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Visits to Other Worlds

Anne Rogers

Anne RogersAnne Rogers has been a devotee of Avatar Adi Da since the early 1970s. For many years she lived and served in Adi Da’s household.

In the following story Anne Rogers recounts details of Instruction given to her by Adi Da. We include them for the sake of the authentic telling of the story. However, we must advise the reader that these instructions were personal Instruction to Anne from her Spiritual Master, in His Company and under His Guidance. We are not suggesting that these instructions are the communication of a technique applicable to anyone else under any circumstance whatsoever.

Avatar Adi Da has often Spoken about other realms, other planes of existence both higher and lower than this Earth plane. He has said that there are countless numbers of them. When I was a new devotee I believed this to be true, based on my trust in our Heart-Master’s Word, but I had had no experience of them myself until the summer of 1978.

I was serving Adi Da one evening when He told me to sit next to Him. He asked me if I had ever seen another world. I said that I hadn’t. He asked me if I would like to. He explained that it was very simple to do. I told Him I would very much like to.

He told me to just follow His Instruction: “Put your right thumb over your right eye and your right ring and little fingers over your left eye. Then curl your middle finger down and place your index finger on your ajna chakra.” I did as He suggested. Then He said, “You will see circles or windows floating in front of you. Just go through one of them.”

I saw the circles (which I now understand are portals to other worlds). They were dark and slowly swirling in front of my “vision”. I picked a large one in front of me and then focused my attention on going through it.

In an instant, without any noticeable transition, there it was: another world. This was a beautiful place, and extremely attractive. I was in a room made out of amethyst crystals, yet there was no feeling of sharpness to the scene. It was peaceful and bright and felt very happy and serene. Directly in front of me was a throne made largely out of crystals. Behind the throne was a window. It felt as if this room were an entry room or foyer into the other world. I approached the window and opened it. It was glass with a frame and hinges to open and close it. I could see through the window, but opened it to take a better look at the site behind the throne.

It was an Earthlike meadow, but of the most beautiful quality. There was an exquisite light that made the colors of the meadow very vibrant, like the light here sometimes after a rain. There were flowers of different colors growing on the Spring-green lawn, and beautiful, billowing trees that grew in a line which led up a slope to an inviting forest. The place had the most serene and inviting quality. It had a radiance that is not often felt on this plane.

I had my usual sense of awareness of myself, but not of my body. I never “looked” down to see my feet, but also they never came into my vision. I was simply aware of the room and the vision behind it. Mental intention seemed to move me through this entire experience rather than my bodily sense of movement. As I moved toward the window, I had no sense of walking, but rather of simply intending to go toward the window and being there. However, there was no sense of unreality or dreaminess about the place itself, or of myself.

I was unaware of the presence of any other beings in this particular realm. I saw no one, and I didn’t have a feeling that there was anyone else there. Yet this was not an alarming feeling. It simply allowed me to completely enjoy the beauty and serenity of the place without any distraction.

I wanted to go through the window, further into this beautiful place, but at that moment of decision to go through the window I remembered that I was really back at “home” sitting knee-to-knee with my Beloved Master and why would I want to go anywhere else. In that instant, again with no apparent transition time or movement, I was back on the couch sitting with Adi Da, who said, “So you see how easy it is.”

I have tried a few times to repeat the experience, but without His Help, I have never been able to make it through the portals, although I have on a couple of occasions seen them again.

Some weeks later, the subject of these other worlds came up again. Like before, I was sitting next to Avatar Adi Da when this time suddenly the space above and behind me seemed to change to a kind of window into another realm. I went up and backward and suddenly found myself in a red realm.

This realm seemed to be very solid, as if it was made of clay. It had a red, undulating quality. And I was a small being, something like a human infant, only with a very large head. There were other such beings around me and we moved around in tunnels not much larger than our heads. We were unclothed and could not move except to sort of “swim” forward in these extremely confining tunnels. I don’t know how I could “see” these other beings, since I was so confined, but I was very aware of them being there and knew what they looked like.

The experience was horrible. It was so confining and solid and immovable and limiting. It must certainly have been a world “lower” than earth. But this time I could not so easily will myself back into this realm. I had temporarily forgotten about my life with Adi Da and was just stuck in this limited existence. I was not afraid, because I did not even remember enough about my “real” life to be afraid, but I had this awful sense of dread at the frustration of immobility in this place. I had to endure that awful limitation for a time without knowing for sure if I would ever be able to leave there.

Then, suddenly, I became aware of my left hand resting on something. I had no idea what it was or where I was. I was now at least aware enough to turn my head to the left. I saw then that my hand was resting on Avatar Adi Da’s leg — I was now back in the room with Him, and so relieved to be there.

It took me a couple of days to shake off the terrible feelings of frustration and limitation I had experienced in that red realm. From these two experiences I now have a sense of where the “lore” and descriptions of heaven and hell could come from — from peoples’ experiences of these very places, which, as Beloved Adi Da says, are countless in number.

We are so fortunate to be Here with a Divinely Realized Transmission Master who makes the other worlds, both high and low, of no import at all!

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