions of The True Dawn Horse — consisting of seventeen Courses, each of which elaborates on a particular topic from the first Course.

2. The First Course

The first Course conveys Avatar Adi Da's Principal Revelation of His Divine Avataric Incarnation and the Reality-Way He has Given. It is the Summary of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Truly human, and Spiritual, and Transcendental, and Divine Reality-Truth.

The Aletheon — The Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

During the final two years of a Lifetime that had been utterly devoted to the Communication of Truth, Avatar Adi Da created His supreme Scripture — a book of oceanic depth and magnitude. This final and greatest Instruction by Avatar Adi Da spans over 2300 pages.

The Aletheon

The Dawn Horse Testament of the Ruchira Avatar — The Testament of Divine Secrets of His Divine Presence,Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Avatar Adi Da's paramount "Source-Text", this Great Divine Testament is unparalleled in its magnitude and depth. It represents the fruit of Avatar Adi Da's Immense Work of Teaching and Revelation over more than three decades. An extraordinary Scripture, containing Avatar Adi Da's detailed Revelation of every aspect of the process culminating in Divine Enlightenment.

The Dawn Horse Testament

The Aletheon and The Dawn Horse Testament Are — with all the other "Source-Texts", or "True-Water-Bearers", of My Twenty-Three-Course Divine Avataric Reality-Teaching — the Summary of My Divine Self-Discoveries (Made by Means of My Divine Self-Submission to Avataric Incarnation) and My Divine Self-Revelations (Made by Means of My Avatarically Given Divine Self-Confessions of My Own Divine Secrets).

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Aletheon

3. The Heart of the Adidam Revelation: Five Courses

These five Courses comprise Avatar Adi Da's full Revelation-summary of, and introduction to, Adi Da's Avataric Appearance and the Way that He offers to all.

3.1. Divine Self-Confession

Aham Da Asmi (Beloved, I Am Da) — The "Late-Time" Avataric Revelation Of The True and Spiritual Divine Person (The egoless Personal Presence Of Reality and Truth, Which Is The Only Real God).

Adi Da fully Reveals Himself as the Avataric Incarnation of the Living Divine Person and He elaborates on the Spiritual significance of this All-Embracing Divine-Confession, which is the foundation of His entire Revelation of the esoteric Way of Adidam.

Aham Da Asmi

The Boundless Self-Confession — Essays from The Aletheon.

Written only a few months before He passed from the body (in November 2008), this book brings to culmination a lifetime of Revelation writings by the Ruchira Avatar about the eternal meaning and purpose of His Appearance, revealing profundities that are ultimately unfathomable. But the heart knows. "The heart", as His Divine Presence says, "is where everyone comes to Me".

The Boundless Self-Confession

3.2. Guru-Devotee Relationship

Ruchira Avatara Gita (The Avataric Way of the Divine Heart-Master) — The Late-Time Avataric Revelation of The Great Secret of The Divinely Self-Revealed Way That Most Perfectly Realizes The True and Transcendental Spiritual Divine Person (The egoless Personal Presence of Reality and Truth, Which Is The Only Real Acausal God).

Adi Da offers everyone the ecstatic practice of devotional and Spiritual relationship to Him, explaining how devotion to a living human Adept-Realizer has always been the source of true religion, and distinguishing true Guru-devotion from cultism.

Ruchira Avatar Gita

The Ancient Walk-About Way — The Core Esoteric Process of Real Spirituality and Its Perfect Fulfillment in the Way of Adidam.

In this beautiful collection of essays — which includes "Perfect Adidam", and "The Seventh Stage Revelation", as well as some earlier Writing — Avatar Adi Da draws the reader through a "consideration" of the ancient tradition of heart-response to the living Realizer, and of His Unique and All-Completing Appearance in that tradition. Beloved Adi Da begins with a foundation "consideration" of the Purpose and Principles of the Guru-devotee relationship; He then communicates how to cultivate life-conditions that allow the being to enact its inherent heart-response to Living Truth; and, finally, He describes the unique Signs and Qualities of His Appearance and Offering, and of those who fully heart-respond to Him.

The Ancient Walk-About Way

The Self-Authenticating TruthEssays from The Aletheon.

The essays in The Self-Authenticating Truth illuminate Avatar Adi Da's Calling for the "radical" simplicity of the devotional Way of Adidam, and profoundly magnify the philosophical "consideration" He brings to humankind. Reality Itself — Revealed as Adi Da Samraj in human Form — is the Self-Authenticating Truth and "Perfect Knowledge" that liberates all minds and hearts from bondage.

