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Taking Up the Way of Adidam

Adi Da

Questions about becoming a devotee of Adi Da and taking up the Way of Adidam.

The core of this Teaching is the Revelation that the human individual is structurally intended to be surrendered, body and mind and self, through love, into the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness or All-Pervading and Divine Current of Life. The ultimate Destiny of those who love in this manner is transcendence of both mind and body in the Divine. Our Destiny is not in Heaven or Earth, but in literal and total Sacrifice and Translation into the Transcendental Divine Radiance, Infinite Consciousness, and Absolute Personality that is the Truth and Support and Paradoxical Source of this world.

Adi Da Samraj, The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

Enlightenment, or Divine Communion in the most perfect sense, is not annihilation. Nor is it the same as directing attention toward "heaven", or some positive extension of ordinary human "experience". It is simply the dissolution of attention in this realm, with faith — in other words, with most perfect confidence in the Transcendental Spiritual Reality Itself, allowing this life to Be What It Is, and to dissolve. It is to Rest in the Transcendental Spiritual Divine Being, so that (Most Ultimately) when it does fall away completely, there is no connecting link, no seed that would determine attention to return to it. In that case, your Destiny is Divine. What that Destiny is, is not spoken.

There is no "self" behind or contained in the body-mind-complex. Personal "experience" is a modification of the Divine. It is not personal. The same One is modified as any other "person" — is modified as "me". That is the Realization — that there is only the Transcendental Spiritual Divine Being, and no separate "persons". The Transcendental Spiritual Divine Being is appearing to be modified as all kinds of "events", "persons", conditions, "experiences". When one becomes established in the Transcendental Spiritual Divine Being, then the particular necessity of an independent, "personal" existence dissolves — at least, independent existence in the form that you "experience" it in this human limit. What the destiny is beyond the human being, when the necessity of attention to be a human being dissolves, is to be seen. There is no need to be concerned about what will be, or to try and create some circumstance. It will be whatever it is.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

A Divinely purposed life is an ordeal like any other life, but it is made meaningful or Divinely relevant by its orientation.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, October 12, 2004

Use your lifetime for the sake of Divine Self-Realization. If you use it for anything less, then what is less becomes your destiny. All destinies, fulfilled, have a force that leads you to dissatisfaction. There is an emptiness in acquisition. In getting, a dissatisfaction arises, because one was already full of the search. The search is an agony, a disease, a kind of stress you want to be relieved of. You believe you cannot be relieved of it until you achieve union with your object, whatever that may be. Therefore, in your stress, you desire to pursue that object. That pursuit is what you are full of. When you acquire your object, you are empty, because you are no longer full of the stress of the search. And, all of a sudden, you feel, in that moment of absence of the search, a glimpse of something greater, Freedom Itself, Happiness Itself.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

As the ego-“I”, you function as the body does with reference to Consciousness Itself — in ignorance of the Consciousness-Position. It is as if the cells of the physical body “meet” together in order to determine how they are going to “dictate” — in an entirely insubordinate manner — the pattern of existence for Consciousness Itself! Then, Consciousness, without direct and intuitive understanding of Its Own Condition, “goes along” with these “demands” — as if the body were, in fact, the Identity of Consciousness Itself. Such is the essence of egoity.

For Consciousness to Wake Up to Its Own Self-Position (or to Recognize Its Own State) Is Divine Self-Realization. However, Divine Self-Realization is not merely a mental process. Rather, Divine Self-Realization Is, necessarily, a Transcendental Spiritual process. And the Real Transcendental Spiritual process requires the orientation of devotion — which is the orientation to What Is Beyond the “self”-knot. To embrace the life of devotion to Me, My devotee must cease to “grant” the body (or the total body-mind-complex, or the complex psycho-physical totality) the “right” to “design” the pattern of his or her existence.

In Reality, the body is not senior to Consciousness Itself. In Reality, Consciousness Itself Is Senior — subordinate to nothing and no one. However, in the human “world”, everything is patterned by ego. Once the ego-pattern “gets rolling”, it replicates itself automatically. For that pattern to be corrected, you must become aware of what you (as ego) are doing, and you must change your act — and you must be culturally obliged, by means of systematic accountability, to change your act (based on right “self”-observation and right “self”- understanding). All of this is required in order for the Transcendental Spiritual process to be Real — and It cannot be otherwise.

Without My Divine Avataric Intrusion into your life, your ego-pattern merely replicates itself endlessly, relative to everything whatsoever — and you remain trapped in the ego-possessed domain of “point of view”. The ego-patterning of each individual human being, and even the collective ego-patterning of humanity as a whole, is ceaselessly replicated — very much in the manner of cellular reproduction.

The fundamental by-Me-Revealed and by-Me-Given Law of true Spiritual life (and even of true human life) is this: Never subordinate the Source. If that fundamental Law is discarded, there is not anything that is right. As soon as that one Law is cancelled, the ego-pattern starts taking over everything, in the manner of cellular reproduction. The ego manifests itself virtually infinitely, in a checkerboard pattern that replicates its own state and position.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"The Mirror and The Checkerboard", Part 11, The Aletheon

The Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam is fundamentally about establishing the Position in the Divine Space. People tend to dwell in the psycho-physical space of the ego, and do not even know the Divine Space. They do not know that the Divine Space Exists.

