I Am With You Now

words by Adi Da
music composed by JoAnne Sunshine and produced by Ray Lynch
My promise to devotees is the same that all the Siddhas have declared:

I am with you now as I have always been. And I will always be with you.

My Function is without beginning or end. The work I do in my psycho-physical form is temporary. it is done in order to re-awaken The Way itself. Therefore, my human life is only a moment. But the purpose of my work while alive is to establish The Way of Understanding in Satsang for the coming generations of mankind. And the special inheritance of my devotees will be the Community, the Teaching, and the Living Places I will create and reserve among you.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, October 18, 1973

Devotee refrain: Our hearts are filled with Grace, forever surrendered.
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