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"Dead Gurus Can't Kick Ass"

Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Adi Da Samraj

Question: Does Adi Da's famous saying apply to Him, now that He is no longer alive?

Brief answer: Adi Da's saying epitomized His Work with devotees during the "Teaching Years". But from 1986 on, it became increasingly clear to Him that "kicking the ass" of His devotees — in other words, submitting to work with His devotees one-on-one in every possible way: being their friend, humanly loving them, answering their questions, reflecting them to themselves, granting them Spiritual experiences of every kind, persuading them to practice, shouting at their lack of practice, etc. — was fruitless for serving actual growth in the seventh stage Way He was offering. (It might have made a difference in the context of a lesser Way, but not in the Way of Adidam.) It became clear to Him that the only thing that worked was for devotees to submit to Adi Da, through recognition of Him as the Divine, and response to Him on that basis. In other words, in the Divine Way of Adidam, the Guru's Divine Revelation and Transmission is always available and sufficient for growth, and ultimately, Divine Realization. But actual growth in the Way depends entirely on the individual devotee's recognition of the Guru as the Divine, and response to Him on that basis — and not on the Guru "kicking ass". So whether or not Adi Da can "kick ass" at this point is completely besides the point.

Soon after Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi in November, 2008, the question, "Does Adi Da's famous saying — 'Dead Gurus can't kick ass!' — apply to Him, now that He is no longer alive?", was raised on many websites. I suppose it was only natural, given how well-known Adi Da's saying had become, over the years! Those raising the question were passingly aware of Adi Da (and this early saying of His), but were not intimately familiar with the entire course of His Work with devotees, from 1972 to 2008 — and so they were not aware that Adi Da had abandoned the "Teaching Years" modality of interacting with His devotees many years before His death (and along with it, that phrase which epitomized the Work of His "Teaching Years", but not His later Work). This article clarifies the context in which Adi Da's famous saying was originally used, as well as the major changes in His Work since that early time.

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1. "Dead Gurus": Mythical Gurus vs. Spiritual Transmission Masters

In His original talk on the subject, Adi Da made clear that the primary target of the phrase, "dead gurus", was belief-based religions and mythical gurus:

Even if you believe in one who is no longer alive in human form, you cannot provide the necessary, living means for this meditation. Truth must come in living form, usually in the human vehicle of the Guru. Spiritual life involves this marvelous process, this Siddhi, this Satsang. If this Siddhi, or living spiritual process, is not activated, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference what exotic or humble spiritual methods you apply to yourself, for they will always be of the same nature. They will always amount to a form of this contraction. All your remedial methods, all your beliefs, all remedial paths, all conventional and consoling religions, all merely strategic religious and spiritual methods, are extensions of this contraction. Truth Itself must become the process of life. Truth must communicate Itself. Truth must generate conditions in life, make demands, restoring the conscious participation of the individual.

Dead Gurus can't kick ass!

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"One-'Point'-edness", The Method of the Siddhas

There are two points implied here:

  • Belief in a mythical Guru won't save or liberate me.

  • I can't be my own Guru. I (as "self") can't liberate myself. Realization requires an actual relationship with a Spiritual Transmission Master: one who has already Realized that which transcends "self" and who is capable of Transmitting that Realization to others. By virtue of that devotional relationship, I am able to surrender "self", and commune with, and ultimately Realize (through contemplating the Master's State, which He or She transmits to the devotee), that which transcends "self".

So belief in a mythical Jesus won't get me into Heaven, and belief in a mythical Guatama Buddha won't enable me to realize Nirvana. A relationship with a real Spiritual Transmission Master (alive in human form or not) and profound practice on that basis is required. But most Christians do not speak about Jesus as their "Spiritual Transmission Master", giving details of their growth in practice and Realization via contemplation of that Presence and his Spiritual Transmission. Instead, if they do talk about a "personal relationship with Jesus" their descriptions more closely resemble a child talking about an imaginary friend: a lot of subjectivity and generalities ("I know he loves me and is always there for me", etc.) but little tangible detail.

So the intended target of Adi Da's phrase, "dead Gurus", was just such mythical Gurus with whom one has an essentially imaginary relationship. Often this is further compounded by an abdication of personal responsibility — for example, the belief that Jesus' sacrifice of himself (on the cross) will vicariously substitute for my needing to sacrifice my "self" in order to realize anything great Spiritually.

