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Everything Bows To The Divine Lord

Tom Closser

Tom Closser has been a devotee of Adi Da for many years.

This story by Tom was originally published in the book,
The Bodily Location Of Happiness. It takes place around 1982, in a Communion Hall at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in Northern California.
Tom Closser  

I was sitting toward the rear of the room. There was not a lot of space. I was very emotional. I had tears in my eyes, the yogic tears that occur at times when sitting with our Master that seem like a purification of the area around the eyes. Because space was cramped there, when Avatar Adi Da entered the Hall, I didn't bow all the way down to the floor and I raised my head so I would not interfere with the person in front of me (and so I would not have my head sat on!).

For this reason, I was also probably the first devotee in the room to look up after bowing. Adi Da was still moving, settling into His chair at the front of the room. There were very full arrangements of flowers on both sides of His seat.

The flowers were literally bending toward Adi Da!

They were obviously drawn to the Master, their stems bending. They were acknowledging His Presence, as were the human devotees in the room. I can't remember for sure if Adi Da acknowledged the flowers.

After a few moments, the flowers straightened up to their original position, even as the human devotees in the room were raising their heads and straightening up after bowing to the Master.

Years later, I told the Master this story and He replied, "Tcha".


This story appears in the sections
Extraordinary Evidence and The Mountain Of Attention

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