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The Significance of Recognition in the Way of Adidam

From the beginning of His work with devotees, Adi Da has always emphasized that the Way of Adidam is not a technique, but instead is all about the relationship with Him. Particularly since the Ruchira Dham event of April 2000 [1], He has refined that communication: the Way of Adidam is entirely about recognition of Him as the Divine Person. It is based on that Revelation from the start, and the relationship to Him as the Divine Person.

What to read. We recommend that non-devotees interested in the topic of recognition of Adi Da start with part 5, and then read parts 1 through 4 for more information. Devotees can most benefit by reading all five parts in order.

IntroductionThis article explores such issues as: recognition as a Revelation, not a belief (part 1); determining whether one has recognized Adi Da as the Divine Person (part 1); recognition as the primary requirement for becoming a devotee and for growing in the Way of Adidam (part 2); how the recognition capability is associated with spontaneous growth in the practice of Adidam (part 3); the difference between a moment of recognition and the moment-to-moment recognition capability (part 4); how moments of recognition are Adi Da's gift to us, but the recognition capability is our gift to Him (part 4); and the "recognition consideration" for prospective devotees, whose successful conclusion (the Revelation Itself) dissolves all questions or doubts they may have about becoming Adi Da's devotee (part 5).

  1. How to Tell Whether One is Recognizing Adi Da — We first clarify what is not recognition of Adi Da, and then provide five criteria that are associated with recognition.
    1. Five Criteria Associated with Recognition of Adi Da as the Divine
    2. Recognition, Hearing, and Divine Self-Realization

  2. Recognition: the Prerequisite for Taking up the Way of Adidam — Recognition is both the necessary and sufficient prerequisite for becoming a devotee. Adi Da: "Adidam Ruchiradam begins only when I am straightforwardly devotionally recognized in exactly these terms."

  3. Response: the Necessary Companion of Recognition — We explore why response to Adi Da (including spontaneous growth in practice) naturally flows from recognition of Adi Da (when recognition is established as a moment-to-moment capability).
    1. The Way of Enchantment through Recognition-Based Divine Distraction and Divine Samadhi
    2. The Impulse to Transcend Self Flows Directly from the Establishment of Recognition

  4. Placing Recognition of Adi Da in a Historical and Cultural Context — Many devotees have had moments of recognition, but many have yet to establish recognition as a capability. Now more than ever (since the Ruchira Dham event of April, 2000), recognition of Adi Da is Gracefully possible.
    1. The Eternal Fire-Sacrifice: Fanning the Flame
    2. The Ancient Walk-About Way
    3. The Ancient Walk-About Way in the Modern Godless World
    4. Recognition in the History of Esoteric Traditions and in this Moment of Adidam
    5. Adidam History: From "The Way of Radical Understanding" to "The Way of Me"
    6. The "Paradox" in Establishing the Recognition Capability
    7. The Further Development of the Recognition Capability

  5. The Recognition Consideration — The Revelation that is recognition of Adi Da as the Divine Person dissolves all questions about Adi Da and Adidam that might hold back a prospective devotee from becoming Adi Da's devotee.
    1. When the Best of Circumstances is Not the Case: The Obstacle Course to Recognition
    2. The Critical Difference that Recognition Makes
    3. The Best Focus for Interested Spiritual Seekers: Receiving the Revelation
    4. Doubt Mind (and Its Endless Perpetuation) Versus the Revelation of Recognition
    5. A Story of Recognition Dissolving the Questioner
    6. Five Ways to Lose the Revelation
    7. Romanticizing Recognition
    8. The Real Consideration for Spiritual Seekers Interested in Adi Da: "Is He or Isn't He?" (Not: "Did He or Didn't He?")
    9. Details of the Recognition Consideration
    10. What Flows from the "Yes, He Is!" Answer to the Recognition Consideration

Further Questions and Answers — Further questions from readers of this article.

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Also, I highly recommend reading the newly released book from The Dawn Horse Press, Recognition Of Me Is Liberation.

 Recognition Of Me Is Liberation


[1] The timing is not coincidental: the Ruchira Dham event brought the Divine State directly into conjunction with Adi Da's human body in the most transparent fashion, making it easier than ever to recognize Adi Da as the Divine Person.

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