People are in the "mummery-world" — an illusion that is rooted in ego and the constructs of mind that extend from egoity, "self"-contraction, separateness. The entire "world" is a mummery of people who are bound to this "point of view". They do not know there is the Divine Space.

The process of the Reality-Way of Adidam, even from the beginning, is one in which every devotee is enabled to enter into the Divine Space That is Prior to ego, Prior to mind, Prior to body, Prior to the psycho-physical mummery of egos.

To come to the point where you know that Space — My Space, My Domain — is the great and fundamental transition associated with Adidam Ruchiradam. Once that Space is established, once It is "Known", once there is the Perfect Knowledge" Position, that is the Governor of life from then on.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, May 23, 2008
p. 83, Adi Da Samrajashram Magazine

Recognition of Adi Da as the Divine Person

The entire practice of the Way of Adidam is based on the Revelation that Adi Da is the Divine Person.

Without Revelation, living beings do not know that what they are longing for is restoration to the Divine Domain. Divine Incarnation is required, and My Divine Avataric physical human Lifetime has been a Process of that Incarnation. The Way of Divine Enlightenment, then, becomes devotion to Me, devotion to That Which Is Given by Real God uniquely for the Enlightenment, or Realization, of beings.

The Way cannot be perceived, contemplated, realized, or fulfilled apart from Revelation. It is not knowable otherwise. The Way that I have "Considered" with you can be found only by Revelation.

The True Way, the Way that becomes Divine Enlightenment and Divine Translation, absolutely depends upon the Divine Avataric Master, and on surrender to the Divine Avataric Master As He Is. Only such devotion Realizes Divine Enlightenment and Divine Translation, with all of the necessary accompanying signs. Thus, it was necessary for Me to Appear in the midst of this chaos of traditions, new movements, anti-guruism, the failure of exoteric "religions", and so forth, in order to establish — through Revelation — the Reality-Way of Adidam in Its completeness.

Adi Da Samraj, July 5, 1984

If you are recognizing Me in the sense of tacitly feeling and identifying My State, that is yours to acknowledge. On that basis, you become My devotee. And having become My devotee, you volunteer for this response — this recognition produces a response. You volunteer for it. You live by My Instruction.

You enter more profoundly into this turning to Me, which becomes surrender to Me, which is merely Beholding Me and being able to "Locate" My specific Transmission of My Transcendental Spiritual Nature and Presence, Which Ultimately Reveals My Very State — Which Is the State, the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State. That is the nature of the seventh stage Realization of Me.

Adi Da Samraj, October 20, 2004

The practice I Give you is simple to describe. That practice requires a Great Attraction to Me — great devotional recognition of Me, great devotional response to Me, and a great application to the Yoga of whole bodily turning to Me in every moment, in every circumstance, in every function. There must be that whole-bodily-responsive devotional recognition of Me, Attracted by Me. That devotional responsiveness is necessarily required. That is the necessary tapas (or heat of “self”-discipline).

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Significance of Recognition in the Way of Adidam (introduction, 5 parts, and further Q&A)
Q:What does it mean to "recognize Adi Da as the Divine Person"? How significant is it to becoming a devotee, or growing in practice?

The Eternal Vow
Q: There is a strong "all or nothing" quality and a seeming rigidity to the culture of Adidam which reminds me of orthodoxy. You either totally surrender or you don't, you either vow for eternity or you don't.  What has so attracted me to other Eastern paths has been the open access to Dharma and Sangha. With Adidam the goods, so to speak, are held back (until one commits for eternity) which, for me and possibly others, increases resistance. I appreciate your willingness to continue to clarify and support this neurotic middle aged Jewish guy in making sense of all of this.

A: Actually, there is much more to it! It is exactly not a matter of one day getting up the courage or the will to go beyond one's resistance and sign the vow. And it is not at all analogous to the distinction between "orthodox" and "reformed" Judaism. Adidam is a Revelation-based Way. It is a new esoteric tradition based on the Revelation that Adi Da is the Divine. You cannot and should not become Adi Da's devotee without having received the Revelation of recognizing Adi Da as the Divine. The Revelation is what enables one to take the Eternal Vow. No one should become a devotee or take the Eternal Vow on the basis of belief alone. Conversely, when one has received the Revelation, one happily takes the eternal vow — you want to take it!

Devotees Who Don't Yet Recognize Adi Da as the Divine Person
Q: I'm currently a devotee of Adi Da. I've been reading the articles on your site (including the one on The Eternal Vow), and now I'm really wondering whether I actually "recognize" Adi Da (as the Divine Person) — Adi Da's prerequisite for becoming a devotee — and what form of practice I should engage if I conclude that I am not recognizing Him. Help!
Who Does the Practice?
Q: Based on what you wrote in your article on Recognition, it seems that what Adi Da called the Way begins with recognition of Him. In which case it shouldn't necessarily develop over time or otherwise involve any particular progression of "something" through time such that that "something" evolves into the Way. It isn't anything that any devotee can do. The Guru does it, when the Guru is Recognized. Is that right?

