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Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Chris Tong has been a devotee of Adi Da Samraj since 1989. He is one of the founders of this website. You can read his biographical information in the About Us section.

Because ghosts do exist, and can linger around environments for many years, Adi Da has given His devotees purification pujas (rituals) for psychically cleansing environments. These pujas include means for helping any discarnate spirits "stuck" in the environment to move on. They also coincide with making our environments more conscious: clean and orderly, in the manner of a "Swiss dairy farm":

Make every environment and room in which you live, play, and work an attractive expression of your feeling-Contemplation of Me. The quality of your living environment is always an expression of your own state — and, conversely, the quality of your environment directly affects you whole-bodily, not just physically, but emotionally, psychologically, psychically. So make the spaces in which you live and work pleasing and attractive to the whole body, not just to the sense of visual aesthetics or to the thinking mind.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace

Every square inch of the Ashram should look like a Swiss dairy farm, meaning: in order, clean, bright, showing the signs of conscious control, real discipline, and care. That is to say, every square inch of the Ashram should be treated as an extension of My bodily (human) Form and as a suitable embodiment of My Presence altogether.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The more conscious the environment, the less likely a discarnate spirit will linger there. (Note: Adi Da uses the word, "Ashram", in the very broad sense of all devotees' living environments, not just the Empowered Sanctuaries of Adidam.)

While purifications pujas can be performed whenever they are useful or needed, they are regularly performed by devotees (in devotee homes and in Adidam's sacred environments) twice a year: in spring (a kind of "spring cleaning"), often in February (you can look up the date this year on our calendar); and on October 31 (associated with the secular celebration of Halloween, or "All Souls Day").

We contemplate the following readings from Adi Da as we prepare to engage our purification pujas.

Just as the recently dead can be helped by their friends, reminding them of what is going on when the physical body is dead, so also those recently dead who are locked into the etheric and who are what might be called "ghosts" can be helped. Those individuals may not be present in the physical plane all the time. They may pass into unconsciousness and then return again. They may go into some field of subjective revery, and it is in that plane that they experience what could be called "hells" and difficulties and strange frustrations, like strange dreams. Then they may again return to association with the physical plane while they are yet in the etheric body, invisible to most others but perhaps even experienced there.

Some of you may have had experiences with such individuals, perhaps people you knew and whom you experienced in this way shortly after their death. I have had contact with many such individuals. They can be released by associating with them very much as you would associate with someone who is alive right now. You must help them be aware of their actual situation, because they think they are still physically alive. They have not quite figured out their situation. It is a problem to them. They are not in a normal state. They are emotionally shocked and agitated, strangely attached to people and places.

The one major thing that is going on with them is that they are not aware they have died. They think they are alive, and yet something about their situation does not quite make sense to them. They cannot get people to respond to them, and the people who are in the rooms that used to belong to them act as if they are not there. Yet they move around and they do things like everybody else. They could sit and watch TV with you at night. They could hang out in your rooms, watch you have sex, even try to have sex with you.

The one thing you can do to help them is to make them aware that they are dead, explain what has actually happened to them, and describe the next step of their relinquishing, relaxing, letting go, moving on. Such direct address to these individuals, if you have some perception of them, can be useful to them.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, July 3, 1987

Fear of death is fear of surrender to Infinity.

Learn to surrender, to exist at Infinity while alive, and fear of death dissolves.

Fear of death is fear of the Unknown.

Realize the Eternal Unknowability of the Totality of Existence, and fear of death is transcended in the Feeling Beyond Wonder.

If Happiness (or Freedom) depends on the Answer to the Question, then there can be no Happiness (or Freedom).

The Question cannot be satisfactorily or finally Answered.

For one who Abides at Infinity—Happy and Free, at ease with his or her Ultimate (or Divine) Ignorance—the Question and the Answer are equally unnecessary.

What began will come to an end.

What is More than Wonderful is not threatened.

The Process of the Totality of Existence is Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine—and It is Eternal.

Only a fraction of the Whole can pass away in any moment, since only a fraction of the Whole appears in any moment.

Therefore, the True Divine Heart Itself is Always Already Full of Love and More-than-Wonder.

“I” is the body-mind, the fraction of the Whole that is now appearing and will soon disappear.

“I” must be surrendered to the True Divine Heart, to the Whole—Which Is Infinity, and Love, and More (and More) than even Wonder knows.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"What Is More Than Wonderful Is Not Threatened", from Easy Death

Purification Puja
Purification Puja in the Ashram Kitchen
Auckand, New Zealand, October, 2014

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When we perform a purification puja, we do so with strong voices and bell ringing (loud enough to "wake the dead"). We make liberal use of purifying elements such as water, ash, light, and incense. When the purification puja is performed at an Adidam Sanctuary or Center, or a devotee residence, we repeat the words in the following Admonition, speaking directly (and compassionately) to any discarnate spirits that may be present, making them aware that they have died, and helping them relinquish their bondage to the earth realm and specifically to this particular place:

This is the Divine Domain of His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Who has restored Happiness to the world and regenerated the Liberating Way of the Heart for all beings. This is no longer your home or place to be. You are dead, and with the Blessing of the Divine Person, Who Is Da, leave now. Relax and continue your growth and destiny in the Great Process. So do not struggle. Have no regrets. Go!

When we perform a purification puja, we consciously and continually Invoke the Blessing-Influence of Adi Da for the auspicious transition of all discarnate spirits in that environment. Thus we not only serve the process of the discarnate spirits, in helping them move on; we also engage the spirits in cooperating with Adi Da's Divine Emergence. This is especially the case when the spirit is "stuck" in one of Adidam's Empowered Sanctuaries, or an Adidam regional center, or the home of devotees. Through the devotion of His devotees (and the cooperation of the spirits), Adi Da spiritually acquires (or re-acquires) these places and environments for the sake of His Work, Blessing, Transmission, and Liberation of all beings.

Purification Puja
Purification Puja circumambulating the building
Auckand, New Zealand, October, 2014

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