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Audio: A Grande Confissão

A Grande Confissão   [In Portuguese.]

In this audio clip, Ligia Costa recites "A Grande Confissão" ("The Great Confession"), which she translated into Portuguese.

Avatar Adi Da wrote The Great Confession, and gave it to devotees for their devotional use, on September 27, 1978. It has appeared in such publications as Compulsory Dancing and Forehead, Breath, and Smile, and includes the great, seventh stage Revelation: "There is neither one God, nor many Gods. There is only God."

Portuguese clips. For more clips in Portuguese or with Portuguese subtitles, click here.
Poster: Lígia Costa   Post Date: August 4, 2017
Length: 09:30   Views: 516   Views This Month: 59   Views This Week: 27
Event Speaker: Ligia Costa
Language: Portuguese

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