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About the Death Transition

Leroy Stilwell

Leroy Stilwell has been a formal devotee since 1976. He is one of the founders of this website. You can read his biographical information in the About Us section.

Leroy Stilwell A few years ago, one of our devotee friends with a brain tumor passed away; she was in her early 50’s and a strong devotee. With Adi Da’s Help, she prepared herself for death by deeply practicing and resorting to Him. Because of this preparation and because of Avatar Adi Da’s Regard, she had a remarkably easy death and blessed transition from this world into the process that continues after the death transition.

As Instructed by Adi Da, devotees conduct a three-day vigil, attending the body of one who has passed, reciting the Teaching aloud, chanting, invoking His Blessing Help, and so encouraging the devotee who has died to keep surrendering into the death process (and to Him), thereby transitioning easily, beyond this physical dimension without fear or confusion.

After this devotee’s vigil had been in progress for almost 24 hours, while others were still at her house, one of the more experienced Mate Moce (Adidam’s death and dying ministry) servers returned to her residence and lay down to sleep. Apparently, deeply asleep, she was startled awake by a voice calling her with urgency and distress: ”I need help!”  She jolted into the waking state recognizing the voice (as being the devotee who had just died) and reached for her mala (rosary) which she and the now-deceased devotee often had practiced together. She simply turned our friend’s attention (still quite “alive” though the gross physical body was dead) back to the practice of remembrance of Adi Da, and surrender, which they both knew to be the appropriate means for going beyond this moment. This service was conducted simply by heart, from one heart to another, and in communion with our Spiritual Master.

The Mate Moce server soon felt the deceased devotee’s ease return and the room soften, as all sense of fear and confusion (which had suddenly surfaced in the transitional experience) was replaced by a peaceful calm.

Such experiences, which many of us serving the dying process have had many times, are confirmation to us of Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom about the death process and the significance of the three-day vigil after death in order to assist and support the transition of the one who has died out of this realm and onto whatever is next.

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