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An Introduction to Avatar Adi Da Samrajvideo
part 1 of Reality, Truth and Conscious Light

poster: AdiDaVideos
length: 13:37
date added: June 2, 2016
language: English
Adi Da's entire human lifetime was a unique demonstration of His Eternal Form — the State He calls the "Bright", the Conscious Light that is Reality Itself.

From His birth on November 3, 1939 on Long Island in New York, to His passing from the body on November 27, 2008, on the Island of Naitauba, Fiji, His Life is the story of the Intervention of the "Bright" in human time.

The fruits of Avatar Adi Da's Lifetime are the establishment of a new and unique possibility for the transformation of all beings and the world itself. His Revelation is of the Divine Reality, which is always Shining — like the sun — as the Prior Condition of every one and every thing.

Adi Da has always said that the Way He Teaches is an ego-transcending relationship, rather than an ego-serving technique. The Way is founded on devotional recognition and response to Him. It is a silent, wordless intuition in the heart of one’s being—not a matter of mere belief, ideas, or techniques to seek for fulfillment (whether material or spiritual). To all who respond to Him with devotion and self-discipline, Adi Da Reveals the Very Divine Condition—the Love-Bliss-Light of Consciousness Itself.

This video provides a brief overview of Avatar Adi Da's life and work, and is an invitation to enter into Spiritual relationship to Him for the sake of Divine Realization.

Adi Da: "I Demonstrate Totality to here. I Reveal Reality Itself, Which Is Divine in Its Totality—not fractioned by humankind, not changed or limited by humankind. I Function in an egoless Transcendental Spiritual (and, Thus, Super-normal) Manner. I am not here limited as a gross (physical) phenomenon. When I am Really 'Located', My Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission is literal and undeniable. My Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission Is the 'Proof' that Reality—and the 'world' altogether—is of an entirely different Nature than people otherwise suppose."

Sacred Sightingvideo
part 4 of Reality, Truth and Conscious Light

poster: Wisdom Tools for Humanity
length: 03:03
date added: March 18, 2017
event date: June 2, 2008
language: English
A simple, potent, silent occasion in which Adi Da sits with His devotees (on June 2, 2008 at Adi Da Samrajashram) and communicates His Divine State.

The True Nature of Realityvideo
part 3 of Reality, Truth and Conscious Light

poster: Wisdom Tools for Humanity
speaker: Nick Elias
length: 03:12
date added: March 18, 2017
language: English
In this excerpt from the film, "Reality, Truth and Conscious Light", Adi Da describes Reality from the "point of view" of Conscious Light. (The excerpt includes a clip of Adi Da speaking, from an Avataric Discourse on November 11, 2005. A longer excerpt can be watched here.)

The complete film, "Reality, Truth, and Conscious Light" can be viewed at our "Reality, Truth, and Conscious Light" introductory events, held worldwide. Click here to locate an event near you.

Narrator: Nick Elias
Avataric Discourse  

Why One Needs A Teachervideo
part 2 of Reality, Truth and Conscious Light

poster: Wisdom Tools for Humanity
length: 07:03
date added: March 18, 2017
event date: December 27, 1988
language: English
In this video clip from the 1988 talk, "What Is Your Intention?", Adi Da criticizes the "do-it-yourself" approach to spirituality that is popular in the world today, and speaks about why a teacher is necessary.

The full talk is available on the DVD, The Commitment To Real-God-Realization.

For more on this subject, read our article, Why Great Spiritual Realization Requires a Spiritual Transmission Master.

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