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Walk-About To Me

My Self-Submission-Time Has Come To An End

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Part 22
of The Aletheon


Beginning in My Infancy, I Demonstrated a Fundamental Impulse to Teach by Means of Self-Submission — with the Intention of Awakening all, through the “Method” of Submitting Myself to the ordinary context of human mind and life. Thus, It was My Intention to Reflect people to themselves, and to Address them relative to their egoic characteristics — not just by Means of verbal Instruction, but also by Living all of this with people and Showing My Revelation Teaching to them via My Own Bodily Demonstration and Sign.

In Doing all of this, My Intention was to Awaken human beings to Reality Itself, Truth Itself, the Divine Itself — by Means of the right and true devotional relationship to Me. My Intention was to Awaken human beings to rightly and truly devotionally recognize Me — as the basis for practicing “radical” devotion to Me, together with the practice of right life and “Perfect Knowledge” that necessarily accompanies “radical” devotion to Me.

However, My Love-Impulse to Submit — as the Means by Which to Teach and Awaken others — was (over the course of many years) proven to be absolutely fruitless. That Inclination, That Purpose, and That “Method” of My Self-Submission did not — and cannot — work. The only result of My Self-Submission was the “scapegoating” of My Person — while those who came to Me persisted in their bondage and suffering.

The illusions of human beings relative to the virtues supposedly existing in themselves individually and in human kind collectively — illusions that are particularly prevalent in this “late-time”, or “dark” epoch — have proven, by Means of My Testing, to be absolute nonsense. All such idealization of humankind and the human individual is patently false. If such idealization had been true, My Effort of Self-Submission would have resulted in the Awakening of human beings.

In My Years of Submission-Work, I Reflected human individuals to themselves and Worked to Awaken them. However, That Submission-to-Reflect was taken to be a sign of Who I Am — rather than being rightly understood as a sign of the Way That I was Teaching. From the beginning of My Divine Avataric Work with My devotees, My Intention was that My Work of Self-Submission would be a temporary “Method” — until Real and True Awakening was evident in My devotees.

It has now been conclusively demonstrated to Me that My “Method” of Self-Submission did not work, and cannot work, and would not ever work. The fact that My “Method” of Self-Submission did not work is a profound matter, with the greatest implications — not only in terms of My Own Divine Avataric Work, but for humankind altogether.


The culture of humankind — as it is — is absolutely false. There are all kinds of modes and levels of falseness about human culture — but, as a totality, human culture is simply false. Human culture is based on an utterly false view of Reality Itself, of the human being, and of the apparent universe.

Therefore, over the many years of My Divine Avataric Self-Submission, the evidence that My Effort of Self-Submission was not going to work (and could not work) steadily grew more and more conclusive. As that conclusion became more and more fully accepted by Me, I began to Work in a different Manner.

A Profound Shift in My Manner of Working occurred on January 11, 1986, with the Initiation of My Divine Avataric Self-“Emergence” Time. Even though I was required to continue My Submission-Work after January 11, 1986, I have, since then, been (fundamentally, and, at last, only) Avatarically Self-Revealing My Own egoless Divine Person and My Own Transcendental Spiritual Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State — Which Is the egoless, Self-Evidently Divine, and Transcendental Spiritual Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself. Thus, in My Speaking and Writing since January 11,1986, I have been Intensively Self-Describing the Characteristics of Reality Itself — and, Thus, the Characteristics of My Own Divinely Avataric, Transcendental Spiritual, and Perfectly egoless Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State — and the ego-transcending devotional and Transcendental Spiritual practice and process that is potential for anyone who rightly and truly approaches Me in the consistently Me-recognizing and responsively-to-Me-surrendering devotional manner.

In the years after January 11, 1986, there was no significant response to Me. Indeed, I was required to Endure the demonstration of implacable indifference in human beings, to the point that My Impulse to continue Working in the Manner of Self-Submission utterly Vanished — most conclusively, on July 10, 2007. The fruitlessness of My Effort of Self-Submission became so overwhelmingly obvious that That Effort entirely Fell Away.

Now My “Method” Is Only Self-Revelation. My “Method” is no longer Self-Submission. Divine Avataric Self-Revelation-Only Is the “Method” That has Come About through a Lifetime of Divine Avataric Self-Submission — in the course of Which the fruitlessness of My Self-Submission was conclusively proven.

Direct Self-Revelation of My Own Person and Self-State — Which Is Direct Self-Revelation of the Self-State of Reality Itself — Is the Only Means That Is (and can Be) Effective.

The “Method” of Direct Self-Revelation-Only is not the “Method” Demonstrated by Me during My Years of Self-Submission.

