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The Way of Dissolution and the Way of Experience

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
August 11, 1974

This talk was published in Garbage and The Goddess.

Adi Da Samraj, 1974I expect, now that the Teaching is full, for this Community really to exist. I expect it will responsibly do its job relative to individuals who come to do sadhana in the form I have described. "Bubba Theatre" has fundamentally come to an end. You are not inviting people to come to be involved in theatre with "the man" and all that sort of childishness. In order to demonstrate the Teaching, it was useful to make lessons of all possibilities for a time. But now I assume the Teaching has been manifested. It is contained in written and other recorded forms, but it is also contained in the living experience of this Community, in each of you. And so I no longer consider it necessary for me to engage in various kinds of theatre in order to communicate the Teaching. In the past it may have looked like I was engaging in this theatre in order to work the Divine Siddhi in each person's case. But everything I did was only in order to make the ultimate point of the Teaching in real terms. I worked to manifest the extraordinary in the case of each individual, so that he would temporarily be drawn out of the conventional model of existence. When each great experience passed, the individual would come back to me, and then I would communicate the Teaching in the form of a lesson about the fascination of experience, the failure of seeking, and the primacy of the Heart, or dissolution into the most prior and unqualified Presence of the Divine Person. In every case, the content of the lesson was not the experiences themselves, but realization of That which is known in non-conventional or prior Condition of life. That is why I was always saying, "This experiential life you are getting into is not it." I had to repeat this admonition again and again, while at the same time I continued to generate uncommon experiences in those who came to me. I needed to do that in order to make this fundamental point, in order to communicate the Dharma of Understanding.

But now I assume that demonstration has been made. And that particular aspect of my work, in which I made deliberate and hourly use of the yogic or life-circle aspect of this Siddhi that is always in God, is finished. That period has really come to an end. The passage I have made from the phase of instruction, wherein I showed the argument for the Teaching, to the perfect Work of the Divine Siddhi is the significance of the seventh of July. . . .

The experiential or life-dimension of the Divine Siddhi contains every possibility for the possible fascination of children and adolescents. But I must always work to disentangle men from their lingering and strategic life-motives, so they may enter the final or mature phase of life. It is only in that mature phase of functional human existence that life in Truth may be realized and the experiential drama of unconsciousness, egoity, conventional mind, and strategic motivation be understood.

Thus, I have made temporary use of the experiential possibilities that exist by the Power of God. But it has only been an exercise to trick individuals out of the usual and conventional forms of their attention. It has only been a bit of theatre whereby what was awakened could also be confounded. Therefore, I have continually pointed out the strategies that experience itself awakens. I have always shown you how the principle of seeking underlies your turning to me, and how all of that is founded in the dilemma of separated existence and the motivations toward every kind of separative activity. All of the theatre of these last few months has been an instrument for weaning you all from your commitments to childish and adolescent ways, so that you could be established as a Community of responsible and free men and women by the Power of Communion with the Process, Form, Condition and Nature of the Divine Person.

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