2018 Image-Art Calendar

2018 Divine Image-Art Calendar

In 2008, Adi Da personally directed the development of the first Transcendental Realism calendar of His Divine Image-Art — including its monumental scale, quality of image reproduction, and layout. The calendar has brought great joy and beauty to the home of devotees, Da Plastique public contacts, families and friends for the last nine years.

2018 marks the tenth consecutive year Da Plastique has produced an Image-Art calendar. We are thrilled to announce that the 2018 Transcendental Realism calendar is now at the printer!

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Bhagavan Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi, the 2018 Image-Art calendar features Transcendental Drawings that Adi Da created between 1967 and 1982. All quotations in this calendar are drawn from Adi Da's previously unpublished early journal writings from 1970-1971.

Of His early Transcendental Drawings, Adi Da said:

The process, or disposition, in which I have developed paintings and drawings is a different one than civilized people tend to be in psychologically. It is a process of direct, even sensuous, involvement with what is before me. It is not about looking at and trying to duplicate the appearance of an object. Rather, it is constantly referring to the subject, relating to its form. In some sense, my artwork is like a love relationship in which you are intimately related to another in a unified pleasure-sense and explore all the forms of that person in various ways, randomly and spontaneously. It is a way of dealing with the formal existence of all relations without introducing the sense of separation. It is participatory.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

You can read more about Adi Da's early Transcendental Art here.

Enjoy these Transcendental Drawings throughout the year with this magnificent 2018 calendar! The 2018 Image-Art calendar is an exquisite offering — it will make a treasured holiday gift for your loved ones.

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Price: $108 each (plus shipping, and tax for California residents).
To order: write to Da Plastique Sales on the Matrix (Da_Plastique_Sales@adidam.org).

All hands (and paws) are on deck for order fulfillment!

More Image-Art calendars en route!

Some who have already received the calendar have been
so impressed by its beauty that they ordered more as gifts. . .
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2018 Divine Image-Art Calendar

2018 Divine Image-Art Calendar

2018 Divine Image-Art Calendar

2018 Divine Image-Art Calendar

2018 Divine Image-Art Calendar

The 2018 Image-Art Calendar
can now be ordered from Da Plastique.

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