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Une Introduction à Avatar Adi Da Samrajvideo
poster: Vidéos d'Adi Da
length: 13:37
date added: December 4, 2017
language: French
event speaker: Nick Elias
views: 676; views this month: 45; views this week: 14
[Contains French subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

"Une Introduction à Avatar Adi Da Samraj" ("An introduction to Avatar Adi Da Samraj").

ADI DA: “Je Transcends tous — et J’Inclue tous… Mon Enseignement-Révélation est Offert à chacun — comme Sagesse Universelle et Unique Qui Dépasse les limitations en chacun, sans sélectivité. Je Suis L’Avatar Divin — Transcendant l’Orient et l’Occident”.

La vie humaine d'Avatar Adi Da était une démonstration unique de son Etat illuminé, qu’Il appelle le "Lumineux", la Lumière Consciente qui est la Réalité Elle-Même. De Sa naissance le 3 novembre 1939 à Long Island à New York, à Son décès le 27 novembre 2008, Sa vie est l'histoire de l’Intervention du "Lumineux" dans la sphère humaine.

Au cours de Sa vie, Avatar Adi Da établit une nouvelle et unique possibilité pour la transformation de tous les êtres et du monde lui-même. Sa Révélation est celle de la Réalité Divine, la Condition Antérieure de chacun et de tout.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj a toujours dit que la Voie qu’Il Enseigne est une relation transcendant l'égo, plutôt qu'une technique au service de l'égo. La Voie est fondée sur la reconnaissance et la réponse à Lui. C'est une intuition silencieuse et sans paroles au coeur de l'être - et non pas une question de croyance, d'idées ou de techniques en quête d’épanouissement (matériel ou spirituel). Pour tous ceux qui Lui répondent, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Révèle la Condition Divine Même: l’Amour-Béatitude-Lumière de la Conscience Elle-Même.

Ce film donne un aperçu de la vie et de l'enseignement d'Avatar Adi Da, et est une invitation à entrer en relation Spirituelle avec Lui.

La Condición Perfecta Esvideo
poster: Videos de Adi Da - Español
length: 22:29
date added: December 3, 2017
event date: July 7, 2005
language: Spanish
views: 1039; views this month: 80; views this week: 27
[Contains Spanish subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

Discurso por el Maestro de todo el mundo, Adi Da Samraj.

"La Condición Perfecta Es" ("The Perfect Condition Is") is a video excerpt from an Avataric Discourse given by Adi Da Samraj on July 7, 2005, in Land Bridge Pavilion at The Mountain Of Attention.

Adi Da talks about the presumption of the egoic "separate self" sense that is the root of human suffering. He contrasts this with our actual Position in Truth: the Position of Conscious Light.

This talk is from the first occasion in many years in which Avatar Adi Da spoke directly to a gathering of His devotees in California. Questions from devotees about intimate, familial, and social issues are met with Avatar Adi Da's Compassion and Humor, as well as His Liberating Wisdom.

The complete Avataric Discourse is available on the DVD, Relinquish the Mummery of This World. (This video excerpt is from Part 3 of the DVD.)

At 19:58, a formal Darshan occasion begins (at Adi Da Samrajashram) and continues to the end of this video clip.
Avataric Discourse   DVD   Spanish  
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Ponad seksem, nauką i własnym javideo
poster: Adi Da Video Polska
length: 08:33
date added: December 3, 2017
event date: January 21, 2005
language: Polish
views: 1137; views this month: 88; views this week: 19
[Contains Polish subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

W tym fragmencie rozmowy ze swoimi uczniami Adi Da Samraj mówi o Urzeczywistnieniu i konieczności praktyki duchowej dzięki której mechanizmy emocjonalno-seksualne wzorców, demonstrowane w ludzkim życiu się w formie egotycznego "własnego ja" i społecznego modelu "ja i inni" mogą być poznane, a w Praktyce Doskonałej ulegają transcendencji.

In this Adidam Revelation Discourse from January 21, 2005, Adi Da reveals that Liberation cannot ever be achieved through sex, science, or religion! And He makes the astounding assertion, “Realization has nothing to do with the body-mind.”

