Guru jest stabilną stałą w życiowych wzlotach i upadkach (video)

Guru jest stabilną stałą w życiowych wzlotach i upadkach   [Contains Polish subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

This video clip, "Guru jest stabilną stałą w życiowych wzlotach i upadkach" ("The Relationship To The Guru Is The Constant In Life") is an excerpt from the DVD, The Relationship To The Guru Is The Constant In Life.

By tendency, people are bound to the natural cycle of ups and downs. Neither bodily pleasures nor spiritual pursuits result in True Freedom from this constant phasing. One path merely accentuates the descending (or bodily) experiences and the other, the ascending (or subtle) experiences.

In this Discourse, Avatar Adi Da reveals with absolute clarity how the relationship with the Guru gives freedom from this trap—because the Guru is the Manifestation of the Condition that is Prior to this mechanical cycling, not part of it.

Watching this DVD will transport viewers to a special moment in Adidam history. July 29, 1973, was the day Avatar Adi Da left Los Angeles for a Yajna (sacred journey) through India and Nepal. He returned as “Bubba Free John”, His first spontaneously revealed Teaching-Name. Thus, this was the last Discourse He gave as “Franklin Jones” (Avatar Adi Da’s birth name).

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Event Date: July 29, 1973
Language: Polish
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