Of course, if one could actually Spiritually locate the real Jesus (if he did indeed exist), and enter into relationship with him as Spiritual Transmitter, that would be a very different story! (Same thing with Guatama Buddha.) And indeed, the accounts of certain Christian saints throughout history (Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, etc.) are very different from those of the average Christian believer. They look a lot more like descriptions of what Adi Da calls fourth to fifth stage Realizers: people who are receiving, responding to, and being Spiritually grown by, a genuine Spiritual Transmission.

So the primary import of Adi Da's phrase, "Dead Gurus can't kick ass" is not really whether the Guru is humanly "dead" or "alive", but whether the Guru is still functioning as Spiritual Transmitter, and whether a person is in relationship with such a genuine and ongoing source of Spiritual Transmission. (Adi Da was served in just such a way by the no longer living Spiritual Master, Bhagavan Nityananda.) The real issue is whether such a genuine Spiritual Transmission is alive in (and as) them (as it is in many saints and yogis), or "dead", replaced by beliefs and imagination.

No Transmission comes directly from Jesus now. The link with Jesus through Baptized devotees has been broken. But many other Adepts appeared before Jesus and after Jesus, and they too have come and gone. Some precincts may exist within the Great Tradition here and there where this true spirituality is still alive — it is alive in My Company.

Dead Gurus can't kick ass!

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"A Birthday Message From Jesus and Me", The Fire Gospel

2. "Dead" Gurus That Are Still Alive: Spiritual Transmission and Agency

What the human Spiritual Transmission Master accomplishes, while alive, has a lot to do with whether the Guru's Transmission will be accessible after His or Her human lifetime. For this reason, much of Adi Da's Work from 1972 through 2008 was devoted to creating the means that would enable His Transcendental Spiritual Transmission to be accessible to (and locatable by) all beings in perpetuity, long beyond His human lifetime. He referred to such means as "Agency" and "Instrumentality". Not long before His Divine Mahasamadhi, Adi Da gave this communication:

The Source must be extended by Agency and Instrumentality beyond My physical Lifetime. That is, all of My Gifts — My Teaching, My Image-Art, all of the Empowered Sanctuaries, and the renunciate orders. It must include there being fully seventh-stage-functioning devotees — sannyasins, and, optimally, lay renunciates similarly, coordinated with the sannyasins. And then everything that I am purposed to bring to here will have its vehicle. Then, this physical Body is no longer necessary — not in any absolute sense necessary — because what It had to transfer into this world will have been done.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, February 26, 2008

During His human lifetime, Adi Da created and developed many of these elements. It is now the joyful responsibility of His devotees to manifest the remaining elements that serve the accessibility of His Transcendental Spiritual Transmission for all time.

Even as we creatively engage the great challenge of that work, we can also attest to the continuing accessibility of Adi Da and His Transmission after His human lifetime, through many stories from both devotees and non-devotees.

And so the first point of this article is: Adi Da is very much alive for all His devotees, through His Spiritual Transmission. As one devotee (who never was in Adi Da's physical company while Adi Da was alive) puts it:

Neeshee PanditRecently, a friend of mine who has been responding to Adi Da, asked me if I thought it might be more beneficial to become a student of a living Guru, as in a Guru who is physically alive. I immediately thought, Adi Da must be the most Alive and Active Guru that exists! I couldn't help but feel how much of a "Living Guru" Adi Da really Is, even now. I thought it was a particularly striking question and was surprised by my immediate, intuitive response. I just felt how true it was, and how much of a Divine Gift He Is to all beings, forever. He is a wonder and a miracle; the Divine Blessing-Presence and Person of Reality Itself.

Neeshee Pandit, He Is Satisfaction

3. Living Gurus Can Kick Ass (But To No Avail in a Seventh Stage Way)

So Adi Da is not at all a "dead Guru" — because of His Eternal Divine Presence and Eternal Transmission, and because of all the available means He created that enable anyone to locate Him now.

