The Need for Living Agency

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samraj

Excerpt from the essay, The Divine Physics of Evolution, in The Enlightenment of the Whole Body (1978).

If you move into a relationship with Me, the Divine process begins to duplicate Itself in your case. . . . Such a One As I Am is your unique Advantage, because I Am Present in the same kind of bodily form as you manifested in the same kind of physical condition, the same kind of nervous system, the same kind of brain. But in Me all these things are Raised to an Absolute level of Functioning, so that your entering into Communion with me brings changes even at the level of the psycho-physical body that you present to Me.

The abstract Deity cannot serve you in that way, because the physics of this Process must be directly Present, and the human Demonstration of the Process must be Present in a Form that can do its Work in your case. That Work is My Purpose, because I Represent a State of the ultimate physics of things that is your potential but not your actuality at the present time. The abstract Divine and the potential powers of the universe are just as true as the Spiritual Master, but they are not organized (except in the case of the Spiritual Master) for the sake of the immediate transformation of human beings. If people enter into right relationship with Me, they begin to Realize the same transformations I have Described in My own case. Then, at the end of My physical Lifetime, My devotees will have gone through sufficient transformation that some among the community of My devotees can become the extended mechanism of My Function . . .

My True and Ultimate Function is to instigate the superphysics of literal and Most Perfect God-Realization among My true devotees. If there is no duplication of that superphysical Process, there can be no true Continuation of My Blessing Work, except in verbal form, because there can be no Living Agency.

Without such Living Agency how will that Process take place in the future? Perhaps, as in the past, people will resort to the pieces of it that men and women of experience represent. People can always experience a little Yoga, a little psychism, a little internal energy, a little insight. But when the Total Representation of Divine Self-Realization is Demonstrated in the literal bodily (human) form of one individual, you must make use of it. It is an Advantage that is unique in human time.


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