The Self-Authenticating Truth

The Gift of Truth ItselfThe Ever-Living Means Whereby Everyone Can Realize Truth, or Perfect Happiness.

This book is a compilation of selections from The Aletheon that are chosen for accessibility to the general public. The essays form a concise consideration of the cultural, religious, and social forces that have shaped the presumptions of Western civilization about Truth and Reality.

The Gift of Truth Itself

3.3. Recognition-Responsive Turning

Da Love-Ananda Gita (The Free Avataric Gift Of The Divine Love-Bliss) — The "Late-Time" Avataric Revelation Of The Great Means To Worship and To Realize The True and Spiritual Divine Person (The egoless Personal Presence Of Reality and Truth, Which Is The Only Real Acausal God).

Avatar Adi Da Reveals the secret simplicity at the heart of Adidam — relinquishing our preoccupation with ourselves (and all our problems and our suffering) and, instead, Contemplating Him, the "Bright" Divine Person of Infinite Love-Bliss.

Da Love-Ananda Gita

Recognition Of Me Is Liberation The "Radical" Conversion To Intrinsic egolessness In The Divine Reality-Way Of Adidam.

Essays include updated sutras from the forthcoming final (and significantly expanded) edition of The Dawn Horse Testament, readings from The Aletheon, and never-before-published Discourse material from 1998, 2004, and 2005.

Recognition Of Me Is Liberation

The Nine Great Laws Of Radical Devotion To Me Readings from The Aletheon, The Dawn Horse Testament, and Eleutherios, as well as Selected Discourses and Spoken Instructions.

In the heart of all of Adi Da's devotees, there is an absolute certainty that there is something greater than self and world. That certainty comes from the Sighting of Bhagavan Adi Da's Holy Form. Adi Da's Nine Great Laws of "radical" devotion tell us how to live by that certainty, which is Divine and Holy, by always manifesting a sacred and right relationship to His Holy Person. The demonstration of the Nine Great Laws of "radical" devotion is founded in the awareness that Adi Da is not localized to His Incarnation-Body. He Is His State. He Is Samadhi — always existing as the Divine Conscious Light.

The Nine Great Laws Of Readical Devotion To Me

The Sacred Space of Finding Me The Cultural Disciplines Practiced In The Sacred Domain of The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam.

This book is fundamental and final Instruction from Bhagavan Adi Da for the true and free devotional culture of Adidam. It is compiled principally from The Dawn Horse Testament, but also from other "Source-Texts" and Avataric Discourses.

The Sacred Space of Finding Me

Surrender Self By Sighting Me Essays on Right and True Devotion.

In these essays selected from The Aletheon — completed by Adi Da Samraj in August of 2007 — He gives succinct and potent instruction to His devotees on the nature of the devotional relationship to Him as it occurs in the Process of Realization in His Company. Among the essays is Adi Da’s delightful instruction in "The Way That I Teach The Dog In My House". The priceless instruction contained in this book illuminates the essentially non-verbal process of spontaneous devotion to Him. He has described this anciently-known process of turning to the Realizer on sight as "the Ancient Walk-About Way".

Surrender self By Sighting Me

3.4. Up-Turned Transcendental Spiritual Process

Hridaya Rosary Four Thorns of Heart Instruction.

A beautifully precise and exquisitely poetic description of the Spiritual Process in Avatar Adi Da’s Company — the devotional (and, in due course, Spiritual) relationship to Him and the reception of His Spiritual Transmission, or Spirit-Baptism. In breathtakingly beautiful poetry, Avatar Adi Da Samraj sings of the "melting" of the ego in His "Rose Garden of the Heart".

Hridaya Rosary


3.5. "Perfect Practice"

Eleutherios The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free.

Eleutherios contains Avatar Adi Da's most esoteric offering of the "Perfect Practice" of the Way of Adidam. This "Perfect Practice" takes place in the domain of Consciousness Itself, prior to the body and the mind. Eleutherios is an address to the great human questions about God, Truth, Reality, Happiness, and Freedom.


The Orders of My True and Free Renunciate Devotees

This book is both a beautiful exposition of the nature of Perfect Freedom and a practical guide to maintaining, in perpetuity, the cultural integrity of the Way of Adidam. Avatar Adi Da describes, at length, the signs of true renunciation in the Way of Adidam and the means whereby His Great Revelation can be carried throughout all time.

The Orders of My True and Free Renunciate Devotees


4. The Companions of the True Dawn Horse: Seventeen Courses

Each of these seventeen Courses elaborates on a particular topic from the first Course.

4.1. Science, Religion, and Real God

Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness Of Unbroken Light Reality, Truth, and The "Non-Creator" God In The Universal Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Way of Adidam.

Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness Of Unbroken Light

The Transmission of Doubt Talks and Essays on the Transcendence of Scientific Materialism through Radical Understanding.

The Transmission of Doubt

Perfect Philosophy The "Radical" Way of No-Ideas
essays from The Aletheon.

Avatar Adi Da inspects the root-error that is the inherent limit in all traditional forms of knowledgeand He reveals the process that originates and operates beyond this limit.

Perfect Philosophy

4.2. Paradigms for a New World-Culture

The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man The Eastern Versus The Western Traditional Cultures of Humankind, and The Unique New Non-Dual Culture of The Universal Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Way Of Adidam.

The Eastern and Western approaches to religion, and to life altogether — and how the Way of Adidam goes beyond this apparent dichotomy.

The Truly Human New World-Culture of Unbroken Real God-Man

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!Prophetic Wisdom About the Myths and Idols of Mass Culture and Popular Religious Cultism, the New Priesthood of Scientific and Political Materialism, and The Secrets of Enlightenment Hidden In The Body of Man.

new edition forthcoming

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Not-Two Is Peace The Ordinary People's Way of Global Cooperative Order.

The uniquely comprehensive address to the global crises of our time. The World-Friend Adi Da wrote Not-Two Is Peace out of concern for humanity's current plight. Not-Two Is Peace contains Adi Da's vital wisdom on the root of human conflict: the limits and errors of conventional religion and politics. He points to the necessity of re-establishing human civilization based on principles of mutual trust, cooperation, tolerance, "prior unity", and the limitless participation of all humankind in transforming its own destiny. Also included is Adi Da's "radical" argument for transcending egoity along with his urgent call to found the Global Cooperative Forum—a new type of human order. This forum will allow humankind to become conscious of itself as one great coherent force—the only force capable of requiring and implementing systemic changes the world needs. This third edition is essential study for anyone concerned about the state of global affairs.

Not-Two Is Peace


4.3. Overview of the Reality-Way of Adidam

The Only Complete Way To Realize The Unbroken Light Of Real God — An Introductory Overview Of The "Radical" Divine Way Of The True World-Religion Of Adidam.

The entire course of the Way of Adidam—the unique principles underlying Adidam, and the unique culmination of Adidam in Divine Enlightenment.

The Only Complete Way To Realize The Unbroken Light Of Real God

"Radical" Transcendentalism The Non-"Religious", Post-"Scientific", and No-Seeking Reality-Way of Adidam.

A potent exposition of the unique nature of Avatar Adi Da’s Reality-Way of Adidam, and the fullness of its practice. “Radical" Transcendentalism breaks down the barriers that human beings have erected to the direct experience of Reality Itself. Adi Da Samraj offers His Revelation of Reality that is free of illusions and full of Divine and Spiritual Blessing.

Radical "Transcendentalism"

Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga The Intrinsically egoless Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam.

Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga is Avatar Adi Da's quintessential communication of the Process by which any and all living beings may Realize the Ecstasy of Perfect Oneness, or Prior Unity, with Reality Itself (or Truth Itself). This book can help the reader appreciate and comprehend the absolute uniqueness of Avatar Adi Da’s Offering, and it tangibly conveys His profound Blessing-Transmission. Includes thorough appendices and glossary to introduce the new reader to the language and paradigms of Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Teaching.

Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga

4.4. The Divine Avataric Incarnation

The Knee Of Listening The Divine Ordeal Of The Avataric Incarnation Of Conscious Light.

The Knee Of Listening is Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Autobiography. It tells the miraculous story of His unique Incarnation and Revelation in the West for the sake of Liberating all beings.

The Knee of Listening

My Final Work of Divine Indifference Wherein I Constantly Abide Only As I Am, in Divine and Avatarically Responsive Transcendental Spiritual Regard of all-and-All.

Four essays in which Adi Da Samraj describes His perfect Retirement into Divine Indifference, Free of any necessity to Teach. That Retirement did not signify an "end" to His Work altogether — rather, it was a Sign of His Freedom to be entirely concentrated in His most profound Work of forever Blessing all beings and things.

My Final Work Of Divine Indifference

4.5. Divine Avataric Discourses

The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar: Discourses From The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira AvatarMy "Bright" Word and My "Bright" Sight have been published as the first two of the four volumes comprising the series, The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar. The remaining volumes are forthcoming.

My "Bright" Word — Discourses From The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar.

Original formal Teaching Discourses, given in the years 1972-1973. In this extraordinary compilation from His earliest Discourses, Avatar Adi Da communicates an exquisite summary of His "radical" Teaching-Revelation, and He passionately offers everyone the Gift of the heart-relationship to Him (or Satsang with Him), as the True Means of Divine Liberation.