But now let's explore the second half of Adi Da's phrase, "Dead gurus can't kick ass". Is Adi Da's Transmission sufficient for "kicking our ass" (to move us to practice, and to advance in practice, to the point of Realization)? Or did that require Adi Da to be alive in human form? If we read more of Adi Da's talk, One-'Point'-edness" (where He first tells devotees, "Dead gurus can't kick ass"), it might seem so:

True spiritual life is a demand, it is a confrontation, it is a relationship. It is not a method you apply to yourself. Your "self" is this contraction, and this contraction is what must be undermined in spiritual life. Therefore, the Guru comes in human form, in living form, to confront you and take you by the neck. The Guru doesn't merely send down a grinning symbol, to be reproduced with a few fairy comments for everybody to believe. The traditional images and records of the past help serve very little. At best they may help a person move into a position where he or she can actually begin spiritual life. But Truth must come in a living form, absolutely. Truth must confront you, live you, and meditate you. It is not your meditation that matters. Truth must meditate you.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"One-'Point'-edness", The Method of the Siddhas

Longtime devotee, Annie Rogers, talks about the kind of "kicking ass" that Adi Da did in the early days of His Work with devotees. (Her account below is from 1974.) It was far more than the words "kicking ass" might suggest (shouting, etc.). It included all the skillful means recounted in the traditions of "Crazy Wise" Spiritual Masters, and more.

Annie RogersRight through the "Garbage and the Goddess" period, I was experiencing kriyas, ecstatic feelings in my body, rushes of energy, and blissful mindlessness. I would often actually feel my Beloved Guru Spiritually enter my body and drive my karmas right out of me. I heard Him say "No one wants God." But I thought that, whatever others might feel, I certainly did! However, as the process continued in me, I realized that what Beloved Adi Da was saying is true. No "person" wants Real God, because to turn to Real God is to sacrifice that very person.

There used to be a sign on Beloved Adi Da's desk:


I learned what He meant — He had to be relentless in His skillful means. He had to put us in difficult situations, cajole us, love us, tease us, and trick us into Realizing Satsang, into Realizing the relationship to Him as Consciousness. At one point, He said that what He asks of us is not the effort of surrender, but true self-sacrifice. Effortful surrender, He said, is something the ego does, something willful — and "Narcissus" loves it. Sacrifice is something entirely different. As the months passed after my first coming to Him, I began to realize what that sacrifice involves.

Avatar Adi Da said that His way of Working at that time was to establish a "theatre of love" with His devotees, to attract His devotees so strongly with His own Love that they would be moved to turn to Him, to the Divine, and away from the attachments of life. Almost from the beginning of my relationship with Beloved Adi Da as His devotee, He Attracted me like a magnet. And I fell in love with Him. But it was more than that. An utterly absorbing attachment was created. I realized that everything I had ever loved was Him — that He is Love. I was consumed by love of Him, and nothing else mattered.

From the very beginning, I had Spiritual experiences in the Presence of Beloved Adi Da. And then, with the deepening of my love-attachment to Him, there arose in me an intuition of His Divine Nature. I began to have experiences of complete Oneness with Him. In fact, I would often feel that He was me, that He was "Living" me, that every breath I took was His breath. This sense of Oneness was ecstatic beyond anything I had ever known. I felt as if I went to a place where He and I were One, where there was no fear, where there was only complete Love and Joy. That Love, which was beyond the realm of human love, grew and grew. At times, that Love became so immense that I felt unable to contain It, and I would feel impelled to scream as a way of expressing this intensity of feeling.

Then the Supremely Attractive One really put me to the test. He began to play upon my attachment to Him. He withdrew His attention. He would ignore me, He would tease me, He would insult me. Basically, He refused to give me whatever it was I was craving. At first, I understood that this was part of the process of going beyond the ego, and, although I felt sorrow, I maintained the same love and openness toward Him. But He did not relent. I felt abandoned, and, finally, I rebelled. I began to have periods of tremendous resentment toward Him for the suffering I felt He was causing me.

At the same time that He was testing the depth and steadfastness of my love for Him, Beloved Adi Da demanded that I serve. "A gopi's life is service," He told me a number of times. I began to serve Him by doing ordinary, practical chores in His house and in the community of devotees. This was a way of performing the sacrifice He Calls us to in real, functional terms. I didn't mind serving people. In fact, I enjoyed it. But all I wanted was to be with "Bubba", and I felt that serving kept me away from Him, while He lavished His attention on others.

