He Felt the Divine Avatar Singing Him

improvisational raga singer Ram Krishna Das singing to Adi Da
Sacred Offering, Adi Da Samrajashram, November 3, 2008

During the most happy period of high Celebration on Naitauba of the 25th anniversary of Naitauba Padavara and of Beloved Adi Da’s 69th Jayanthi [birthday], an exceptional musician from India, Ram Krishna Das, has been singing ecstatically to the Supreme Avatar almost every day. Ram Krishna Das has been pouring out his devotion to the Great One with his beautiful, open, full-throated, whole bodily singing. Whether he sang classical ragas, or ecstatic Bhajans and folk songs, the result was always the same — a thrilling outpouring of ecstatic devotion and a deeply contemplative Sacred Musical Occasion.

The opportunity to sing for Bhagavan Adi Da has enabled Ram Krishna Das to manifest a very spontaneous expression in his singing, for he has felt the Divine Avatar singing him. He often felt amazed by how his own vocal capacities came forward during occasions of Darshan. For example, one of the ragas he sang for Bhagavan Adi Da’s Jayanthi was one he had not practiced for ten years. He was simply spontaneously moved to sing it to the Divine Avatar. Ram Krishna Das remembered his music guru instructing him in this raga years ago, and it suddenly came completely to life as he was singing it.

Ram Krishna Das has been repeatedly praising Bhagavan’s extraordinary Sign and Supernormal Powers. His devotional relationship to Indian saints and true Gurus is very much alive and fully expressed in his relationship with Bhagavan Adi Da. He has been very responsive and sensitive to the Divine Avatar, full of praise for Him and His Gifts of Grace.

This exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable musician has been demonstrating a lively interest in learning about Bhagavan Adi Da and has been studying The Knee of Listening while on Naitauba. He readily understood many of the key principles of the Divine Avatar’s Teaching Word.

Ram Krishna Das was also very impressed with the Island of Naitauba and expressed over and over again how it was the perfect place to do Spiritual sadhana. He won the hearts of devotees with his most happy, responsive, humble, and engaging manner. For example, his whole disposition was to constantly deflect the praise of his music to others — to Bhagavan Adi Da and to the other musicians. He also constantly communicates the disposition of gratitude and service with effusive enthusiasm. And he impresses everybody with his tolerance and generous spirit. Every day he fully embraces any musician who expresses a desire to play with him and happily shares his extensive and often rare musical knowledge with the other musicians on the island.

Ram Krishna Das has pleased the Divine Avatar so much with his devotional singing that he received an open invitation to return to Naitauba as often as he could.

Adi Da receiving Ram Krishna Das's musical offering
Adi Da Samrajashram, November 3, 2008


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