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I Could Not See Her Face

Pamela Bennett

Pamela Bennett has been a devotee of Adi Da since 1978. (Read the story of how she became Adi Da's devotee here.) She is a founding member and world-wide coordinator of the Adidam Weather Guild and a regular contributor to the Adidam News Guild. She also does occasional research and purchasing for the Gifting Guild and News Guilds. She serves as a member of the Plastic Arts Guild, which helps grow her skills in painting, drawing, print-making and photography.

Pamela BennettI am recalling a meditation retreat that I was Graced to engage on the weekend of Adi Da Samraj's birth celebration. It was an extraordinary and sublime time. What a remarkable event that retreat was, full of Blessing and Instruction from His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj, accompanied by deep, full meditations in the Company of His Bright Bodily Human Form as well as days of ecstatic gatherings to happily acknowledge the astonishing miracle of the Incarnation of the Bright Divine Person on this planet!

On November 2nd, 1990, we were invited to leave our meditation schedules to receive Darshan of His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj, at Homecoming Wharf at Adi Da Samrajashram.

We were allowed to join in witnessing His Reception of two unique gifts as they were brought onshore: a statue of the goddess in the form of the Durga, accompanied by the more primitive representation of her potency in the form of the Gav Devi.

We had been chanting for about an hour when our hearts lept to hear the sound of the conch blowing. Bhagavan Adi Da Strode down the path to the beach, dressed in a full length dhoti of deep indigo cloth, shot through with multi-colored threads, a matching shawl draped over His Shoulders. He Walked with Great Purpose, staff in hand, full of Mastery and Force. Beloved Took His Stand under a tree where a towel and flowers were strewn awaiting His Arrival, and Gazed out to sea as the small boat approached the shore. I completely forgot myself in loving regard of His Bright Bodily Human Form.

In the boat were devotees accompanying the large crate holding the statues. Earlier, these devotees had accompanied the statues during a circumambulation of the Sacred Island. Incense and the sound of bells came across the water. Devotees guided the boat through the shallows, and there was a bit of a delay as an assistant ran for a drill to remove the top of the crate. The side of the box had already been removed, allowing Bhagavan Adi Da to Regard His Durga as She approached. I noticed a Fierce Husbanding, a remarkable and unfathomable Intensity, in Beloved Bhagavan's Manner and Gaze.

After the lid had been removed and the poles affixed to the crate's sides to lift it from the boat, we chanted as the Durga was carried onto the sands. I reluctantly turned my gaze from the Form of Dau Loloma Tui Naitauba to the statues.

a Gav Devi in Kansai Gaon, Ambernath, India
(In contrast, the Gav Devi arrival gift was more primitive in design,
but shared the same renunciate orange color.)

The intensity of the Gav Devi's Eyes and the power of Her Shakti literally bowled me over onto my back and into the sands. The entire scene began to shimmer with Bright Blessing Force.

the Durga at Ganeshpuri
(similar to the Durga arrival gift, but larger)

I struggled to sit up. Returning my gaze to the Durga and the Gav Devi, I was amazed to notice that I could not focus on the Durga's Face. I could clearly view the exquisite craftsmanship of carving in the marble, the bright painted details, all the elements held in each hand of her multi-armed form.

But. . .

I could not see Her Face.

It was literally veiled, as though the facial image had been pixelated via digital photography. The Gav Devi's huge eyes and simple orange form were clear in every detail. Nevertheless, throughout that arrival, the Durga's Face remained invisible to my sight, and I was no more than 15 feet away.

I tacitly understood in that moment that She was here for the Embrace of Her Heart-Husband, and no "other". As I returned my gaze to the Bright Form of Beloved Adi Da, who had not Moved so much as an inch in the approximately 45 minutes of the arrival, His Hridaya Blessing Force and Deep Tangible Love-Bliss Presence once again swooned me into His Loving Embrace.

The conches blew once more as His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj, Turned away from the makeshift palanquin carrying the Durga and Gav Devi to lead the procession up the pathway to His Sukra Kendra where these sacred images would be installed. I prostrated into the sand as He Moved Gracefully and Brightly away.

I sat mindlessly and ecstatically on that beach for untold time in wonder and delight at having witnessed the Divine Embrace of the Heart-Husband and His Consort. I expect I would still be affixed to that location had not an attendant come to tap my shoulder, gently reminding me to return to the retreat schedule and the evening's meditation.


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