Previously published as The Method of The Siddhas.

My Bright Word

My "Bright" Sight — The Divine Reality Way of Adidam Is An ego-Transcending Relationship Not an ego-Centric Technique.

A selection of key Discourses, given in the years 1973-1995.

Open this book to discover a portal into another world. Allow yourself to be transported into Avatar Adi Da’s radiant sphere, each page shining with His Word or Form. Now, for the first time in one book, you can enjoy Discourses from a wide range of His Teaching-Submission Years (1973 to 1995). Many of these 21 Talks have never been published in a book — or even in a printed form before! Enhancing the core theme of "Sighting" is a 16-page gallery adorned with 23 exquisite, seldom-seen sightings of Avatar Adi Da, chronologically arranged, one from each of those Teaching-Submission Years.

My Bright Sight

My "Bright" Form: Discourses From The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar — The Divine Reality Way of Adidam Is An ego-Transcending Relationship Not an ego-Centric Technique

Read this book and learn how to:

  • Receive Avatar Adi Da's Gift of the Perfect Happiness of Divine Communion
  • Purify and awaken the structure of the body-mind-complex
  • Live a life governed by heart-based Reality-intelligence
  • Participate in the Eternal Outshining-Work of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Over one-third of content is from previously unpublished materials.

My Bright Form

My "Bright" Room

A single concentrated series of Discourses, given in the years 2004 - 2005.

to be published

My Bright Room


4.6. Transcendental Realist Literature and Art

The Orpheum: The Tragic History of The Recent Return of Orpheus, or, The First Room In Three Books

Book One: The Mummery Book — The Parable of Divine Tragedy, Told By Means of A Self-Illuminated Illustration of The Totality of Mind.

The Mummery Book is an unfathomably profound Revelation — a searing Criticism of egoity in its individual and collective manifestations and a sublime description of the Perfect Divine Avataric Incarnation. The Mummery Book tells the story of the Great Sage, Raymond Darling as he experiences the dreamlike events of his birth and childhood; his love for, and tragic loss of his beloved Quandra; and the "schismatic disaster" of his subsequent imprisonment in a mental institution by his own church for his radical beliefs. Unlike the traditional Orpheus myth, the death of his beloved Quandra is the crisis that begins Raymond's Perfect Realization of Non-Difference, to which the rest of The Orpheum Trilogy is devoted.

The Mummery Book

Book Two: The Scapegoat Book — The Previously Secret Dialogue On The Avatarically Given Divine Way of Perfect-Knowledge-Only, Once-Spoken In A Single Night of Conversation, Between The Captive Divine Avatar and Great Sage, Raymond Darling, and His Captor, The Great Fool, and False Teacher, and Notoriously Eccentric Super-Criminal, Evelyn Disk—Herein Fully Given, Without Evelyn Disk's Later and Famous and self-Serving Revisions, but Exactly As It Was Originally Tape-Recorded, by Evelyn Disk Himself, In The First Room, at the State Mental Facility, Near God's End, and Presented in Exact Accordance With The Recent Revelatory and Complete Recounting, Given To The Waiting World of Intelligent and Receptive Persons, By Meridian Smith, Who Was, As Usual, Inexplicably Present.

Adi Da wrote The Scapegoat Book in 2005. The Scapegoat Book is a series of dialogues in the state mental facility between Raymond Darling and his captor-priest, during which the latter draws out, and yet refuses, Raymond's teaching of non-duality, and after which Raymond mysteriously disappears. The Scapegoat Book is a masterful, poetic rendition of how the ego tries to trap the Divine Person; the Divine Person's Always-Standing Response to that entrapment or "scapegoating"; and the Divine Person's Perfect Offering which transcends all of that, and is the Perfect Inspiration to go beyond all of that with Him. A book that delights and amuses, critiques and cuts to the quick, again and again. The Scapegoat Book is Adi Da's "re-working" of the Ashtavakra Gita, reflecting the ego's excuse-making for non-participation or mediocre participation in the process of Divine Realization.

to be published

The Scapegoat Book

Book Three: The Happenine Book — The Childhood Teachings and The End-of-Childhood Revelations of The Famous "Infant Sage", Raymond Darling—Compiled from Raymond Darling's Original Handwritten Manuscripts, and Privately Held Tape-Recordings, Discovered in The First Room By His True Servant-Devotee, Meridian Smith, After The Miraculous Disappearance of The Avataric Great Sage.

