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A study of the greatest Spiritual Autobiography of all time.

required text: The Knee Of Listening (2004 edition)

start date: Tuesday, October 4, 2016

section time:
TUESDAYS noon Pacific time/8 pm GMT/9 pm CET
Classes (in English) meet weekly over the phone for 17 weeks.
This class is also available to take via recording.

single payment: $300 US / 275 euros / 193 GBP
monthly payments: $60 US / 55 euros / 39 GBP
(Reduced tuition is available for those in need.)

Please write Anne (at ) or call her (at 415-521-8062) or skype her at anagram108 about your interest in this class or if you want to register.

Long-time devotees and newly-approaching not-yet-formal-devotees alike take this class. If you have a friend who is genuinely interested in Beloved Adi Da, but isn't ready to consider coming under vow, this class may be the perfect incident for them.

There is no "homework", other than reading a chapter of the text each week.

The uniqueness of Bhagavan's Person, Realization, and Offering become effortlessly obvious simply by listening to His Divine Presence tell His early-Life Story, which is so wonderfully intimate to Him.

And much additional Leela and other adjunct material is brought into each class meeting. Fundamentally, of course, The Knee Of Listening is simply a contemplation of the Blissful Divine Mystery of Beloved Adi Da's Appearance here — and this is probably why everyone says that the class is the highlight of their week.

Testimonials from Recent Students

My search for Truth in the past led me to witness miracles, experience extraordinary dreams, and have out-of-body experiences. I tried everything from fruitarianism, to Christian revivals, yoga, and Native American ritual, but none of that gave me what I wanted. What I wanted was a real, present-time, tangible, personally felt, personally documented revelation about God and Truth! And that is what I receive from Adi Da in His Knee Of Listening and in these classes. I look forward to each Knee Of Listening class with an almost childlike excitement, and I love to be with people who are devoted to Adi Da.

I have always believed that God must be everywhere, in all time, for everybody. Avatar Adi Da truly confirms that belief.

Harley Huffman
musician and music teacher

On the final evening of Anne Henderson's class on The Knee Of Listening, I felt like signing up for the next semester and doing it all again as soon as possible! Anne brings together a luminous constellation of additional source materials, drawing on Adi Da's Talks and devotees' leelas to light the depths and dimensions of this account and the unprecedented Spiritual Process that it reveals. No less a resource for the class are the insight, humility, and heart-intelligence that Anne brings to our study of this book as gifts of her decades of experience and practice as a devotee. For me, this class taps into and amplifies the function of this remarkable text as Agency of the Divine Condition.

Dan Joy, co-author of Counterculture Through the Ages
and Better Sex Through Chemistry

I took Anne's class on The Knee Of Listening and I enjoyed it immensely. Anne provided a lot of additional material beyond what is found in the book, and she fostered an open exchange among students. I signed up for another of her courses soon after this one concluded.

Michael LaTorra
Assistant Professor of English
New Mexico State University

When you read The Knee of Listening under Anne's guidance, you discover that there is much more in this book than you ever were able to find out for yourself.

As a result of this study, my understanding of and gratitude for Beloved Adi Da's Divine Ordeal has increased enormously. I have found new inspiration to serve, to love, and to be submitted to and Guided by this Greatest of all Realizers.

I enjoyed Anne's classes from the first to the last. She is a dedicated and inspiring teacher. Her classes are intimate, yet profound, and also full of humor. I always felt Beloved Adi Da's Presence in class.

Each class began with a brief Sighting and Listening exercise, in which we gazed upon Bhagavan Adi Da's Form, while Anne recited excerpts from His Instruction on how to turn to Him. After that, I always noticed my room had turned into a sacred space.

Anne always invited us to ask any questions that we might have. She loves to respond to them! She has studied Beloved Bhagavan's Word for so many years and can always recall something very specific that He said or wrote about whatever her students ask about. As a result, some very basic questions that I always had about the Teaching and the Way are finally answered.

Anne's classes were always thoroughly prepared and she always provided lots of extra material that helped us to even more fully understand what Bhagavan was Communicating. For example, I feel now that I understand the uniqueness of Adi Da's Realization and what He is Offering to everyone, and I learned a lot about His explanations of the fourth, fifth, and sixth stages of life!

Finally, for those of you who have a busy life: for most classes you only have to read one chapter, so you can meet all your obligations while enjoying these wonderful and inspiring classes!

Peter A. (devotee)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have just completed The Knee of Listening course with Anne Henderson and I got such a lot from it.It was my first introduction to the work of Adi Da Samraj and I started it with a mixture of curiosity and excitement.I had some concerns that I mightn't be able to understand it because a brief flip through the book prior to the course and reading some paragraphs left me feeling that it was heavy and dense and might not give me anything. I needn't have worried. From the first class, Anne checked in at regular intervals about my understanding and always invited comments such that I never felt that anything I ever asked was too simple. Anne created such a warm and loving space through which the powerful words of Adi Da resonated.

Anne spent many years with Adi Da and this came through in that every week there was something new that she told us.She didn't only rely on the text but made it richer by recounting her own experiences ofAdi Da, both present and past, with love, humour, and absolute honesty. It is her authenticity and integrity which for me made her an amazing teacher. She never pretended to know everything, and where she wasn't sure about what Adi Da meant by something he wrote, was straight and honest about it. But then would go on and give us an explanation, being very clear that this was simply her feeling, which often for me resulted in an experience of "oh yes, I can see that now". For me, this meant that I trusted her implicitly and so listened intently to everything she said.

What was also amazing and magical was that I would begin the class each week with a question in my heart — and then at some point in the evening my question would be answered and I felt my consciousness expand with the understanding.At the beginning of each class, because I had had a long day, I would be tired, but by the time class ended I was energised and excited about the message that Adi Da is offering to the world.I found shifts happening in every area of my life as a result of doing this course and I unreservedly recommend it to everyone.

Having a class taught by a long-time devotee who had direct contact with this amazing Realizer and Teacher is an opportunity to let Adi Da's wisdom go deeply in to transform you and your life.

Margaret Dempsey
Brighton, United Kingdom

Set aside one hour a week, sit back, listen deeply, and be amazed at the gift of The Knee of Listening course.

Whether you are a long-time devotee or someone who has only recently been attracted to Avatar Adi Da, don't miss this opportunity to participate. Your heart will overflow with joy to hear passages read by Anne and to hear illustrative stories of her relationship to Beloved Adi Da Samraj.

If you are already His devotee, you will be profoundly refreshed in your intimacy with Bhagavan Adi Da, and, if you are just becoming acquainted with Him, you will be enthralled by this revelatory text.

From week to week, I anticipated this incomparable hour of intimacy with Beloved Adi Da. At the end of the course, I only wondered how long I could wait before signing up to take it again.

Joani McNair
Vancouver, Canada



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