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Video: Adidamin Polun Ydin

Adidamin Polun Ydin   [Contains Finnish subtitles. If the CC icon ("Subtitles/closed captions") has a red line under it, the subtitles should appear. If you don't see them, just press the CC icon to turn them on.]

Avatar Adi Da Samrajin Antama Puhe\N12. huhtikuuta 2004.

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"Adidamin Polun Ydin" ("The Essence of the Way of Adidam") is an excerpt from an Avataric Discourse given by Adi Da at Adi Da Samrajashram on April 12, 2004.

Adi Da describes why conventional religious and spiritual approaches fail to fully realize the Divine. He then summarizes, in a simple way, the practice He offers: the Reality-Way of Adidam.

Avataric Discourses. From mid-2004 to early 2006, Avatar Adi Da offered a unique series of Discourses, broadcast live over the Internet to His devotees worldwide. During these occasions, Avatar Adi Da answered questions from those present in the room with Him, but also from devotees all over the world via speakerphone. As He had always done, even from the beginning of His Teaching Work, Avatar Adi Da addressed each devotee personally, but was also Instructing all beings, in all times and places. Many of these Discourses are available as DVDs and CDs from The Dawn Horse Press.

Finnish audio/video channel. In addition to watching the videos in our Finnish channel, you can also read our free introductory book, Adi Da ja Adidam, and visit our Adidam Finland Facebook page.
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Event Date: April 12, 2004
Language: Finnish
Avataric Discourse   Finnish  

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