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A FREE Two-Day Retreat in Auckland, New Zealand, March, 2018

9:30am, Saturday, March 10 - 5:00pm, Sunday, March 11, 2018
Place: Adidam Centre, 12 Seibel Road, Henderson Valley, Auckland
Presented by: Adidam New Zealand
Cost: FREE
Online registration: click here
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Retreat Overview

What Is Happiness?

The fundamental human urge and need is not food, sex, power, "things", or even physical survival. The fundamental human urge and need is happiness — but not in the mere "satisfaction-of-self" sense. The fundamental human urge and need is ecstasy.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

We are very excited to tell you about a free* two-day retreat called "What is Happiness?", being held on 16 acres peacefully nestled in the Waitakere foothills of West Auckland.

The retreat will be an in-depth and personal consideration about happiness, based on the wisdom of Adi Da Samraj, including excerpts and video footage from Adi Da's talk, "The Bodily Location of Happiness".

The schedule includes guided meditation, yoga lessons, video presentations, group considerations, personal stories, contemplative walks on the beautiful grounds, and delicious vegetarian meals.

This retreat is designed for and offered to people who are new to Adi Da's Teaching. Please tell your friends!

Saturday March 10th, 9:30am to Sunday March 11th, 5:00pm
At the Adidam Centre, 12 Seibel Road, Henderson Valley, Auckland 0614

To register and for more information please contact nz@adidam.org or phone (09) 838-9114, or register online at www.whereishappiness.org. You will be sent payment instructions for the meal fee.

Spaces are limited so please register now!

*Free retreat -- The retreat programme and Saturday night accommodation are free. Please note there is a $40 meal fee, payable on registration and refundable before February 17th. After that there is no return of your deposit.

Retreat Location: The Adidam Auckland Ashram

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Adidam Auckland Ashram
Sign at the entrance to the Ashram grounds

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Devotees circumbulating the Ashram grounds, doing a purification puja

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Ashram sheep

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Ashram sheep enjoying the early morning sun

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Ashram grounds

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Ashram grounds

Adidam Auckland Ashram
A kereru (New Zealand pigeon) in a kowhai tree on the Ashram grounds

Adidam Auckland Ashram
flowers on the Ashram grounds

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Valley leading from the lower part of the Adidam Centre up to the Fire Site

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Torch at begnning of path to Fire Site.
Orange fire at the Fire Site is seen in the distance through the trees,
beyond six other torches.

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Devotees performing a fire puja at the Fire Site

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Avatar Adi Da's Chair at the Fire Site

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Ashram grounds

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Ashram grounds

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Lilues in the upper pond of the Ashram grounds

Adidam Auckland Ashram
devotees serving the Ashram grounds

Adidam Auckland Ashram
The Retreat Centre (left) includes the Retreat Cottage
(accommodation and meeting room).
First Sight Temple (right) houses
the communion hall / seminar room and the bookstore.

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Retreat Cottage with Murti of Avatar Adi Da out front

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Relaxing in the bookstore

Adidam Auckland Ashram
In First Sight Temple, before a Murti of Avatar Adi Da

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Devotees gathered in First Sight Temple

Adidam Auckland Ashram
Candles and flowers in First Sight Temple


Retreat Testimonials

Yi Wen Hsia: "It brought me clarity in my questions and clarified my path and what moves me. It moved me deeply and effected me strongly. It helped taking a much deeper look at myself. I very much like to learn about it and am open for it."

Iren Winterkorn: "Brought peace and awareness and understand ego as activity."

Ciska Janssen: "Despite the fact that I dont understand things it has brought me more understanding and insight. This sounds paradoxical, but this is the way I feel it. Letting go has become more important, but difficult."

Kees van Ekeren: "Brought peace, relaxation, emptiness and giving. I have gotten to know interesting and nice people that I otherwise would have never met. Beautiful surroundings and a new source of philosophical information."

Shiva Najaf Nejad: "This retreat gave me an answer to what happiness means to me. I am happy and can allow myself to feel this more in my whole body."

Jeff van Haarlem: "It has brought me in contact (relationship) with Adi Da Samraj in a very nice, beautiful and penetrating way. And with nice and wonderful people."

Monique Marten: "It was a very nice group of people both participants and hosts. I felt that all people and opinions where respected and that made me feel save to express myself. Everything was very nicely and lovingly served, including food, the rooms etc. The energy was very nice. In that sense I feel invited to come again. It was an acknowledgment and recognition for what is important for me. From a new angle, but in essence the same. Feeling of enrichment and gratitude."

Soraya: "It led me to seeing things from a different angle. It showed me that more people than I thought of are having a warm and open heart as I do. It made me think of ways Im doing in my live that prevent myself from being happy. Gave me some rest."

Mariso Acchiardo: "I always like the Teaching of Adi Da and this was the first time I could discuss this with other people that were interested in the same subjects and teachings. I really enjoy this and loved the interaction with the guides. Had many deep insights throughout the whole weekend, many tools to take home. And I am really looking forward to go home and implement this teaching in my daily live. Thank you so much. Timo Jansen: I felt a big pull to come and check out your school and its teachings. I am very happy I did. Thank you so much for having us. It is amazing to be here and experience Adi Das legacy. You are all very open and giving."


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