The Survival of That Influence

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samraj

This is an excerpt from the essay, "The Translation of the Whole Body into Light is the Destiny of Man", in The Enlightenment of the Whole Body.

The Spiritual Master Himself always only lives in Truth and at last He only vanishes in Truth, returning His personal Influence to apparent invisibility, leaving behind the Teaching of the Way and His Absolute or Transcendental Influence, made alive through the vehicle of the Church of His devotees. Therefore, if the Church of devotees fails to come into being or to survive the death of the Spiritual Master, the Work of the Spiritual Master comes to an end. The Teaching may remain, but the Influence that quickens it ceases to be fully available to the devotional sacrifices of mankind, unless a Spiritual Master [of His Nature] incarnates again. Therefore, His devotees, through the whole life of spiritual sacrifice, must continue to maintain their own Community as an Agency for the survival of that Influence.


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