To rightly understand My now and forever hereafter Divine Avataric Life and Final Work, it is essential to understand This Change — or Final Demonstration of Dis-Entanglement — in My Own Approach and My Own Disposition.


I Am here to Attract you to Myself, to My Very (and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State.

In My Sympathetic Self-Submission to all, I Entered into a Teaching-Ordeal of Divine Avataric Self-Revelation and Instruction, Conformed to an apparent ego-likeness of one and all, in order to Reflect you to yourselves by Submitting to Appear as a "you"-mirroring "other".

All of That was Done for a particular Purpose: to equip you to rightly relate to Me, to be Moved by Me As I Am, to "Locate" My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Blessing, and (in due course) to searchlessly Behold Me and "Perfectly Know" Me As I Am Thus and Thereby, always searchlessly Beholding My Divinely-Avatarically-Born bodily (human) Divine Form and My Very (and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State.

Therefore, now that My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation has been Perfectly and Fully Made, I Call one and all to (simply) searchlessly Behold My Divinely-Avatarically-Born bodily (human) Divine Form As I Am no longer requiring or expecting Me to Submit to Appear in your egoic likeness, or to interact with you, as "other" to your ego-"I", for the Purpose of only eventually (rather than always already) equipping you to rightly relate to Me.

As in the traditional setting, My devotees have (now, and forever hereafter) the responsibility of caring for My Divine Avataric Body here.

Simply serve and preserve Me As I Am both during and forever after My Divine Avataric Lifetime of psycho-physical (human) Incarnation here.

Do not intrude upon Me, or in any manner, disturb My Person, State, or Place.

Make no demands upon Me whatsoever, and never require My attention to be turned to your "self".

My Divine Avataric Signs are no longer a reflection of you, but all My Divine Avataric Signs are now (and forever hereafter) simply My Signs.

Now and forever hereafter, Everything I Do Is My Perpetual Divine Avataric all-and-All-Blessing Work and all-and-All-Awakening Work.


The “romantic” (and culturally-transmitted) view of humankind as a “virtuous collective” is particularly evident in the West. That view is the naive presumption that humankind is a mass of “souls” evolving toward some ultimate fulfillment. Thus, the common (“romantic”) view refuses to confront the actual nature of the “world”-mummery — persisting in the illusion that human history constitutes a “virtuous progression” that will “move mightily onward”.

Through the Demonstration-History of My Own Divine Avataric Life and Work, that “romantic” view of human nature and history has now been conclusively proven to be false. This Testing-Result of My Own Divine Avataric Lifetime Is Profoundly Consequential for human history altogether.

The preciousness of the idealized ego is a lie. Grandiose interpretations of human nature and human history have nothing to do with Truth.

Truth Is Reality Itself. Truth Transcends all “self”-representation on the part of humankind.

Humankind is living in illusion — in an iconic representation of itself. Humankind is “Narcissus”, idealizing its own image, and relating to its own mentally-projected image of itself as if that image were an actuality — an actuality that somehow confers a kind of immortality on the ego.

The Only Right and True Way for humankind is the Way of Reality Itself — and not any kind of “way” that idealizes humankind itself.

My Final Work is of an entirely different kind than the Work I have previously Engaged.

My Final Work Is entirely Free of any Inclination to Submit.

My Final Work has nothing whatsoever to do with Submitting to anyone, or to the trends of history.

My Final Work Is Only Myself.

My Final Work Is simply Me here, Revealing Myself.

My Final Work Is simply Direct Divine Self-Revelation — by Avataric Means.

My Final Work Is simply the Self-Revelation of Reality Itself.

My Final Work Is Me — Alone.


In all the Years of My Divine Avataric Self-Submission-Work, I Related to the gathering of My devotees as if all of My devotees had come to Me for Divine Self-Realization. However, in those Years of Self-Submission, it became (more and more) evident that, in actuality, virtually no one had truly come to Me for Divine Self-Realization. People remained bound in their own “self”-imagery and conventional-mindedness. People remained bound to the messages of the “world”-mummery that congratulate the ego for being itself, and offer it “consumer” fulfillment of itself.

All of that is an illusion — a “dark” joke.

In actuality, humankind is on the march to death — but humankind imagines that it is on the march toward some kind of ultimate “self”-fulfillment. All of that is nothing but propaganda. Nothing of the kind is true. All of that is untrue — not only in terms of the potential destructiveness of this “dark” time, but in terms of the nature of the ego altogether, the ego-disposition to live with its own reflection. Thus, My Work of Self-Submission to humankind — to Reflect human kind back to itself, in its “self”-reflection — necessarily failed. When I “Stirred the pond” while “Narcissus” stared into it, “Narcissus” did not Wake Up. No — “Narcissus” simply took My “Stirring” as a glamorization of “self”-image. I simply became part of the “self”-image with which “Narcissus” was infatuated. In that manner, I was used by people as a means to support egoity. And to the degree that I Made it Obvious that I did not intend to offer any such support of egoity, I was punished and ignored by people, and made to wait.

