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You Can't Get There From Herevideo
Episode 3 of The Radical Truth Video Series

poster: AdidamVideos
length: 07:36
date added: January 28, 2009
language: English
views: 7419; views this month: 259; views this week: 136
In this discourse, Adi Da Samraj suggests that the Way He offers is not based on this assumption of separate self, but rather identification with that that is transcendent from the body-mind, the Divine Self-Condition.

The devotee asking the question of Adi Da was a former student of Zen Buddhism, so in this discourse Adi Da refers to some metaphors that are part of the Zen Buddhism Tradition.

The excerpt is from the DVD, Human History Is One Great Tradition. Subtitles in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew. A CD version is also available.

This talk excerpt is followed by a clip of Darshan of Adi Da (at 6:21).
Darshan   DVD   CD   Adi   Da   Samraj   Video   Avataric Discourse   Radical Truth Video Series   Spiritual-Master   Happiness   Divine   Self   Transcendence   sixth stage traditions  

The Sunshine Makersvideo
poster: frizz lefryd
length: 07:43
date added: May 8, 2010
language: English
views: 6728; views this month: 208; views this week: 93
One of Adi Da's favorite cartoons, "The Sunshine Makers" is a classic from the golden age of animation. Released on January 11, 1935 (an auspicious day of the year, in the sacred calendar of Adidam), the cartoon was directed by Ted Eshbaugh, the first artist/technician to figure out how to create animated cartoons in color. This restored print is the highest quality available, and is from the DVD, Toddle Tales & Rainbow Parade Cartoons.
cartoon   animation  
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The Grace Of Sufferingvideo
poster: filmco24
length: 07:24
date added: January 28, 2009
event date: 1976
language: English
views: 6432; views this month: 207; views this week: 109
The full talk is available as Volume 2 of the 25th Anniversary DVD Series published by the Dawn Horse Press.

This is a beautiful talk by Adi Da. But it IS very compressed, making quite a few points in a short space, and depending to a significant degree on a familiarity with Adi Da's spiritual teaching. Here are some notes that may help.

Throughout the talk, the technical term, "sadhana" (spiritual practice), is used.

Genuine spiritual practice is not about belief systems, mere rituals, or a little "peace of mind", but rather about actually locating the Divine, through the tangible Transmission of the Spiritual Master.

After a recent illness, a devotee mentions to Adi Da that he notices how the physical suffering of illness was distracting enough that he was not "able" to find Adi Da's Transmission when he is ill.

Adi Da acknowledges this, and responds with three more general points.

1. The illness didn't "make" the devotee lose the thread of practice; rather, he allowed himself to be distracted from God by the illness. When the devotee gets this, and sees how he himself is "doing" the turning away, he'll be able to "do better next time" by not turning away even when ill.

2. Until Divine Enlightenment — in other words, until there is no limit on one's spiritual practice — sadhana (spiritual practice) is always only reflecting back to devotees the remaining limits in their practice: where they are still turning away from the Divine, where they still need to become responsible for not turning away.

In the beginning, the "turning away" is very "crude": even mere physical suffering is enough to distract one from God. (If we find ourselves saying, "what do you mean, MERE physical suffering?" that definitely identifies us as spiritual beginners! :-) ) But as one grows in practice, and ceases to turn away in such a crude manner (as one becomes a "saint", "yogi", "sage", etc.), one discovers that one is still turning from the Divine at an even subtler level of the being (in the mind, the psyche, etc.)

It is only when that "turning away" has been inspected, understood, and transcended in every dimension of the being that Divine Realization occurs.

In this sense, for the genuine spiritual practitioner, physical suffering — along with every other circumstance that reveals to us our turning away from the Divine — is truly a Grace, enabling us to grow in our practice.

3. Where we are turning away is a reflection of what we are identifying with: the body, the mind, the soul, etc. (For example, if physical illness is enough to distract us from God, then the physical body is what we currently are identified with.) God-Realization only occurs when all "identities" less than God are understood and transcended.

In this sense, "there are no winners in God" — the Way is not about seeking, accomplishment, or winning, but rather about surrender to God, sacrifice of self, and ego-death. There's no "one" left to "win"! But the One Who Remains is perfectly, eternally happy.
suffering   Divine   DVD  

The Essence Of The Way Of Adidamvideo
Episode 5 of The Radical Truth Video Series

poster: AdidamVideos
length: 08:49
date added: January 28, 2009
language: English
views: 5805; views this month: 184; views this week: 98
Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj discusses the unattainability of Divine Self-Realization by effort of the individual body-mind, and the necessity of Grace, by which an individual is able to spontaneously respond to His Free Gift.