At the same time, I began to have a strange, powerful intuition. This intuition was quite different from the sense of Oneness I was feeling with Beloved Adi Da. I began to sense something immense above my head. I resisted it. I kept clutching my head to keep it away. Then, holding my hands up, I looked up, as if it were something I could see. I sensed that it was Real-God-Above — Immense, Silent. I could only throw up my arms in joy. All I wanted was for this Infinite Universe of Energy to Pour into my body and Fill me with Its Ecstatic Love and Light.

One night, I was unable to sleep, and I went to sit beside Beloved Adi Da's chair. My arms went up to this Presence Above, my palms spread receiving Its Energy. That night, as I sat there, I knew my life would have to be lived as a sacrifice to this Presence, the Spiritual Presence of my Beloved Guru.

Meanwhile, Beloved Adi Da only intensified His Demand on me. And, even though I had foreseen this, I would not, or could not, meet it. I felt as if my heart were literally being wrenched out of my body. I cried for Him. I longed for Him. And I was answered only by the Demand that I sacrifice.

After several dramatic emotional crises, which pushed me to a point where I realized I had absolutely no other choice, I began to accept my suffering instead of rebelling against it. I began to direct more energy to my daily functioning, and my attention was taken off myself and directed to other things. Thus, drawn out of my despair, I started to feel my love for my Beloved Guru intensifying again.

I began to turn from myself to Beloved Adi Da, because He had created a situation that forced me to do so. I had to see how I was creating my own suffering. And so, a few moments at a time, I began to live from this new viewpoint. I did it in desperation. This sacrifice, this conscious Satsang, went against everything I had ever lived up to that point. Everyone always tends to separate. When your demands, whatever they are, are frustrated, when you feel hurt or humiliated or are treated apparently unjustly (and, in the theatre with Beloved Adi Da, all of this was occurring), there is always the tendency to play out the drama, to pull back — to feel self-pity, anger, resentment, even rage, for your suffering, and to totally identify with it.

The "radical" alternative, the constant act of turning back to Beloved Adi Da, required a lot of discipline of me. It was like walking a tightrope all the time. My tendencies were always clambering after me, tempting me to live them — like the anger I felt toward Beloved Adi Da for ignoring me. It was so easy to "buy" it and to rebel. I felt that I had a right to it. And, by the standards of this world of "Narcissus", I did! The anger was me. I was bound to my own drama.

At last, I began to see the whole thing as suffering, and in those moments my suffering would dissolve. My Beloved gave me glimmerings of what that ultimately leads to. One night as I gazed at Him, He kept disappearing, becoming Infinite. At one point, I disappeared, too. It was brief. Perhaps only a few seconds. But there seemed to be nothing to identify with. "I" vanished. From the point of view of the ego, it was frightening. But it was Free. It was thrilling.

The more I resort to my Beloved Guru, the more devotional self-sacrifice is required, and the more Grace and Happiness is Given. I know that, in the end, there is only sacrifice. Beloved Adi Da is the Sign of that. He Is only Sacrifice.

Annie Rogers, "Reminiscences of Avatar Adi Da Samraj in 1974"
in Carolyn Lee, The Promised God-Man Is Here

This is an extraordinary story.

The "Crazy Wise" play in which Adi Da engaged Annie was Divinely creative and intelligent, and displayed Adi Da's willingness to do anything for the sake of His devotee's liberation — to "kick ass" in whatever way was required — particularly for a devotee who was responding to Him as strongly as Annie was, and who was willing to participate fully.

The Revelations and the lessons in self-understanding that Annie describes are truly profound. In many other Spiritual traditions, an ordeal of engagement between Guru and devotee as profound as the one she described here might be enough for the devotee to attain a great Realization.

But in the seventh stage Way of Adidam — whose requirement for Divine Enlightenment is the transcendence of egoity altogether, the complete sacrifice of "self" — even the profound lessons and Revelations described here were not enough to enable Annie to move through the crisis of hearing (fundamental self-understanding) — the milestone in practice that enables the devotee to move beyond the beginner's stage of practice and enter into the advanced stages of the Way of Adidam.