Watch this DVD for Adi Da's Instruction on True Freedom, which He says is discovered only in the utter transcending of “point of view”, by means of the Transmission of Reality Itself. "The 'self'-contraction, the 'point of view', the 'point-of-view'-machine and what it presumes to be Reality, the illusions of Reality created by 'point of view' — these are the important matters to be understood. The 'you' to which you refer as 'I', the ego-'I', is a 'point-of-view'-machine. It is subject to the illusions of the cosmic apparition, the illusions that 'point of view' itself is subject to — space-time, mass, and so forth."

The DVD, Beyond Sex, Science, and "self", is available from The Dawn Horse Press. Subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, and Hebrew. A CD version is also available.
Avataric Discourse   DVD   CD   Polish  

Nauczanie Adi Da Samraj jako Jego duchowy przekazvideo
poster: Adi Da Video Polska
length: 17:55
date added: November 26, 2017
event date: January 2016
language: Polish
event speaker: Jonathan Condit
views: 1165; views this month: 86; views this week: 19
[Contains Polish subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

Jonathan Condit był starszym asystentem redakcyjnym Adi Da. Mówi o "funkcji literatury duchowej Adi Da Samraj ", a następnie Adi Da opisuje proces Jego nauczania jako duchowy przekaz Jego osoby. W kolejnym fragmencie nagrania jeden z uczniów Adi Da wspomina jak sam doświadczył duchowego przekazu swojego Mistrza.

This video clip, "Nauczanie Adi Da Samraj jako Jego duchowy przekaz" ("Adi Da's Teaching as Transmission") includes:

  • Commentary from Jonathan Condit (at 0:00)Jonathan Condit was Adi Da's senior editorial assistant, and is Senior Editor for the Adidam Editorial Department. Jonathan talks about "The Function of the Spiritual Literature of Adi Da Samraj", and how Adi Da's Teaching works as Transmission of His Transcendental Spiritual State, and serves the Spiritual Realization of the reader.

  • Excerpt from an Avataric Discourse by Adi Da (at 5:35) — The Discourse is "My Teaching is a Direct Transmission of Me", from October 28, 2005. Adi Da talks about how His Teaching Word is a form of Spiritual Transmission, that enables Divine Communion with Him (if the devotee is in the right devotional disposition), in the same way that a Murti photograph does, or any of the other forms of Agency that Adi Da has created for this purpose.

  • Commentary from Megan Anderson (at 12:44)Megan Anderson is an editor in the Adidam Editorial Department. Megan talks about Adi Da's great, final masterpiece, The Aletheon as the purest communication and Transmission of Adi Da Himself (among all His many, extraordinary books), and describes receiving the Revelation of Adi Da as she was proofreading The Aletheon before its publication.

Adi Da: "My Reality-Teaching is unparalleled Spiritual Transmission, occurring under the most extraordinary circumstances. It is not the product of an ordinary mind or a kind of scholarly commentary. It is a direct expression of Spiritual Transformation, of Spiritual Power, of Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and (necessarily) Divine Being, Consciousness, and Love-Bliss. It does not arise in Me or through Me in any ordinary fashion. It is an utterly spontaneous and Transcendental Spiritual Event."

For more on how to best make use of Adi Da's Teaching, read the article, The Gift of Study. For more on the Transmission associated with the Teaching, visit our section, The Mantric Force of Adi Da's Word and read our section on Adi Da as Spiritual Transmission Master. For more on Adi Da's unique use of the English language, read our article, Transcendental Orthography as a Teaching Device.
Avataric Discourse   Polish  
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poster: Max Rykov
length: 06:09
date added: November 23, 2017
language: English
views: 939; views this month: 45; views this week: 15
A beautiful slideshow of photos of Adi Da Samraj.

Compiled and edited by Max Rykov.

