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Adi Da's Successor

Adi Da Samraj

Who will be Adi Da's "Murti Guru" or successor?

A: Historically, esoteric spiritual traditions like Adidam often are continued from generation to generation through a lineage of Gurus that can be traced backed to the Founder of the tradition. Like one candle lighting another, each lineage-Guru passes on the tradition's Spiritual Transmission to the next. Furthermore, each trains the next in the function of "Spiritual Transmitter". To the extent that the lineage has preserved its integrity, the original Transmission would still be accessible to future devotees, hundreds or even thousands of years down the line, via the Guru lineage.

For a time, Adi Da considered a similar notion as one of many means for preserving His Spiritual Transmission here in perpetuity. He used phrases such as "Murti Guru" or "Living Murti" to refer to the Adidam form of "lineage" (properly qualified — see below):

[Adi Da] will not have "successors" in the usual sense of a lineage of Gurus. But He will have the Instrumentality of His Spiritually Awakened formal renunciate devotees, and, always, in every generation, there is to be one among His Divinely Self-Realized devotees . . .who will function as "Murti-Guru", or as His human Agent, perfectly transparent to Him.

The "Murti-Guru" will grant Darshan (just as Avatar Adi Da Himself does in His human Lifetime), and will be His principal human Agent of Spiritual Transmission. By this means, Avatar Adi Da Samraj will always have a human vehicle through which the Force of His Spirit-Blessing will Flow perpetually. Thus He will never be absent, either Spiritually or humanly.

Carolyn Lee, The Promised God-Man Is Here

However, as those familiar with how He worked know, Adi Da constantly evolved, tested, and refined the structure of Adidam; His ongoing consideration about what would constitute the "Pattern" that functionally would replace Him after the passing of His human body was no exception. As He further clarified and elaborated on the uniqueness of His Guru-Function — as First, Last, and Only Seventh Stage Adept, etc. — it also became increasingly clear to Him and to all His devotees that no single human being could perform His Function — unique to His Divine Incarnation — and that it would be more accurate to describe the entire collective of devotees (including any and all advanced practitioners in the Way of Adidam), along with all His Sacred Treasures and Empowered Places, as what would, together, replace His Function in perpetuity. Indeed, in reaching this final conclusion — that the entire collective of devotees would be serving as His "Instrumentality" — He was returning to His original vision in the early 1970's. "Murti Guru" was thus simply an alternative He temporarily considered and ultimately rejected in the course of an ongoing consideration.

Adidam Ruchiradam is (fundamentally and altogether) the relationship to Me in which relationship I Transcendentally Spiritually Transmit Myself to you, and you (Thus and Thereby) "Locate" and "Know" (and respond to) My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission.

Thus, the relationship to Me (now and forever hereafter) is (fundamentally, and altogether) the specific and direct relationship to Me (Myself) in and As My Divinely-Avatarically-Born bodily (human) Divine Form, and, altogether, As I Am (Always Already, and in any present-time moment).

I Am Beyond the "point of view" of the body-mind-"self", or total psycho-physical ego-"I", of My any and every devotee.

Therefore, there can be no substitute or successor for Me, and even My Words and "Representation"-Forms are (now, and forever hereafter) merely Extensions of Me neither substituting for Me nor succeeding Me, but only providing Means for turning My any and every devotee to Me (Beyond and Prior to My Words, Beyond My "Representation"-Forms and Beyond the ego-"I", or total body-mind, of My any and every devotee).

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, "No Seeking / Mere Beholding"
p. 799, The Gnosticon


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