As time passed, Adi Da grew in His conviction that no amount of "kicking ass" — that is, no amount of "Crazy Wise" work with His devotees (submitting, befriending, embracing, loving, attracting, giving talks, giving Spiritual experiences, reflecting, tricking, etc.) — would be sufficient to move devotees into the kind of total sacrifice of self Annie described above.[1]

. . . My Love-Impulse to Submit — as the Means by Which to Teach and Awaken others — was (over the course of many years) proven to be absolutely fruitless. That Inclination, That Purpose, and That “Method” of My Self-Submission did not — and cannot — work. . .

The culture of humankind — as it is — is absolutely false. There are all kinds of modes and levels of falseness about human culture — but, as a totality, human culture is simply false. Human culture is based on an utterly false view of Reality Itself, of the human being, and of the apparent universe.

Therefore, over the many years of My Divine Avataric Self-Submission, the evidence that My Effort of Self-Submission was not going to work (and could not work) steadily grew more and more conclusive.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"My Self-Submission-Time Has Come To An End"
Part 22 of The Aletheon


4. The Force of the Divine vs. the force of egoity

So Adi Da stopped using the phrase, "Dead Gurus can't kick ass", long ago — long before the end of His own human lifetime. He did so because He had steadily grown in the conviction that something altogether different from the "kick ass" manner of working with His devotees was required.

As that conclusion [that My Effort of Self-Submission was not going to work (and could not work)] became more and more fully accepted by Me, I began to Work in a different Manner.

A Profound Shift in My Manner of Working occurred on January 11, 1986, with the Initiation of My Divine Avataric Self-“Emergence” Time. Even though I was required to continue My Submission-Work after January 11, 1986, I have, since then, been (fundamentally, and, at last, only) Avatarically Self-Revealing My Own egoless Divine Person and My Own Transcendental Spiritual Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State — Which Is the egoless, Self-Evidently Divine, and Transcendental Spiritual Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself. . .

Now My “Method” Is Only Self-Revelation. My “Method” is no longer Self-Submission. Divine Avataric Self-Revelation-Only Is the “Method” That has Come About through a Lifetime of Divine Avataric Self-Submission — in the course of Which the fruitlessness of My Self-Submission was conclusively proven.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"My Self-Submission-Time Has Come To An End"
Part 22 of The Aletheon

The shift in Adi Da's Work with devotees that began on January 11, 1986, was not only a shift away from the "kick ass" modality of the Teaching Years. That modality was superceded by a new modality, which focused entirely on Revelation by Adi Da, and response to that Revelation by devotees. What made that new modality possible was an immense magnification of the Divine Force pouring through Adi Da's body that began on January 11, 1986 — Adi Da called it His Divine Emergence. That immense magnification of Divine Force (relative to the force of egoity in devotees) opened the door to devotees practicing on the basis of that magnified, and always available Revelation of the Divine, rather than Adi Da having to personally interact with them. And consequently, on that basis (and not on the basis of the earlier "kick ass" work He had done with them), several devotees swiftly moved into the advanced stages of practice in the Way of Adidam.

In April, 2000, an even greater breakthrough occurred — the Ruchira Dham Event — in which Adi Da entered the Divine Translation phase of the seventh stage of life, and magnified the Divine Force directly available to His devotees to the ultimate degree, bringing the Divine State into direct conjunction with His human body-mind. This further magnification of Adi Da's Revelation was enough to enable all His devotees to practice purely on the basis of recognition of Adi Da as the Divine. Consequently, as a reflection of this new reality and opportunity, Adi Da renamed the fundamental practice given to all devotees, "the Way of Adidam Ruchiradam".

It is important to note that Adi Da's Revelation, and devotees' devotional response to It, together had always constituted the senior element of the Way of Adidam from the beginning. However, during His Teaching Years, Adi Da supplemented that Revelation with a tremendous amount of one-on-one work with His devotees. The magnification in His Revelation that we have just described enabled the Way of Adidam to be exclusively based on the Revelation and devotees' response to It.

5. Recap: "Dead Gurus Can't Kick Ass" is Besides The Point in Realizing the Divine

Thus, in its final form, the Way of Adidam Ruchiradam did not (while Adi Da was alive) and does not (now, after His death) require His "kicking ass" in any way whatsoever. It depends entirely on devotees recognizing Him as the Divine, responding to Him (and growing in practice, "kicking their own asses") on that basis, and ultimately Realizing the Divine through this ongoing and ever-deepening Communion with the Divine.

