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An introduction to Bhagavan Adi Da's incomparable Wisdom on emotional-sexual self-understanding.

This course uses the book of the same title and excerpts from the book, The Incarnation of Love. It is a close study of many of Avatar Adi Da's most summary Talks and Essays about establishing the human foundation for Spiritual life through ego-transcending love — or understanding and living beyond the loveless bondage of early-life egoic patterning.

required text: The Complete Yoga of Emotional-Sexual Life

start date: COMING OCTOBER, 2014

time: to be announced
Classes (in English) meet weekly over the phone for 18 weeks.

instructor: Anne Henderson

single payment: $300 US / 217 euros / 181 GBP
monthly payments: $60 US / 43 euros / 36 GBP

Please write Anne (at ) or call her (at 707-928-5560) about your interest in this class or if you want to register.

The uniqueness of Bhagavan Adi Da's Person, Realization, and Offering become effortlessly obvious by listening to His Divine Presence tell His early-Life Story, which is so wonderfully intimate to Him. Much additional Leela material and other adjunct material is brought into each class meeting.


Anne Henderson's class The Complete Yoga of Human Emotional-Sexual Life was a profound study and explanation of the practical Teachings of Bhagavan Adi Da in relation to the emotional-sexual patterning of the ego. It was a joy to study for and to attend the class, which was most intimate. I feel that I have grown more in my relationship with Beloved Adi Da and with my intimates and friends than in any class I have taken. I am profoundly grateful for this gift, and for His Grace. I am so happy to have had this instruction. Anne's approach to the subject matter included many leelas of Bhagavan Adi Da, and readings from other books of Beloved Adi Da.

Jacquie Thiel

Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom on human emotion, sexuality, and social egoity illuminates these areas of human complication and suffering with incomparable Clarity — even Humor! He gives all the "information" we could possibly need to understand our unhappy early-life patterning and He gives His Divine Blessing and Inspiration to actually transcend that patterning in resort to Him. This course has had tremendous practical value for me, as a devotee, as a husband, and as a father — and I recommend it to anyone.

Bob Maes
retired IBM executive

This is not a class for the timid! Beloved Adi Da draws you into a direct consideration of your uninspected oedipal conflicts and lovelessness, which has served me deeply. I highly recommend it to everyone. Anne possesses a wonderful understanding of Beloved Adi Da's Wisdom-Teaching and brings an exquisite sensitivity to the needs of her students as they progress in the class. May we all be drawn to the One Who Is Divine Love and Light!

Michael Torricelli M.D.
American Board of Professional Neuropsychology

Use this class to take care of life business! I highly recommend it. Page after page of life-changing Wisdom and profoundly practical Instruction from our Beloved Master has put me in the position to understand the True Love that Beloved Adi Da Talks about as the only Way out of ego-bondage.

Harley Huffman, Oklahoma

The study and participation encouraged in this class on Beloved Adi Da's emotional-sexual Wisdom is a most gracious offering! Active participation with Beloved Adi Da's Wisdom-Instruction, actually practicing His Admonitions, day by day, opened my heart to emotionally revealing and ego-transcending action in life.

Amy Parent, M.D.

This is one powerful class! After taking it over the past months, it's hard not to feel that everyone should take it. Bhagavan Adi Da's Unique and Perfect Comprehension of the human condition and the egoically patterned nature of all our unhappiness and seeking is such an amazing Gift. Anne presents His Word, along with a fund of Leelas and a real and practical depth of understanding of Bhagavan's Instruction. And she consistently and kindly and with humor, turns her students away from the "problem" and to Beloved Adi Da and His truly Radical Teachings — while never suppressing us or denying the fact that there is a real ordeal involved in the process of growth.

As a result, I understood that I don't have the self-understanding that I thought I had and am not the loving person that I thought I was — but I am growing in recognition-relationship to Bhagavan Adi Da and in the Grace-Given capability to turn to Him. This course opened the door to a far deeper understanding of my emotional-sexual patterning and to what real love and intimacy is, and to the comprehension that Bhagavan Adi Da is truly my only resort.

Bhagavan Adi Da has profoundly Blessed me. Many thanks to Anne for her inspiration and service.

Barbara K., Texas


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