Adi Da wrote The Happenine Book in 2006. It is the last and longest book of The Orpheum Trilogy. The Happenine Book again recounts Raymond's life, teaching, and revelation, but this time through a posthumous collection of manuscripts and tape recordings, augmented by the Great Sage's paintings, drawings, and photographs. This collection, left behind by Raymond "for all of us to find", presents a kaleidoscope of narrative and non-narrative forms ranging stylistically from traditional to postmodern, each embodied as space-time capsules of experience, or "happens", the identification with which is an illusory presumption of the separate "self" and therefore a fundamental error of human beings, which must be transcended.

to be published

The Happenine Book

Crazy Da Must Sing, Inclined To His Weaker Side — Confessional Poems of Liberation and Love.

The poems in this book are the confessions of the Divine incarnate, as lover and spiritual warrior. They tell of Adi Da's lifelong struggle to Liberate beings from the siege of Narcissus, or the mood and activity of self-possession that prevents Enlightenment. The Enlightement of beings is Adi Da's Divine Purpose, and the dramatic play of His Work with devotees is the subject of these poems. Adi Da wrote most of these forty-nine poems between 1971 and 1976.

new edition forthcoming

Crazy Da Must Sing

Transcendental Realism — The Image-Art of egoless Coincidence with Reality Itself.

Adi Da's writings on the methods and purposes of His art. This largely expanded edition brings together all of Adi Da Samraj’s writings on art. It includes details on the methods, meaning, and purposes of His work, His penetrating insight into the present-day culture and purpose of art, and specific recommendations on how to participate ecstatically in art. Adi Da also intensively considers the error of presuming oneself to be separate from a work of art — He invites every individual to be drawn beyond this illusion of separateness into the ecstatic, living process of participating in His image-art.

Transcendental Realism

The Reduction of The Beloved To Shape Alone — The Effort Toward Abstraction, The Pure Present, and The New In "Modern" Art, Psychology, and Philosophy—Especially As Defined In The “Meaningless” Aesthetic Theories Of Gertrude Stein.

The Reduction of The Beloved To Shape Alone is Adi Da's study of early twentieth-century literature and art, focusing on Gertrude Stein and painters such as Cezanne, Picasso, and Mondrian. This study was written as Adi Da's Master’s Thesis, in the English department at Stanford University, in 1966. His primary interest in writing this study was to address the implications of the modernist effort to reduce art to sheer plastic and technical manipulation of words or paint (or the "medium," in any form), thereby achieving a "meaningless" artistic communication. His conclusion was that the effort to divest art of meaning is a grave fault—a fault which is also generally evident in the culture of the time (dominated by the "point of view" of scientific materialism), in the increasing "abstraction" from what is profoundly human and, even more so, from everything spiritual and Divine.

to be published

The Reduction of The Beloved To Shape Alone

4.7. The Indivisibility of Consciousness and Light

He-and-She Is Me — The Indivisibility of Consciousness and Light In The Divine Body of The Ruchira Avatar.

One of Avatar Adi Da's most esoteric Revelations — His Primary "Incarnation" in the Cosmic domain as the "He" of Primal Divine Consciousness, the "She" of Primal Divine Light, and the "Son" of "He" and "She" in the "Me" of His Divine Spiritual Body.

He-And-She Is Me

4.8. Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Teachings

The Pneumaton — The Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Teachings of His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

The Spiritual (or fourth-to-fifth stage) dimension of existence — Avatar Adi Da's examination of the devotional and Spiritual traditions of humankind (particularly as exemplified by the traditions of Christianity and Hinduism),and the Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam. Includes His rendering of the essential Spiritual import of the New Testament Gospels. "Pneumaton" (pronounced "NEW-ma-TON") means "Book of Spirit".

The Pneumaton

Ruchira Shaktipat Yoga — The Divine (and Not Merely Cosmic) Spiritual Baptism In The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam.

Formerly titled Ruchira Avatara Hridaya-Siddha Yoga. On the Divine Heart-Power (Ruchira Shakti) uniquely Transmitted by Avatar Adi Da Samraj, and how it differs from the various traditional forms of Spiritual Baptism, particularly Kundalini Yoga. Includes the essay, "Divine Spiritual Baptism Versus Cosmic Spiritual Baptism".

Ruchira Shakitpat Yoga

4.9. Whole-Bodily Health and Enlightenment

The Whole Bodily Yoga of Searchless Right Life — The Physical-Spiritual (and Truly Esoteric) Method of Mental, Emotional, Sexual, and Whole Bodily Health and Enlightenment In The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam.