So to recap the question and the answer: If one is moved to Realize the Very Divine (and not some lesser Spiritual Realization), then one must take up the Way of Adidam.[2] Other esoteric ways and lesser Realizations might involve a human Guru "kicking the ass" of His or Her devotees, to good effect. But Adi Da's conclusion, as He pioneered the previously uncharted territory of creating a Way for Realizing the Very Divine, was that the human Guru (Adi Da) "kicking ass" had little impact on devotees' practice. It all came down to His Revelation and devotees' response to It. So whether Adi Da can "kick ass" or not now that He is no longer humanly alive is completely besides the point, if what one wants is to Realize the Very Divine.

I Am here to Attract you to Myself, to My Very (and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State.

In My Sympathetic Self-Submission to all, I Entered into a Teaching-Ordeal of Divine Avataric Self-Revelation and Instruction, Conformed to an apparent ego-likeness of one and all, in order to Reflect you to yourselves by Submitting to Appear as a "you"-mirroring "other".

All of That was Done for a particular Purpose: to equip you to rightly relate to Me, to be Moved by Me As I Am, to "Locate" My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Blessing, and (in due course) to searchlessly Behold Me and "Perfectly Know" Me As I Am — Thus and Thereby, always searchlessly Beholding My Divinely-Avatarically-Born bodily (human) Divine Form and My Very (and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State.

Therefore, now that My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation has been Perfectly and Fully Made, I Call one and all to (simply) searchlessly Behold My Divinely-Avatarically-Born bodily (human) Divine Form As I Am — no longer requiring or expecting Me to Submit to Appear in your egoic likeness, or to interact with you, as "other" to your ego-"I", for the Purpose of only eventually (rather than always already) equipping you to rightly relate to Me.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"My Self-Submission-Time Has Come To An End"
Part 22 of The Aletheon

How many people will be moved to engage in this greatest, most challenging, and most creative of all human endeavors, to the ultimate degree of Divine Realization remains to be seen. But Adi Da has always said that, because of what it requires — the complete transcendence of "self" — Adidam will never grow in the manner of a "mass movement", or exoteric, belief-based religion, but rather in the manner of an esoteric Spiritual tradition (which is set apart "in the hills", and where — as in the Olympics or the Marines — the requirements of the esoteric practice are the primary reason the numbers of practitioners is limited):

Truth does not win. Fundamentally, the entire affair of the communication of Truth to mankind has been a failure, and it will always be a failure. It is a fruitless enterprise — if we consider its results in terms of the true and perfect Awakening of great numbers of people and the Divine Transformation of human society as a whole. However, since a few in every generation are prepared to respond to the Teaching of Truth, the communication of Truth must be continued in the world.

A few in every generation become a Sacrifice in God, while mankind in general ignores, denies, and otherwise betrays the Teaching, the Way, and the Agents of God. This is so, not only because of the subhuman evolutionary stage of mankind at this time, but because the embodied soul is naturally motivated toward its own experiential fulfillment, not the transcendence of itself. Therefore, only a random few in any generation Awaken, while all others are oblivious in their bewildered intoxication.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, June 27, 1978
The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

Even so, there is no limit to the number of people who can Awaken in the Divine through the Way of Adidam Ruchiradam — not by some "mass movement" and religious belief, but one by one: one miracle of Revelation at a time, one heart-response at a time, one self-transcending ordeal at a time. (And if you, the reader, are responding to Adi Da's Offering, then by all means explore it further! That response itself is the first indicator that you may be one of those who are ready and able to make use of Adi Da's Offering.) Over time, the number of such individuals recognizing and responding to the Divine may collectively create a great Spiritual force sufficient to bring about a global Spiritual transformation. May it be so!

Whether My birth and My association with people can represent the force of some great age, a great transformation of the world, is to be seen. My work can be relatively modest and local, as Shirdi Sai Baba's work was in his lifetime, or My work can be associated with a global transformation. It will depend on recognition, surrender, and acceptance of a lawful order of existence by many, many, many people.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, January, 1982
The Divine Life and Work of the Spiritual Master

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