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"The Way That I Teach"

Adi Da's use of Crazy Wisdom took a very specific form: He used it for the express purpose of reflecting devotees to themselves. This was necessary because His devotees simply didn't have the free energy and attention necessary to recognize and meditate on the Divine State and Person that He was Transmitting. They were completely preoccupied with money, food, and sex, but also relatively suppressed in their awareness and expression of those preoccupations — their energy and attention was bound up in this complicated, double-minded egoic patterning. On top of that, they felt themselves to be spiritual seekers, and wanted to expand their range of experiencing in spiritual dimensions. In order to reflect devotees to themselves (so they could understand and transcend this patterning), Adi Da made use of an extraordinary capability (as the non-separate incarnation of the Divine, in Whom all beings are arising, and Who was responsively moved to serve those who came to Him for Instruction and Realization): He literally became His devotees — taking on their state, acting out their unconscious tendencies, etc. — to reflect them to themselves.

Over the years, Adi Da made a number of summary statements about His Work with devotees in general (and His Teaching Work in particular), including the key essays and talks below.


Garbage and The GoddessThe Way of Dissolution and The Way of Experience: Excerpt — This talk was published in Garbage and the Goddess. "That is why I was always saying, 'This experiential life you are getting into is not it.' I had to repeat this admonition again and again, while at the same time I continued to generate uncommon experiences in those who came to me."

—August 11, 1974

The Way That I Teach — Adi Da wrote this brief essay in response to a traditional teacher, Swami Chinmayananda, who questioned His method of "Crazy Wisdom" Teaching. "What I Do is not the way that I Am, but the way that I Teach. What I Speak is not a reflection of Me, but of you."


Swami Chinmayananda


My PurityMy Purity — At Muliwai House, Oahu, Hawaii, Adi Da wrote the essay, “My Purity” (which is later published in The Enlightenment of the Whole Body), describing the Sacrificial Ordeal of His work with devotees. "My way with devotees has always been dramatic, an adventure of friendship and excess. I have always driven them to lessons and changes. But they have also always failed and fallen back. Therefore, now they will be given the Grace of time, to mature in one another's company, and to transcend the destiny of the usual man."

—June 14, 1978

My Work Is Necessary, but It Must Also FailMy Work Is Necessary, but It Must Also Fail — This essay was also published in The Enlightenment of the Whole Body. "It is a fruitless enterprise — if we consider its results in terms of the true and perfect Awakening of great numbers of people and the Divine Transformation of human society as a whole."

—June 27, 1978

The Future of My WorkThe Future of My Work — A talk given on November 1, 1981. "My Work in the past . . . was a process of awakening people through intelligent consideration of their self-contraction and the presumptions based upon it. All of that involved an intimate, personal, theatrical relationship with people. And it is precisely that intimacy, that personal Work with people, that I have now abandoned."

—November 1, 1981

The Divine Life and Work of the Spiritual MasterThe Divine Life and Work of the Spiritual Master: Excerpt — This talk was published in The Bodily Location Of Happiness. "Whether my birth and my association with people can represent the force of some great age, a great transformation of the world, is to be seen. My work can be relatively modest and local, as Shirdi Sai Baba's work was in his lifetime, or my work can be associated with a global transformation. It will depend on recognition, surrender, and acceptance of a lawful order of existence by many, many, many people."

—January, 1982

I Am More Like You Than You AreI Am More Like You Than You Are — Adi Da's early Teaching was a process of His Submission to devotees through His Divine Ability to identify with our human limitations and sufferings. Adi Da gave this talk during that Teaching period. "I meditate on My devotees and I become them. I become exactly them. I take on all the limitations that they are. I become just like them. I become more like them than they are. I become exaggeratedly what they are. I become what they are altogether, while they remain only what they can express in the midst of their limitations, their self-consciousness. I become them completely. Thus, that which I 'Consider' with you is the very thing that I have actually become by meditation on you. I Submit to devotees as to the Divine Reality, just as they turn to Me in the same fashion. This is the unique form of My Teaching Work."

—September 15, 1982

An Open Letter To All Who Would Find Heart-Breaking FreedomAn Open Letter To All Who Would Find Heart-Breaking Freedom — Twenty-four years after He wrote His response to Swami Chinmayananda, Avatar Adi Da spoke in summary terms about that entire period of "consideration" and about His Teaching-Work. "My 'Consideration' of emotional-sexual life was a profoundly important and absolutely necessary part of My Teaching-Work. In the history of the Great Tradition, there has never been the freedom — or the understanding — to enter into the full 'consideration' of emotional-sexual life and bring that 'consideration' to completion. The entire Intention of My Work with My devotees has been to allow people to live in Freedom."


Walk-About To MeWalk-About To Me: My Self-Submission-Time Has Come To An End — Adi Da's Final Statement contrasting His Teaching Work (in which He submitted Himself to His devotees) and His Blessing and Awakening Work (in which His devotees must "walk-about" to Him), and the profound (and profoundly sobering) reasons underlying why His Teaching Work could not succeed. It appears in Part 22 of The Aletheon. "It has now been conclusively demonstrated to Me that My 'Method' of Self-Submission did not work, and cannot work, and would not ever work. The fact that My 'Method' of Self-Submission did not work is a profound matter, with the greatest implications — not only in terms of My Own Divine Avataric Work, but for humankind altogether.

—September 7, 2007



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