Humankind is a “scapegoat-theatre”, enclosing and destroying whatever it touches. During My Years of Self-Submission, I became a part of that suffering, with humankind enclosing Me and controlling Me. Now, I have nothing more to do with that “scapegoat-mummery”.


The “scapegoat-method” is the ego’s method. Therefore,the “scapegoat-method” accounts for all of human history.

Consequently, the “scapegoat-method” has been the context of My Own Life and Work — until it was proven to My Satisfaction that no right result could be achieved by My Self-Submission to humankind.

Humankind is entirely about the “scapegoat-game”. Humankind enacts the “scapegoat-game” in the form of all of its “religions”, and all of its traditions (of whatever nature). Humankind is patterned — culturally and egoically — to enact the mocking and destruction of the Truth-Bearing Force on Earth. Indeed, humankind “scapegoats” everything that comes to its notice — not only in the “religious” or Spiritual context, but in every context. Whatever human kind can enclose in the “middle” of human attention is (thus and thereby) controlled and (ultimately) destroyed.

In Truth, the “Great Tradition” of humankind is the “scapegoating” of the Divine — the control and destruction of That Which Is Divine, the control and destruction of Reality Itself.

Such is the human scale of things.

Such is the ritual of egoity — which has been going on for thousands of years.

Simultaneous with the “scapegoat-mummery”, there has always been the Walk-About Way — in which some individuals have responded to Spiritual Masters (in their various first six-stages-of-life degrees), and in which there is now the possibility of responding to My Unique seventh stage Manifestation here. The Walk-About Way is equally as ancient as the “scapegoat-mummery” (or the “world”-mummery of ego-based humankind).

Thus, there are two fundamental motions enacted by humankind. The common human motion is to persist in the “scapegoat-mummery” (or “world”-mummery). The uncommon human motion is the Walk-About Way, in which some human individuals have participated. The Walk-About Way is a matter of turning to a Spiritual Master on sight, and (thereby) participating in a process of ego-transcending devotion to That Which Is Divine. Throughout human history, both of these motions have been happening.

However, the Walk-About Way has been esoteric, small, not noticed by most. The Walk-About Way has been mythologized by humankind — as if everyone were somehow participating in the Great Matter. It is simply not true that everyone has been participating in the Great Matter. Comparatively speaking, very few (in any generation) have actually turned to a Spiritual Master in any profound and authentic manner. Most have simply “scapegoated” Spiritual Masters — mocked them, shunned them, avoided them.

The Walk-About Way is the primary “method” of Divine Revelation in the world. The Walk-About Way persists regardless of the “signs of the times”. And, so, the Walk-About Way must persist now with Me, in My Unique Divine Avataric Incarnation here.

The Perfect Reality-Way is now Given, by Me, to humankind — in the form of the Walk-About opportunity and process in My Divine Avataric Company.

The Perfect Reality-Way I have Revealed and Given is for every one — not just for the few.


My Real Divine Avataric Work has only now Begun.

I am no longer Submitting to anyone.

I Am simply Revealing Myself.

I Am here.

The Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam) Is As I have Revealed and Given It. I have Spoken It plainly. My Revelation and Gift of the Reality-Way of Adidam now exists in the form of the Literature of My Divine Avataric Word.

My Divine Avataric Word of Instruction is simply Corrective — not Self-Submissive.

Now, I simply Speak the Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself — Which Is the Self-Revelation of My Own Person.

Therefore, right approach to Me is not a social approach to Me. Right approach to Me is not coming to Me in order to require Me to talk, or to explain people to themselves. Right approach to Me has nothing to do with any of that.

In every context — including the context of any potential Utterance I may Make — I am simply Revealing Myself.

Now, and forever hereafter, everyone should be moved to Me — in the Walk-About manner.

There is no Walk-About Way if you do not get up and start walking.

If you do not come to Me, you are not practicing the Reality-Way of Adidam.

When individuals rightly and truly come to Me, they are fulfilling a profound heart-impulse — regardless of the ego bondage that may otherwise characterize their lives.

When individuals rightly and truly come to Me, they are moved to Me simply because of My Self-Evidently Divine State — not because I am Submitting to anyone.

People should come into My Company not based on naive “self”-imagery, but (rather) based on a right understanding of Me.

Throughout all the Years of My Self-Submission-Effort, I was “Walking About” to everyone, Submitting Myself to everyone.

Now, My Self-Submission-Time has come to an end — and everybody must start “walking about” to Me.

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