Includes the Open Letter, "To All Who Would Find Heart-Breaking Freedom" (earlier version here).

to be published

The Whole Bodily Yoga of Searchless Right Life

Right Life Is Free Participation In Unlimited RadianceThe Functional, Practical, Relational, and Cultural Disciplines In The Divine Reality-Way Of Adidam.

Avatar Adi Da’s most up-to-date Wisdom on the Reality-Way of Adidam’s functional, practical, relational, and cultural disciplines — all in one book.

Right Life Is Free Participation In Unlimited Radiance

Easy Death — Spiritual Wisdom on the Ultimate Transcending of Death and Everything Else

Whether you are approaching your own death, facing the death of a loved-one, or are simply in need of understanding the purpose of this brief and mortal life, you will find in the pages of Easy Death a most extraordinary and unique Help — Real Help, not mere consolation or impermanent philosophy, given in the Wisdom, and in the human Form, of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. For Adi Da was born in and as and from the "Bright" Reality in which there is neither birth nor death, and His entire lifetime has been spent unlocking that Ultimate Condition from limited views of the ego, in order to offer a way for anyone to Realize It directly. His human body has endured and "seen" the entire death process and all the after-death states and has entered into What Is, Beyond all of that. There is no greater Authority on matters of death and ultimate transcendence.

Easy Death

Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun — The ego-Transcending Principle Applied to Exercise and Common Physical Action.

Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun is a manual for those who practice the spiritual Way taught by Adi Da. Through Adi Da's Grace, we know what it is to look, feel, and be completely happy. Conscious exercise is simply a way of practicing this whole bodily happiness under all conditions, without reason. It utilizes the natural laws of body, breath, and attention to realign us, consciously and instantly with the "Transcendental Sun". The disciplines offered in this book include basic ways to stand, sit, walk, and breathe with energy and delight; brief and natural routines of calisthenics, hatha yoga, and surya namaskar; and a basic practice of pranayama, or control of the life-force in breath that can be done at random throughout the day.

new edition forthcoming. A new edition of this book is in development, that will include additional forms of conscious exercise that Adi Da has developed over the years, including "Da Chi Gong" and "Da Fours".

Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun

The Yoga of Right Diet — An Intelligent Approach to Dietary Practice That Supports Communion with the Living Divine Reality.

Comprised of summary Instruction on dietary practice and "radical" healing given by His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj. Includes various early, key Talks—such "Renouncing the Search for the Edible Deity" and "Diet is not the Key to Salvation"—that have been updated to conform to all of Avatar Adi Da’s current language and Instruction.

The Yoga of Right Diet

Green Gorilla — The Searchless Raw Diet.

Avatar Adi Da’s fundamental recommendation relative to diet is the searchless raw (fructo-vegetarian) diet. It is "searchless" in the sense that it is simply lawful management of a body in Communion with the Living Reality, free of the need to use food as a means to solve any kind of problem or seek any kind of ideal in body or mind.

Green Gorilla

The Eating Gorilla Comes in Peace The ego-Transcending Principle Applied to Diet and the Regenerative Discipline of True Health.

You can always trust an eating gorilla. Having found his food, he has put aside all effort and concern for survival. He has surrendered his eccentricities, his obsessive urges, and the tension in his most characteristic qualities. He has become submissive to the ordinary motive and desire that is real hunger, since he is now certain of its satisfaction. He is essentially benign, playful, even lovable. He is simply eating. And he trusts any others who may be present or who may approach, as long as there is sufficient food and they also stop to eat it.

Human beings are not generally "eating gorillas". Food is in doubt. Eating is no ordinary affair of hunger and assured satisfaction. Trust, love, peace, and meditation, the essence of the plainest fare when we are in our natural ease, are now a rare occasion, a private matter, for the gourmets and ascetics who populate our human table. Food is only a ceremony, a link to Life and its Source. When food is in doubt, so also are Life, Truth, and the Divine. Food is a link to Eternal Life. But happiness as Eternal Life depends on our ability to be satisfied, at ease in our relations, surrendered in love, and a sacrifice to Infinity through devotional meditation, or release into the Current of Life to its Source.

new edition forthcoming

The Eating  Gorilla Comes in Peace

The Complete Yoga of Human Emotional-Sexual Life — The Way Beyond Ego-Based Sexuality. My "Reality Consideration" of True Emotional-Sexual "self"-Understanding, Right Sexual Yoga (Both Solitary and with Another), Right Intimate Relationship, and Celibacy — Revealed and Given by Me for the Sake of Everyone.

This book contains a potent summary of Adi Da’s instruction on emotional-sexual matters — including His compassionate instruction on transcending negative sex-patterning, emotional immaturity, and all forms of seeking through sex and relationship. Adi Da calls all to a non-problematic, positive practice that is compatible with the Transcendental Spiritual process of Realization in His company.