This talk excerpt is followed by a clip of Darshan of Adi Da (at 6:48).
Darshan   Radical Truth Video Series   grace   seeking   ego   method   divine   techniques   thinking   heart   communion   reality   devotion  

Give the ego gone to Mevideo
poster: jef108
length: 03:01
date added: January 27, 2009
event date: July 10, 2005
language: English
views: 6167; views this month: 166; views this week: 87
Darshan of Adi Da, as He sits at three locations at The Mountain Of Attention (the second is in front of Ordeal Bath Lodge; the third is at The Manner Of Flowers).

Give the ego gone to Me.
Find out My Self-of-Radiance,
Which Is All-Love-As-Bliss.
Let the ego be Un-Happened—
ego   egoless   Divine   Darshan   shaktipath   bliss   god   siddha   guru   silent blessing   spirituality   beauty   poetry  

The Brightvideo
poster: Chandirah
length: 06:27
date added: January 28, 2009
language: English
views: 4931; views this month: 151; views this week: 75
A beautiful compilation, with photographs and Darshan video footage of Adi Da Samraj. The Darshan occasion is at The Mountain Of Attention in the summer of 2005. The photos are from Adi Da's early years and from the 1970's.

Music: "The Only Living Boy in New York" is from Simon and Garfunkel, Bridge over Troubled Water.
Darshan   Guru   Spiritual   Bliss   Biography   Satsang   Meditation   New York   Love   Healing   Energy  

The Five Reality-Teachingsvideo
poster: 2012spirit
length: 06:26
date added: July 3, 2010
language: English
views: 9176; views this month: 133; views this week: 67
One of the core practices of The Transcendental Spiritual Way of Adidam in relationship with His Divine Presence Adi Da Samraj. Part of "The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries", in Part 11 of The Aletheon. The musical recitation appears on the CD, The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries.
Reality-Teachings   The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries   Aletheon   CD  

Sacred Offering: a Celebration of Music and Art, to benefit Naitauba, Fiji: July 17, 2010video
poster: FacingEast108
length: 03:01
date added: May 21, 2010
language: English
views: 7025; views this month: 130; views this week: 56
A special benefit concert to provide relief for Naitauba, Fiji, after the recent devastating cyclone.

Saturday July 17th, 2010 7-9:30 pm
St. John's Presbyterian Church
2727 College Avenue
Berkeley, California

Featuring the Facing East group, with John Wubbenhorst (bansuri), Steve Zerlin (bass), Rishabh Dhar (packhawaj), Kit Walker (keyboards), and Samrat Kakkeri (tabla). Also music from Adi Da's daughter, Tamarind Free Jones (vocal), and a performance by Peter van Gelder (sitar) and Tim Witter (tabla).

There will also be a showing of the Divine Image-Art of Adi Da Samraj, accompanied by group improvisations from the musicians.
Facing East   Image-Art   John Wubbenhorst   Steve Zerlin   Rishabh Dhar   Kit Walker   Tamarind Free Jones   Peter van Gelder  

Enter Into Unlimited Profundityvideo
poster: AdidamRevelationMagazine
length: 09:43
date added: August 25, 2010
event date: October 6, 2005
language: English
views: 5531; views this month: 127; views this week: 58
In this occasion at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary from October 6, 2005 (the last time Adi Da spoke formally, in response to a devotee's question about practice), a longtime devotee, Cheech Marreo, who recently has had an automobile accident, asks Avatar Adi Da a question about the role of karma in his life and practice. Adi Da, in turn, points to something even more fundamental than the universal law of cause and effect. He also clarifies that the old saying, "through suffering comes wisdom", is just not true. If it were it so, He asserts with amusement, then everyone would be wise — because everyone suffers. Mere suffering makes no difference, unless there is availability to Reality.

This video excerpt is from the DVD, Enter Into Unlimited Profundity, which is available from The Dawn Horse Press. Subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, and Hebrew. There is also an associated Adidam Revelation Magazine article, and a CD version is also available.
Cheech Marerro   karma   Avataric Discourse   CD   DVD  

The Divine Mahasamadhi of Adi Da Samrajaudio
podcast 13 of The Radical Truth Audio Series

poster: AdidamPodcasts
length: 23:52
date added: October 4, 2010
event date: 2008
language: English
listens: 5757; listens this month: 124; listens this week: 60
On November 27, 2008, Adi Da Samraj passed from His body in His Hermitage Sanctuary in Fiji. This extended podcast includes:

* a chronicle of His passing;

* 8:37: an audio excerpt from a talk Adi Da gave in 1995, in which He spoke about His physical death and the continuation of His spiritual and world work;

* 16:43: continuation of the chronicle of His passing. Interviews with devotees who made the pilgrimage to Naitauba shortly after Adi Da's passing.