Music is "Invocation", from Ishta Da, an album of original devotional chants by Naamleela Free Jones and Tamarind Free Jones.
music   cd  
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L'Arte di Adi Da Samrajvideo
poster: Video di Adi Da, Canale italiano
length: 14:22
date added: November 19, 2017
language: Italian
views: 926; views this month: 48; views this week: 12
[Contains Italian subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

L'Arte di Adi Da Samraj ("The Art of Adi Da Samraj") is a retrospective of Adi Da's monumental size image-art. It includes clips of Him talking about His work. It also includes slides from various exhibitions and some quotes about Adi Da's art from an art critic, an art historian, and a museum curator.

* Adi Da speaking about "point of view" and "no point of view".
* a piece by Tamarind Free Jones (composer, singer).
* Ray Lynch, Celestial Soda Pop, from Deep Breakfast.
* a piece from the album, Baba Da's Great Tradition Improvisation Fusion Orchestra
* Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
Image-Art   Italian  

Da Hridayamaudio
poster: DawnHorsePress
length: 05:54
date added: November 15, 2017
language: English
listens: 1089; listens this month: 54; listens this week: 16
This audio excerpt is "Da Om, Om Da" — track 5 on the CD, Da Hridayam.

Da Hridayam is a collection of devotional chants from longtime devotee, JoAnne Sunshine. These new chants invoke the Divine via the Names and Declarations of Divine Realizer Avatar Adi Da Samraj. The CD beautifully explores a vast array of cultural styles and instruments. It is uplifting, absorbing, and inventive — a sublime celebration.

"True Water—cool, clear, and surprising."
—Ray Lynch, composer and 3-time Billboard Award winner

JoAnne Sunshine has devoted many years to studying and practicing the art of sacred devotional singing in the company of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. JoAnne has written compositions for Broadway star Laura Theodore, opera singers Crane Kirkbride, Mel McMurrin, and Elizabeth deBrine. Crane Kirkbride commissioned the song “I Am Who You Are”, which was first produced by Ray Lynch and subsequently by John Mackay. She recorded and sang “I Am With You Now” with Ray Lynch, a devotional song familiar to many devotees.
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The Dreaded Gom-Booaudio
poster: TheBeezone
length: 16:15
date added: November 5, 2017
event date: September 9, 1982
language: English
views: 1444; views this month: 73; views this week: 20
"The Dreaded Gom-Boo, or the Imaginary Disease That Religion Seeks to Cure" was the primary talk given by Adi Da at Da Love-Ananda Mahal (in Kauai, Hawaii) during a period of His Work with devotees (September 9, 1982 - February 4, 1983) that focused on renunciation. Many of the talks and essays from this period were included in a book by the same name, The Dreaded Gom-Boo.

This audio begins with a testimonial from one of the devotees who participated in the "Dreaded Gom-Boo" gatherings with Adi Da. The actual talk begins at 1:25.

The focus of this talk is a startling and humorous insight: All religion seeks to cure us of an unreal disease, which Adi Da humorously calls the "Dreaded Gom-Boo". This disease is our constant presumption that we have somehow "fallen from Grace" and are in need of the salvatory "cure" of religious belief.

Adi Da uproots this religious conceit and illusion by confessing (based on His Own Realization) that we are always already present and alive in and as Divine Being. The "good news" of Adi Da's Way is that, in present Communion with the Divine (made available through Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission), we need not seek to be cured, but must only feel, observe, understand, and renounce the very activity of seeking itself, and thus be restored to our native Happiness and Freedom. This insightful, liberating message cuts through thousands of years of religious and mystical dogma and beliefs by revealing a radical spiritual way eminently suited to the needs of modern men and women.

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The Ego's Logic of Cause-and-Effectvideo
poster: DawnHorsePress
length: 02:04
date added: November 3, 2017
event date: October 20, 2004
language: English
views: 1124; views this month: 64; views this week: 18
This is a video excerpt from Adi Da's Avataric Discourse of October 20, 2004, at Adi Da Samrajashram. In this excerpt, Adi Da speaks about the Big Bang theory in the context of the ego’s logic of cause-and-effect, and how egos tend to mistakenly confuse "first cause" with God or Reality.