The Complete Yoga of Human Emotional-Sexual Life

Always Enact Fidelity To Me — The Foundation Emotional-Sexual Discipline In The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam.

Avatar Adi Da’s Final Wisdom-Instruction on the true Yoga of emotional-sexual life. Adi Da: "I Am the One Who has made it possible for human beings to totally comprehend the emotional-sexual dimension of existence, and to completely transcend egoic reactivity, and to truly grow beyond the ordinary emotional-sexual limitations that the "worldly" mind represents, and (by all of this) to have an altogether — and in Reality — sane life."

Always Enact Fidelity To Me

Love of the Two-Armed Form — The Free and Regenerative Function of Sexuality in Ordinary Life, and the Transcending of Sexuality in True Esoteric Practice.

new edition forthcoming

Love of the Two-Armed Form

I Give You The Gift of One Another — The Call to ego-Transcending Cooperation and the Creation of Authentic Intimate (Local) and Global Community.

Outlines the principles of True (Human Scale) Community in the Way of Adidam. I Give You the Gift of One Another is not only full of extraordinary Wisdom, but also comprehensive in its coverage of all aspects of cooperative community. Included is Instruction on the nature of the ego; practicing in cooperative association; the culture of expectation and inspiration; political ideas; and renunciation. The only book the Dawn Horse Press has published specifically on community.

I Give You the Gift of One Another

4.10. The Stages of Life

The Seven Stages of Life Transcending The Six Stages Of egoic Life, and Realizing The ego-Transcending Seventh Stage Of Life, In The Divine Reality-Way Of Adidam.

The stages of human development from birth to Divine Enlightenment. How the stages relate to physical and esoteric anatomy. The errors of each of the first six stages of life. Avatar Adi Da's Self-Confession as the first, last, and only seventh stage Adept-Realizer.

The Seven Stages of Life

4.11. The Seventh Stage Yoga

The All-Completing and Final Divine Revelation To Mankind A Summary Description Of The Supreme Yoga Of The Seventh Stage Of Life In The Divine Reality-Way Of Adidam.

The ultimate secrets of Divine Enlightenment — including the four-stage process of Divine Enlightenment, culminating in Translation into the Infinitely Love-Blissful Divine Self-Domain.

The All-Completing and Final Divine Revelation To Mankind

The Seventh Way — Readings from The Aletheon—The Practice and The Realization of The Divine Acausal Reality-Principle.

These essays selected from The Aletheon are among Avatar Adi Da's most sublime and profound Utterances. Everything in this book was originally Spoken by Avatar Adi Da, as spontaneous and ecstatic discourse to His devotees — during the final decade (from mid-1995 to mid-2005) of His immense outpouring of Teaching-Instruction. During Avatar Adi Da's Years of Teaching (from 1972 to 2005), He engaged those who approached Him in thousands of hours of such Instructive Discourse. That great period of Instruction spontaneously came to a point of definitive Fullness in 2005, since which time Avatar Adi Da has ceased to engage the mode of Instructing His devotees by Speaking to them in response to their questions.

The Seventh Way

4.12. Simple Explanation of Adidam (for Children and Everyone Else)

What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy — A Simple Explanation of The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam (For Children, and Everyone Else).

A unique Spiritual text for children (of all ages) that leads them through the contemplation of who we are, what we know, what death is, and what true happiness is.

What, Where, When, How, Why and Who To Remember To Be Happy

4.13. Searchless Beholding as the Primary Practice

No Seeking / Mere Beholding — The Always Primary Practice of The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam.

to be published

The Whole Bodily Yoga of Searchless Right Life

4.14. Essential Summary of Adidam

Santosha Adidam — The Essential Summary of The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam.

Avatar Adi Da's extraordinary and comprehensive Instruction on the relationship between the seven stages of life and the "five sheath anatomy" of the human body-mind—including the physical body, the pranic body, the lower brain-mind, the superconscious mind, and the causal body.

Avatar Adi Da examines how the functional, practical, and relational self-disciplines of the Divine Way of Adidam relate to each of the five sheaths and to each of the seven stages of life.

Santosha Adidam

Reality Itself Is the Way — Essays from The Aletheon.

In these nine essays, Adi Da Samraj describes the reasons for His Incarnation in the West and further distinguishes His Way — of the Direct Revelation and Realization of Reality Itself — from all other "seeking-'methods'" found in the Great Tradition. Also included is a potent, and sometimes poetic, consideration of the "Perfect Practice", His irrefutable description of the inherently destructive and "dark" nature of egoity, and His Offering of the Means by which "everyone and everything can be utterly transformed by being turned . . . to Reality Itself".