For much more about Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi, visit our section, Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi and Adi Da in Perpetuity.
Radical Truth Audio Series   mahasamadhi  

Sacred Music and Art Offering in Berkeley: July 17, 2010video
poster: FacingEast108
length: 03:18
date added: July 2, 2010
event date: July 17, 2010
language: English
views: 5929; views this month: 122; views this week: 53
Facing East Productions and Adidam Bay Area Present a Sacred Offering - A Celebration of Music & Art to benefit Naitauba, Fiji for Hurricane Relief. July 17, 2010 at St. John's Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, CA @ 7:15pm.

For advance tickets and more info click here.

For three days in mid-March, 2010, Adi Da Samrajashram (the sacred island of Naitauba) and many neighboring islands in Fiji were battered by Cyclone Tomas, a category 4 storm. After 27 hours we emerged from shelter to a scene of staggering destruction. We urgently need your help!

For more info, or to donate, click here.

Naitauba Island is the Hermitage Sanctuary of His Divine Presence Adi Da Samraj, spiritually empowered by Him, as the primary place from where His Divine Blessing flows perpetually to the world. For 25 years, Adi Da worked to establish the island of Naitauba as a unique esoteric and ecological treasure. Adi Da Samrajashram is devoted to the principles of green living, sustainable energy, cooperation, tolerance, and peace, and Adi Da's devotees and the local Fijian and Indian staff live together harmoniously, serving and protecting the sacred environment of the island. It is a uniquely pure and untouched sanctuary in the world today.
Naitauba Hurricane Relief   Cyclone Tomas   Sacred Offering   Berkeley   Tamarind Free Jones   John Wubbenhorst  

True Human Exchangevideo
poster: globalpeacecentral
length: 01:03
date added: February 13, 2009
language: English
views: 5471; views this month: 120; views this week: 40
The Working Presumption of Prior Unity, is the right and true context for all human exchange.

Wisdom from Adi Da's book, Not-Two Is Peace.
truth   Adi Da   love   peace   bliss   joy   meditation   unity   prior unity   world friend   beloved   not two is peace   oneness   abundance   world   enlightment  

The Celebration of Light-In-Everybodyvideo
poster: globalpeacecentral
length: 02:55
date added: May 16, 2009
language: English
views: 4598; views this month: 114; views this week: 37
Excerpts from Adi Da's book, Not-Two Is Peace about the Celebration of "Light-In-Everybody". Music by Ray Lynch.
Peace   love   unity   prior unity   oneness   adi da   world   not two is peace   ray lynch   light-in-everybody   danavira  
comments: 1

Confessional Poems of Liberation and Loveaudio
podcast 14 of The Radical Truth Audio Series

poster: AdidamPodcasts
length: 20:50
date added: October 5, 2010
event date: 1976
language: English
listens: 7576; listens this month: 114; listens this week: 48
Adi Da Samraj communicates his "Bright" Realization and the purpose of His liberating work through poems He wrote between 1971 and 1976, published in the book, Crazy Da Must Sing.

On August 12, 1982 (two weeks after writing the last poem), Adi Da read aloud the collected poems from Crazy Da Must Sing to a group of His devotees in a single session. His recitations of some of those poems are included in this podcast. A recording of the entire occasion (with His reading of all the poems) is available on this CD from the Dawn Horse Press.
Radical Truth Audio Series   poem   poetry   Crazy Da Must Sing   CD  

Love of the God-Manvideo
poster: jonobono
length: 09:29
date added: February 1, 2009
event date: October 10, 1983
language: English
views: 3013; views this month: 113; views this week: 63
Talk given by Adi Da on October 10, 1983, in which He makes clear that only ego-transcending responsive devotion to the Real-God-Man relieves the heart of the ego's "self"-created "purgatory" of separation, separativeness, and unlove.

a CD of the talk is available here.

Adi Da: "What is supremely attractive in the conditionally manifested universe and in the human "world" is the Real-God-Man. All beings, male or female, must become Attracted, Distracted by That One. This is the Ultimate Means, the Supreme Means, the Supreme Yoga. It is for this reason that the Divine Appears in manifested form in the likeness of those beings who are to be Drawn out of bondage — but only in their likeness. . . Those who become capable of recognizing That One become capable of responding to That Attraction. And those who become capable of being Distracted by That One become participants in this Supreme Way, Which is truly the Way of Divine Avataric Grace, because it requires no effort. It requires nothing but My Divine Avataric Grace and the response to it."
Adi Da Samraj  
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