The full talk is available on the DVD, The Ego's Logic of Cause-and-Effect (nearly four hours long). In this talk, Adi Da points out how the logic of cause-and-effect is operative not only in the conventional religious presumption that the Divine is the Cause of the world, but also in all human historical traditions—from the most ancient astrologically based cultures, to various Western philosophies, to the esoteric traditions that posit a subjective source for phenomena.

The Truth of the matter, Avatar Adi Da Reveals, is this: Everything and everyone that arises is merely an apparent modification of Reality Itself. Reality Itself is always Prior to the universe of conditional beings and things. And, ultimately, the process of Realizing Reality Itself utterly Outshines both the question of cause and the noticing of effects.
Avataric Discourse   DVD  

There Is No Separate Selfvideo
poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 09:29
date added: October 19, 2017
language: English
views: 952; views this month: 42; views this week: 12
In this discourse excerpt, Adi Da addresses the fact that the assumption of a separate self or being, is not really the case. It is, in fact, an illusion — a "lie" that rules our entire life. But based on this assumption, we assume all kinds of limitations, and struggle to get out of our suffering through the very means (our assumption that we are separate) which binds us in the first place. All that does is reinforce the illusion.

At 7:07, there is Darshan of Adi Da, continuing to 9:09.

Music: John Mackay and Matt Nicholson

The full talk is available on the DVD, The Quest for the Historical Self.

This talk is also available on a CD.
Avataric Discourse   Darshan   DVD   CD  

Samadhi at Banyan Bayvideo
poster: Gerald Sheinfeld
length: 05:52
date added: October 15, 2017
language: English
event speaker: Gerald Sheinfeld
views: 1113; views this month: 61; views this week: 19
Gerald Sheinfeld, describing an occasion of Darshan of Adi Da at Banyan Bay, on Naitauba, Fiji, in February, 2005: "Just by Adi Da's Free Presence all sense of separation fell away. The awareness was prior to the act of ego-'I'. The feeling had no separate self-sense to it, it was simply Reality. The Love-Bliss natural state of perfectly free Conscious Being."

Gerald tells many more stories of his life of more than 45 years with Adi Da in his book, At the Feet of the Spiritual Master. Some of these stories are also available in audio form on his downloadable album, At the Feet of the Spiritual Master.
CD   DVD  

Preparing to Go to India with Adi Davideo
poster: Gerald Sheinfeld
length: 05:06
date added: October 15, 2017
language: English
event speaker: Gerald Sheinfeld
views: 757; views this month: 33; views this week: 6
Gerald Sheinfeld tells the story of how Adi Da prepared him to accompany Him on His blessing trip to India in 1973.

Gerald tells many more stories of his life of more than 45 years with Adi Da in his book, At the Feet of the Spiritual Master. Some of these stories are also available in audio form on his downloadable album, At the Feet of the Spiritual Master.
CD   DVD  

Organizing a Book of Stories about Adi Davideo
poster: Gerald Sheinfeld
length: 01:54
date added: October 15, 2017
event date: October 1, 2017
language: English
event speaker: Gerald Sheinfeld
views: 588; views this month: 38; views this week: 11
A short video about how longtime devotee Gerald Sheinfeld organized many stories — from his diary over 40 years in Adi Da's Blessing Company — to create a new book, At the Feet of the Spiritual Master, and a CD with the same title.
CD   DVD  

You Must Not Believe In Mevideo
poster: EvenStar303
length: 15:32
date added: October 8, 2017
event date: December 16, 1978
language: English
views: 427; views this month: 20; views this week: 5
In this talk from December 16, 1978, Adi Da Samraj criticizes cultism and a cultic relationship to Him.

Puja at Da Love-Ananda Mahalvideo
poster: An Hana
length: 09:22
date added: October 8, 2017
event date: September 22, 2015
language: English
views: 442; views this month: 26; views this week: 6
Fire Puja on September 22, 2015 at the Fire Keeper holy site, Da Love-Ananda Mahal.

pujarist: Neeshee Pandit
vocals: Stephan Blas
harmonium: Paul Jones
guitars: Aaron Nakagawa
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