Reality Itself Is The Way

4.15. "Perfect Knowledge" Reality-Teachings

The Gnosticon — The "Perfect Knowledge" Reality-Teachings
of His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

"The Gnosticon" means "The Book of Knowledge". In The Gnosticon, Avatar Adi Da examines the Transcendentalist Teachings (Teachings about the nature of Consciousness) of the Great Sages — associated with the sixth stage of life — in light of His own Revelation of the Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Way of Adidam.

The Gnosticon

The Lion SutraThe "Perfect Practice" Teachings In The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam.

In The Lion Sutra, Adi Da calls the reader to transcend the "disease of separation and seeking" that is the egoic self, and to "Swoon in Consciousness Itself." This book is the most concise presentation of Adi Da's "Radical" Argument "Seeking and attaining are a Total loss, and loss itself is the Only discovery of gain", and a direct and uncompromising invitation to self-transcendence and Divine Self-Realization.

The Lion Sutra

Notice This The Five Reality Teachings of His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Notice This is a depthful contemplation of "Perfect Knowledge", with Adi Da's "Five Reality-Teachings" as the core structure of the consideration. Over half of the book is never-before-published material, including, notably, Discourses that Adi Da gave to a small gathering of devotees at Tat Sundaram Hermitage in late 1998 and early 1999.

Notice This

The Teaching Manual Of Perfect Summaries The Revelation of The Preliminary "Perfect Knowledge" Teachings of His Divine Presence, The Divine Avataric World-Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

The Teaching Manual Of Perfect Summaries appears as Part Eleven of The Aletheon.

The Teaching Manual Of Perfect Summaries

4.16. Ecstatic "My House" Revelations

The Overnight Revelation of Conscious Light The "My House" Discourses On The Indivisible One of Reality Itself.

to be published

The Whole Bodily Yoga of Searchless Right Life

4.17. Commentary on the Great Tradition

The Basket Of Tolerance — The Perfect Guide To Perfectly Unified Understanding of The One and Great Tradition of Humankind, and of The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam As The Perfect Completing of The One and Great Tradition of Humankind.

The Basket of Tolerance is a summary of the collective wisdom and understanding of humankind.

Avatar Adi Da has revealed that all cultural traditions are actually part of the "common inheritance" or collective treasure of humankind, which He has named "The Great Tradition." To truly understand the human condition, and the history of the various human cultural endeavors (both ordinary and extraordinary), we must see all the traditions within this Great Tradition as a single totality. To serve this understanding, Avatar Adi Da has comprehensively organized works exemplary of these traditions, both written and audio/visual, into a library called "The Basket of Tolerance."

The organizing framework for The Basket of Tolerance is Avatar Adi Da's paradigm of "the Seven Stages of Life". This unique schema is not the product of mere philosophical or intellectual speculation. Rather, this model was developed on the basis of Avatar Adi Da's own spiritual practice and Divine Self-Realization.

This model includes a thorough explanation of the esoteric anatomy and physiology of the higher stages of psycho-physical development as well as a complete phenomenological description of every possible kind of Spiritual experience known to arise in the course of the total process leading to Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization in the context of Avatar Adi Da’s unique Revelation, the seventh stage of life.

Avatar Adi Da says, "If it is embraced in its totality, The Basket of Tolerance should prove itself to be a useful and valuable resource for right study and right understanding of the historical traditions of truly human culture, practical self-discipline, perennial religion, universal religious mysticism, esoteric (but now openly communicated) Spirituality, Transcendental Wisdom, and would-be Most Perfect (or Divine) Enlightenment."

to be published

The Basket Of Tolerance

Nirvanasara — The Essence of the Teaching of Reality in the Realistic Traditions of Buddhism, in the Idealistic Traditions of Advaita Vedanta, and in the Radical World-Teaching of Adidam.

new edition forthcoming


Reality Is All The God There Is — The Single Transcendental Truth Taught by the Great Sages and the Revelation of Reality Itself.

Rather than simply translate the teachings of the dharma of Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism, Adi Da respeaks them, revealing that the Buddhist "Nirvana"; and the Advaitic "Brahman" are the same transcendental condition. His transmissions restore to these texts the profound communication intended by their creators. The great sages proclaimed a state of spiritual realization that exceeded worldly dualism and mystical seeking. Their reality spoke of abiding in a state of consciousness only. Avatar Adi Da revives these declarations and reveals His own description of a Transcendent Reality — the realization of Reality As It Is, free of all forms of the ego.

Reality Is All The God There Is

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