A Dream about Adi Da's Mahasamadhi


MR is a devotee of Adi Da Samraj. Through a dream, she is led to be with Bhagavan at the time of His Divine Mahasamadhi.

Responding to dreams of the previous two years, I had come to be in Naitauba only weeks before the time of Bhagavan Adi Da's Mahasamadhi. I felt immense sorrow, fear, and denial when I first heard the heart-shattering news of His Passing. The brief time I had just spent around His Physical Company during His last days had been the most beautiful time of my life and I did not want it to end.

My first direct association with Bhagavan Adi Da was a few years ago through a several-month Blessing Puja I had requested of Bhagavan for my father. During my father's illness, Beloved Sat-Guru received many letters from me about my father and family, and He most compassionately Blessed my father many times during the nine months of my father's illness and also in his death transition in 2005. Throughout this entire time, Bhagavan had been reassuring again and again that He Gives the Gift of freedom from fear and sorrow, and the Real Understanding that vanishes the grief of apparent separation.

In April 2007 in Los Angeles, I had an especially significant dream about His Mahasamadhi. The dream was full of Bhagavan's humor, self-reflection, and urgency. In the dream, I was mowing a lawn in a place that looked like somewhere on Naitauba. There were lots of other devotees mowing the lawn simultaneously with the same lawnmower. Then suddenly someone came and said that Bhagavan Adi Da's heart was in a fragile state and He only had eighteen months to live and that we should go to the Matrix as soon as possible. We took a bus from a place that looked like the devotee village in Naitauba. There were many people wanting to take the bus, but someone told us that the bus that goes to the Matrix was broken, and we should take the engine from our lawnmower and replace the broken engine to get the bus started! We all felt complicated about making that happen, thinking it was impossible to do. Finally, everyone came together, replaced the broken engine in the bus with the lawnmower's engine, started the bus, and went to the Matrix.

After waking from this dream, I was naturally afraid that it might be true that Bhagavan Adi Da only had eighteen months to live. A few days later I told this dream to one of Bhagavan's long-time devotees and was told that during the period of His Submission Work, Bhagavan had used the phrase "mowing the lawn" to describe the way most people live, ignoring the real circumstances of life. I was stunned to hear that. I was certain that the dream was a reflection of what I was doing at the time, ignorant of the fragility of Sat-Guru Bhagavan Adi Da's Precious Lifetime. I did not want to believe it could be a true warning, but I felt an urgency come over my whole being to go to Naitauba and spend time in Bhagavan's Company. I did whatever I had to do to make that possible for as long as I could. But in order to handle everything I needed to do (including finishing my application for US Citizenship, taking care of health issues and family business), I could not go to Naitauba until October, 2008: eighteen months from the time of the dream.

I finally arrived on Naitauba on October 30th, 2008. I was there for a few weeks, and had received Adi Da's Darshan already on several occasions. On November 27th, I went out to the Matrix [the area where Adi Da's principal residence is located] at about 4pm, hoping to receive Adi Da's Darshan that day. A couple of hours later as I sat in front of Picture Perfect, where He was working on His Image Art, I heard the most heart shattering news of my Beloved Guru's passing from His Body, very suddenly. I was utterly shocked. His Body had looked very healthy all throughout the last months of His Life, and even though Bhagavan had given enough warnings about the fragility of His Divine Body, this news still came as a complete shock. It was devastating to not have His Body there to take care of, to adore, and to receive His Gaze. But miraculously also, being there close to His Body, it was more and more clear that Bhagavan Master has not stopped doing His wonderfully mysterious Blessing Work with anyone and that He has not left at all. That started to become obvious a few hours later as soon as I entered the room where His Body had been positioned for devotees to receive a final Darshan of His Form. The whole room was filled with the sweetest Presence of love and happiness. Sitting in front of His Body, I was bathed in His Love-Blissful Presence, free of sorrow and fear for a few moments. I felt as if I were being hugged by an invisible infinite Body of Bhagavan Master. All the words He had uttered about this time after His passing began to become clear.

I feel Bhagavan healing my heart through His sweet Presence, and still transmitting Happiness beyond "our" body-minds, showing His coincidence with everyone. It is beyond belief and ecstatic to feel this Revelation that Bhagavan Is. I feel Him still Present just as He was in His Beautiful Body, dissolving the body-mind and its sorrow in His Love-Bliss.

I bow down to our Beloved Guru Adi Da Samraj, the true healer of the heart, the Heart itself.


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