The Three Great Dimensions of the Way

The Divine Avataric Master, Adi Da Samraj, Gives to His devotees the Way of the Eternal Relationship to His Holy Person. He Teaches us that His Way has three great dimensions: the dimension of "radical" devotion to Him, the dimension of right-life obedience to Him, and the dimension of "Perfect Knowledge" of Him. Each of these dimensions is embraced from the very beginning of practice as Avatar Adi Da's Second Congregation devotee. And each of these dimensions manifests greater and greater depth and profundity as the practice of Adidam matures.

Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani
"Introduction", Notice This


Right Life. "Right Life" is one of the three key dimensions of practice of the Way of Adidam. We explore: (1) why devotees practice the disciplines that comprise "right life"; (2) how to engage these disciplines in a way that is fruitful; and (3) what the disciplines of the Way of Adidam are.

Only when that patterning, all over the body-mind, is significantly purified, rightened, turned to rightness so that there's a fundamental equanimity sufficient at the foundation, it's only then that you can advance in this Way. It's not merely a philosophical matter. It's not a talking school, and it's not about idealized good behavior, and I don't care how healthy you are. If the signs of egoity are all over you, you are just a healthy ego, you see. This understanding of the nature of Second Congregation practice, and of the Way altogether, is fundamental to My Revelation.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"Make Each Moment Into ego-Transcending Practice"
September 8, 2004

You have to do the discipline in the Divine Avataric Company of the Real-God-Realizer. You cannot avoid that. You cannot get Realized without going through the ordeal. It is not a believing matter. You do not get it for free, in that sense. You get the Grace for free, yes, but you Realize it by accepting the ordeal. In every heart, there is this disposition to Realize That. And there is no end to karma, no end to struggle, no end to life, until there is that Perfect Realization.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Degree Of Your Heart-Attractedness To Me Is The Degree Of Your Devotion To Me.

This Is What I Look For In My Devotee: Are There Signs Of Heart-Attractedness To Me? Is There A Conversion Of life? Is There The Relinquishment Of All Preoccupation With "worldliness" and The Habits and Patterns Of egoity? . . .

When You Have Fully Established The Foundation Practice I Have Given, Then You Are No Longer merely a "worldling". You Are Attracted To Me Rather Than To the "world". In That Case, You Are Practicing The Way I Have Given.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

You must be willing to deal with yourself, to observe and understand your egoic self and your limitations, to be moved toward Me because you are inspired and moved directly by My bodily (human) Sign and by My Leelas and by My Heart-Word, My Instructive Word, My Revealing Word.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1994

The body-mind-complex must be made into a Yoga-body, conformed to Me through "radical" devotion to Me, exercised through all the disciplines that I Call "conductivity" practice. This is the seriousness of the beginner, as a way of preparing the body-mind-complex with capabilities, disciplined and purified, for entering and fulfilling the Seeing stages of the Reality-Way of Adidam. Play it fast and loose — just this silly "worldly" business of ego-games, old adaptations, and "Oedipal crapola" — and you can use up the rest of your life, and a lot more future lifetimes. That is all there will be, and you will be constantly returning to this gross, most fearful circumstance of mortality.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, from a gathering in July, 1995

  1. The Purpose of Disciplines in the Way of Adidam
    Q: I honestly think that there would be a more vibrant and active Adidam community if there were fewer strict disciplines and expectations. I find that people are generally more amenable to a new direction when they feel there is flexibility. I am not sure that makes sense, but I think that imposition of rules kind of feeds resistance. So that is my current struggle. Can you help?

  2. The Necessary Artfulness in Taking Up Disciplines in the Way of Adidam (8 parts)
    Q: For years in the community and after leaving, now years later, I see I "willed" my way to "practice" with a recognition of and attraction to the Dharma, but not to the Spiritual Master, Adi Da. I usually felt awkward and unfeeling in the devotional aspects of our life together, suffering an emotional distance. Eventually I recognized it wasn't enough, and left. I value my time in the community and in the Company of Adi Da as the greatest gift in my life for my human and spiritual growth and continue to listen, read, etc. But I have NOT received the Revelation [recognition of Adi Da as the Divine Person] you describe! Can any of the disciplines be taken up outside of this Occurrence to further the possibility of its Happening?

  3. The "Right Life" Disciplines of the Way of Adidam
    Q: What exactly are all the disciplines devotees engage in the Way of Adidam?

Other Questions About Taking Up the Way of Adidam

Testing the Way Before Taking It Up
Q: Can anyone here recommend me how to do sadhana [spiritual practice]? I want to test the Way of Adi Da, please.
Doubt Mind
Q: I understand that one becomes a devotee on the basis of recognition of Adi Da as the Divine. Adi Da's Grace grants that Revelation, and that is what enables one to become a devotee. But once that Revelation occurs and one becomes a devotee, is it the case that one never has any doubts?
God-Realization and Ordinary Life
Q: Will "Realizing God" require giving up my ordinary life?


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