Beyond Sex, Science, and self (video)

Beyond Sex, Science, and self   Adi Da: "Sex is fundamental ego-identity, lived. And generally speaking, it is a problem for everyone. . . The social pattern of 'self' and 'other' is founded upon emotional-sexual patterning to a very great degree. . . So it certainly is an important dimension of bondage, and therefore an important aspect of sadhana. The Perfect Practice is not based on any reference to the body-mind, or any method of the body-mind."

In this Avataric Discourse (from January 21, 2005), Adi Da explains why the Perfect Practice (the most advanced development of the Way of Adidam) has nothing to do with sex (or the ego-"I" altogether), and is not a "method" of the body-mind or something to be applied to the body-mind. The Self-Condition prior to the body-mind is the domain of the Perfect Practice. The Self-Condition is not a separate "self", but the Nirvanic Condition that is always already the case, and that inherently transcends the body-mind.

This excerpt is from the DVD, Beyond Sex, Science, and self. Subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, and Hebrew. A CD version is also available.

Avataric Discourses. From mid-2004 to early 2006, Avatar Adi Da offered a unique series of Discourses, broadcast live over the Internet to His devotees worldwide. During these occasions, Avatar Adi Da answered questions from those present in the room with Him, but also from devotees all over the world via speakerphone. As He had always done, even from the beginning of His Teaching Work, Avatar Adi Da addressed each devotee personally, but was also Instructing all beings, in all times and places. Many of these Discourses are available as DVDs and CDs from The Dawn Horse Press.
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Event Date: January 21, 2005
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